Love Entwined’s Sexy Saturday

Sexy Saturday

My new paranormal romance Love Entwined, A Cardiff Novel Book 2 releases on Monday, September 9th. To celebrate I am showcasing 7 sentences for our weekly blog hop My Sexy Saturday. Enjoy!


loveentwined final coverLast night, she dreamed they were in a ship’s cabin. Her dream lover rocked her as gently as the ship swayed. His eyes were the color of a storm-tossed ocean when he slid his hand between her thighs. The warm glow of the lantern on his chest illuminated black curls that created a delicious sensation against her breasts. Her lips caressed his shoulder when he covered her. She’d smelled the ocean on his hot skin…“Âme Soeur.” 

Something inside her knew this man.


Love Entwined is available for pre-order:

Want to catch up on the Cardiff novels? Falcon’s Angel, Book 1 is available here.

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