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It’s my birthday, help me celebrate!


Here’s how to enter my giveaway: Read the Mother Goose poem below and share what day of the week you were born. How accurate is Mother Goose’s description of you and your special day? Remember, leave your email address for the rafflecopter and let’s have fun all weekend long!


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                 I’m giving away a Cardiff Novel. Your choice, they both read as stand-alone novels. Click the books above to learn more about the Cardiff Novels, which tell tales of one family’s trials with vengeful demons, a legacy of ghosts and mysterious blood jewels.


I was born on Tuesday, January 22nd. Full of grace? I can hear my sister laughing in the background. You see, it all depends on what we’re talking about. I love to dance. Sure, I’ve got rhythm, but stairs and me just don’t get along. When I lived at home with my mother if you heard a boom, boom, boom above your head it was most likely me falling up the stairs, not down. I’m special that way. What about you?


Mother Goose Poem

Monday’s child is fair of face,

Tuesday’s child is full of grace, (yeah right)

Wednesday’s child is full of woe,

Thursday’s child has far to go,

Friday’s child is loving and giving,

Saturday’s child has to work for its living,

But a child that’s born on the Sabbath day

Is fair and wise and good and gay.

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The Cardiff’s Paranormal Romance Halloween Hop

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Welcome to the Paranormal Romance Howloween Blog Hop presented by Jane Wakely! Join us on a thrilling ride this Halloween and win fabulous prizes. I’m giving away  your choice of one of the Cardiff Novels. Each standalone story tells a chapter in the Cardiff family’s history of love, lust and demons.

But that’s not all. The Grand Prize for the Howloween Hop is a $50.00 Amazon gift card so leave a comment and your email address and click the above link to keep hopping!


Family Birthright…


 The Cardiff Family

Family can be both a blessing and a curse. You don’t want to quibble over who gets the Stradivarius, or who gets Angel. Angel is no angel, and some demons just cannot be ignored.

Oh, and then there’s Falcon. Assassin, spy, lover, demon-fighter. Angel’s accent is clipped with fury at his betrayal, red-rouged lips turn up in a moue as he wraps his arms around her. He’ll keep her busy this night.

Orange talons reach to the sky, turning day into fiery night. Through the flames, they hold their breath yet the smell of brimstone still reaches them – and the cries of the dying.

On the other side the witch waits. Angel’s mum, Amelie. loveentwined very small

The flames die down as Amelie approaches. The sky lightens to purple pink. It won’t always be this way, but for now Amelie’s peaceful interlude helps them to see beyond the storm that is il Dragone, before the blood of the Cardiff’s was spilled. To the beginning and Angel’s father Roman and the other sentinels who wait to bring down il Dragone.

Family birthright can be a blessing and a curse.


Read more about the Cardiff Novels here.


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Fall Into Love with Amelie – TRR Partay!


Welcome to The Romance Reviews Fall Into Love party! Celebrate Autumn with over 250 participating authors and publishers in this month-long party.

Check out the prize list here. There are more than 200 prizes up for grabs the whole month of September. I’m giving away a copy of Love Entwined to one lucky winner. Hang with us til the end of the month when we hand out the grand prize – a $100 gift certificate. Come on and play with us and win!

Click the TRRparty button to the left to register at TRR and log on so we can keep track of your points.



Now, are you ready to play my game? Read the following excerpt for a clue and then answer the question below. Good luck and have fun!


loveentwined final cover

“Amelie Laurent, may I introduce you to Roman Cardiff.” Harold gestured toward the Burberry divan in the corner.

She closed her mouth and turned, hand extended. The apology died on her lips.

He was a Greek god in a dark tailored suit. Very tall. Different in reality. Cooler than she expected. There was arrogance in his square jaw. His aquiline nose and thick, black brows made him look like a predator.

His expression would have seemed harsh except for the warmth of the sky blue gaze traveling slowly up her body. The eyes gave his features a seraphim quality. They leisurely toured the peachy-pink lacquered toenails peeking through the front of her navy pumps, and then moved up the curve of her hips. She felt those eyes like a puff of warm breath when they grazed the swell of her breasts above the white silk blouse.

She was an innocent doe being circled by a panther that was higher up on the food chain and more resourceful.

Clearly, he wanted to take a bite out of her. His imperial stance said it was his due.

His nostrils flared as he inhaled her scent.

Amelie looked down at the large hand holding hers. Warm, like a glove.

Finally, his gaze met hers.

She did not move, but something sinful shivered inside her. It was the part of her who knew this man. But these feelings weren’t hers—they belonged to that other woman. The one who waited for him at night in her bedroom.

He is real. But he could not be her dream lover.

With an unholy smile, Mr. Cardiff lifted her hand. Full lips moved over her skin in a warm caress, and she was filled with craving.

She jolted out of her reverie, tried to pull away, but he held her there. Her hand relaxed in his.

Stop this, you don’t know him!



In Love Entwined, where does Amelie first see Roman Cardiff?

  1. In Yorkshire, England
  2. In Rouen, France
  3. On the subway
  4. In her dreams


Danita Minnis on Writing: A Personal Journey


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I’m on Lisabet Sarai’s beautiful blog Beyond Romance talking about my writing journey. Come by and say hi!


Amelie’s Spring Fling

Sepia Shot of a Young Kissing Couple. Photo.


Welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop where we are celebrating LOVE and SPRING!

Visit every stop on this hop to increase your chances to win – and remember to leave a comment and your email address.

I am giving away a $5 Amazon gift card and just check out these Grand Prizes:

One Kindle Fire–Donated by Blushing Books!
One $75 Gift Card to Amazon (or Barnes and Noble)–Donated by Jane!
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Amelie Laurent of my paranormal romance, Love Entwined has love on the brain:

Love Entwined Excerpt:

‘Do not be afraid of love.’ He pulled the robe from her shoulders. It swished to the floor in a whisper of silk.

She should protest; she did not know him. Instead, she sighed with the cool night air against her bare breast.

Warm hands drew her close, a comfort as much as a command. When he wrapped his arms around her, the bedroom walls fell away. She smelled the sea and the wind whipped around them.

She dug her fingers into his back and remembered…the way he nipped her neck when he sank into her; his deep, satisfied grunt when she clung to him; how he pinned her down, holding back the release until she would die if he didn’t let her come right now…

She did know him. He was her Commandant. She molded herself against him and his chin dipped to rest on her head.

When he pulled back, a thick, black curl winged away from his forehead. Full lips curled into dimples and moonlight shone in his eyes. ‘My love.’

She rubbed her nipples into the curls sprinkled across his chest and finally, he lifted her and laid her down on the water’s surface. His body, all hard planes and angles, pushed her down. She wrapped her legs around him atop a swelling wave.

He murmured approval as he cupped her buttocks, lifted her hips and drove into her all in one deft motion.

‘We are one.’ He said against the column of her throat as he rammed into her.

The night rose and fell on her sighs.

He impaled her, took her breath away as she clung to him in the ocean spray. Their limbs slammed together as he tossed her about on a wild ride. The dark waves crested, carrying them away as the night shattered …   

Amelie kept her eyes closed and licked her lips. It felt real; he felt real. Too soon, consciousness chased her fantasy away.

She sat up, staring across the bedroom at the pre-dawn outside her window. She turned on the bedside lamp and a golden halo sprayed the room. “Just a dream.”

Her nipples still tingled in arousal. She pulled off the chemise.


He stood outside her bedroom window, watching her, his square jaw slack with need. His tanned skin glowed in lamplight…

Amelie pulled the chemise to her breast and turned off the lamp. She got out of bed and crept across the room. She stood as close as she dared to the cool glass pane.

He was gone.

Don’t be ridiculous. Of course, he had never been there, couldn’t have been there. The dream had shaken her up.

She watched the purple sky lighten to pink as the sun climbed above the wintry clouds.

In the dream she had known him, but the memory eluded her now. It faded from her consciousness as quickly as the street lamps winked out over Central Park thirty-six stories below.

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Roman Cardiff of Love Entwined: Character Interview

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Roman Cardiff is on Diane Saxon’s beautiful blog talking about A-M-E-L-I-E, demons and what it’s like being on top.  Come by and say hi.


Nothing But Pool Water Left…

Happy weekend All!

It has been a busy 2014 so far and I’ve gotten some solid months of writing and editing done! One of my writing goals this year is to write one book per quarter (or every three months). There, I’ve said it. Much like Amelie Laurent in the below excerpt, I’ve put it out there and will have to live up to it. 🙂

In the mean time, if you want to see what I’m working on check my social links below. If we’re not connected, by all means, let’s do it! I’m a Pinterest fanatic. You will find my inspirations and aspirations pinned on my boards.

VampExciting things are developing. For one, I am part of a dream anthology to be published soon – Yay!  More to come on that. Also, the new Cardiff novel is almost done and I’m looking forward to presenting to you Xavier Quinn. Some people know him as Roman Cardiff”s cousin, others know him as a secret agent but not even his family knows Quinn is a vampire lover. Yes, the Cardiff family has been dealing with a lot lately; il Dragone demons, vampires – what will it be next? Shifters.


Since I have Cardiff’s on the brain, I’m sharing a new excerpt from my paranormal romance Love Entwined.  Oh, the situations Amelie gets herself into…enjoy!

loveentwined final cover small

Love Entwined, A Cardiff Novel – Excerpt

Later that night, Amelie passed through the kitchen on her way to the pool.

She went through the gym, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirrored walls. She was a mermaid in the incandescent green two-piece with a diaphanous sarong. She loved it and would have bought it for herself except that it probably cost as much as one of her business suits. Work attire and jewelry were the only things she could see spending that kind of money on.

Roman had guessed her size. The man was an expert; he knew how to make a woman feel beautiful.

That was dangerous.

She was no match for his subtle prowess and he was too well versed in things she had not played at long enough to know her own capabilities.

When she opened the door, he was already in the pool swimming laps. She stood near one of the benches lining the walls. The underwater lights bathed the room in a bluish-green glow and illuminated his retreat. His strokes were long and powerful, breaking the silence and echoing in the cavernous room.

He swam toward her and she took off her flip-flops. She was the wallflower while he was…Godlike, more than a man should be. He climbed out of the water and stood in a puddle, pushing dark, wet curls out of his face. Her eyes followed the rivulets running down his chest over sculpted abs and finally over his feet. Everything about him was oversize.

He walked toward her in black swim trunks and her skin burned crimson as reality confirmed what her dreams had already conveyed; the man was superbly endowed.

“I see you found your way down.”

She wrapped her arms around her waist, and managed to stop just short of turning back the way she’d come. “I was watching you swim,” she said unnecessarily.

He grabbed a towel hanging on a hook. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you for the swimsuit.”

“I should be thanking you.”

She stood mute, but unfolded her arms.

He gestured to the shower in the corner. “Why don’t you get wet? It will help you get accustomed to the water.”

Aware he was watching her while he dried off; she twisted the end of the wrap in her fingers.

He picked up a bottle of water and sat down, leaning against the tiled wall. He took a long drink before saying, “Of course you could always swim in it.”

“Of course not.” She took off the wrap and crossed over to the steady stream of water.

Closing her eyes, she blocked his eyes out of her mind, but still felt them as she turned in a slow circle under the stream sluicing her breasts. She felt his eyes as the water traveled down her waist, glancing off her hips in droplets that danced in puddles over her feet.

When she turned off the water, she felt much calmer.

He held out a bottle. “Water?”

“No, thank you. Do you want to get back in?”

“Your wish is my command, Beauty.”

He kept pace with her underwater. In a steady rhythm, he glided next to her. He needn’t have worried; she was a good swimmer.

They reached the other side and she started back the other way with the butterfly stroke. They swam together and met at the deep end, holding on to the side and facing each other.

She waved her legs in the water, feeling so much better after exercising away her nervous energy. “This is nice.”

“Where did that come from?”


“That genuine smile on your face. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before.”

She made a face.

He grinned. “There is nothing like a few laps in the pool before bed. It helps clear my head.” He followed her line of vision to a beach ball floating nearby.

Grinning, she swam off in that direction. She held the ball up over her head and took aim.

He chuckled. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Shaking one waterlogged lock of hair out of her face, she asked innocently, “And why is that?” She treaded further away, still brandishing her weapon.

“I might have to come after you.” He hadn’t finished his sentence before she threw the missile. It was close, but she missed. She looked around for something else to throw.

“Nothing but pool water left, Beauty.”

She treaded away. “It didn’t hit you.”

“Ah, but that was your intention, and now you will pay the price.” He dove underwater.

She squeaked and started swimming in earnest to the other side of the pool. By the time she saw him swimming underneath her it was too late. He rose up out of the water and grabbed her around the waist. She tried to get away, but weakened by laughter she stopped struggling and leaned against him.

He took her to the side of the pool and they caught their breath as their legs wove together. The gentle lapping of the water against their bodies broke the silence.

“Give me a few days’ practice and I’ll be chasing you.” She laughed up into his face, looking forward to it.

Roman wasn’t laughing. He moved closer and his lips brushed hers.

Feeling relaxed and exhilarated, she didn’t stop him, but parted her lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, rolling it over hers in long, lazy strokes. She slid gently into bliss as he deepened the kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and her nipples hardened against the hair on his chest.

When he cupped her buttocks and moved against her, a languid moan escaped her lips.


Love Entwined is available on Amazon   http://amzn.com/B00F2M3FZI


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Valentines Day Gift Hop



Welcome to the Valentines Day Gift Hop!

Join us this week of Valentine’s Day as we celebrate love, sex, and all things books! If you are a reader of sexy romance, join us! Discover new authors and new review blogs to follow. Each stop has a sweet prize of its own. I am giving away a $5 Amazon gift card so be sure to leave a comment with your email address.

The overall hop has two grand prizes: a new adult romance digital gift basket and a Kindle Paperwhite!


This is a special Valentines Day for Roman and Amelie of my paranormal romance Love Entwined. Know why? They are still alive! Roman and Amelie are being stalked by il Dragone demons who have been trying to kill them for centuries. il Dragone remembers but Roman and Amelie have no memory of their past lives and the eternal struggle that is the Cardiff legacy. Read on.

loveentwined final cover small

His gaze wandered to the sexy quirk of her lips.  “How did you end up at Penrods?”

“My mother and I spent summers in the States visiting her friends, roaming
Manhattan. It was on a visit to the diamond district that I fell in love with antique
jewelry. I sketched the designs through the shop windows.” She shook her head in thought, “I guess it was all part of the Plan.”


“To be the top designer in the industry.” Although she kept her teasing tone, he could tell she meant every word she said.

“Well, number two, at least,” he remarked, just as serious.

“When the time is right, I will start my own design firm,” she warned.

For a few moments, the ordered visage of the self-control freak had vanished. But it was back now, like an armored mask over her face, and he wanted it gone.

“Did you know your lips quirk into the most fetching curves when your dander is up?” he asked.

Her words came to a halt as if she had forgotten the many words in her English vocabulary. When she gave him a blank stare, he caught her off guard with something he had been thinking about since that night in her apartment.

“No time for love? Not even in college, Beauty?”

She hesitated before answering. She could not bring herself to speak about Emil Garamonde. Her college beau was a safer topic. “There was someone, but my work…”

“You did not love him?”

“I’ve never been in love.” She looked down at her hands and fell into silence.

“You have been working, and to all intents and purposes, living at Penrods.”

She looked up at him. He, too, was surprised by the harsh note in his voice.

“I love my work. There was never much time for…anything else.” She exhaled; no doubt, because she knew her excuse was no excuse at all. “It seems a strange concept now sitting here with you.”

“Ah. That’s my girl. Aren’t you relieved now that you’ve admitted it?”

The mask softened into a stubborn grin. “Are you my confessor? Will you grant penance for the indiscretion?”

“Only if I have your word you will change your ways.” He stood and held out his hand to help her to her feet.

Something whizzed past his ear, lifting the hair on the nape of his neck. The sound was foreign to the forest, and he reacted instinctively. He pushed Amelie back down onto the grass and covered her with his body.

He lifted up enough to scan the trees, dense coverage for anyone with a purpose. Even as he thought of this, he was aware of how soft and full Amelie’s breasts were against his chest.

There was a bit of metal protruding from the tree in front of them, a bullet. Someone had just shot at them, barely missing him.

“What is it?” She squirmed her rounded hips underneath him and he was instantly rock-hard.

“Stay down.” He could see nothing out of the ordinary through the trees. The person had used a silencer. His knee slipped between her legs.

“What’s happening?”

“I am afraid that was a stray shot.”

“Do you mean someone shot a gun? I didn’t hear anything.”

“Let’s get back to the car.” He got up slowly, lifting her with an arm about the waist and bracing her with one leg between hers. He stopped himself before picking her up and carrying her off. She probably wouldn’t go for that. Reluctantly, he released her, keeping his body in front of hers as she brushed the leaves from her skirt. “Probably just an illegal fox hunt. I’ll get Lyle on it.”

Amelie sat staring out the window at the passing countryside as they drove the mile
back to St. Clair Manor in silence and he wondered who was trying to kill him.

Love Entwined is available at:  Amazon    Barnes & Noble   ARe

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Roman Cardiff of Love Entwined: RLF Character Interview

loveentwined final cover small


Roman Cardiff, CEO of Cardiff Jewels has taken the day off to guest at Romance Lives Forever. He’s talking about his obsession with a little French witch who’s gotten him all riled up, his inner warrior and fighting the il Dragone demons.



MFRW Book Hooks – A Cardiff Novel! #MFRWhook

MFRW Authors Blog

Welcome to Book Hooks! This is a weekly meme brought to you by Marketing For Romance Writers #MFRWhooks, in which we authors get to share some of our published work or work-in-progress with you. Click the button above to ride the Book Hook to other great authors who have words to share with you!

Here is an excerpt from my new paranormal romance Love Entwined, which is available now at Liquid Silver Books. LSB is celebrating its 14th anniversary, you can save 20% when you buy now.
Love Entwined Excerpt

My dream house. She turned to Roman, who stared at her.

“What is it?”

“This is…” She could not speak, should not speak the words in her mind, and  returned her gaze to the window. “It is like an ancient monument.”

He looked over her shoulder. “This drafty old place is over two hundred years old.”
He stopped when she wanted to hear more, anything that would explain why her dream house was here in England, why she was here, why they were both here together, she and her dream lover.

He was watching her again.

She sat back and tried for a lighter tone. “So many windows must bring warmth to the interior in the summer.” She had only just arrived and was already being seduced by the thought of summer in the English countryside.

The car drove up a road as wide as a two-lane highway in New York City. There was a hush over the place that drew her and with it came a deferential awareness.
St. Clair Manor was encapsulated in its own golden age, as if it preferred the gothic influences of the Georgian era.

Amelie shifted on the seat. A manor couldn’t prefer anything. It wasn’t alive, after all.


loveentwined final cover small

Run, little witch…

Amelie Laurent is on her way to the top of the jewelry designing world with no time for men. Her orderly life is about to come undone when jewelry tycoon Roman Cardiff steals her away on assignment to a remote English estate. Roman wants Amelie all to himself but St. Clair Manor’s resident ghost has been waiting for her much longer than he has.

Run home…

An unseen gunman takes a shot at Roman and he blames a business rival. But Amelie and Roman are to blame, for falling in love 200 years before in a time neither of them remember.

From the heartbreak of pre-Revolutionary France to modern day corporate wars, Amelie and Roman uncover a history of blood jewels, lust and demons.

Good witch, bad witch, you must decide…

When Amelie discovers her inner witch she learns the real reason she was summoned to St. Clair Manor. Il Dragone will kill to get her back. Amelie will kill if they do.

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