Author Interview A P Von K’Ory: His Untameable Wickedness

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Author Interview: A P Von K’Ory

1. How did you choose your genre? What made you write this book?

Growing up with limited or no technology, I’ve loved reading romance ever since I was around four or five. I read those no-bedroom-scenes-beyond-the-kiss doctors and nurses love stories that were told in the women’s magazines my mother subscribed to. No Internet in those days, so no smartphone or tablet. Often, the reading would be clandestine. Such as in the bathroom or with a flashlight under the sheets after goodnight stories. By the time I hit puberty and was blissfully in boarding school in Yorkshire, Little Women was for the classroom while The Perfumed Garden was back in the clandestine department, shared with besties and besties’ besties  (how else to giggle and enact raunchy scenes about the steamy bits, right?) Even Lady Chatterley’s Lover was a real naughty treat. Soon after that came the non-clandestine delicious swooning with Barbara Cartland’s heroines even though they were chased but remained chaste till the gold band was on their destined finger.

I began to write steamy romance because I wanted to write stories I yearned to read.  Something discerning and gender-positive. The romance that shed all the shackles society has used over the centuries to keep women down. Now that erotic had gone mainstream, I wanted my version or preference to also be out there. I abhorred the conditioning of girls to be the ones to kiss the frog to make him a prince, put up with the Beast when they were the Beauty, or prick their fingers into a one hundred-year-old-sleep until the prince comes to their rescue.

In modern days it’s the financial inequality, even when the women have the same job and qualifications as the men. Girls are still made to grow up believing they are less worthy than boys. In books, girls and women are trimmed to identify with “someone just like you” while the boys are encouraged to identify with James Bond and Superman – never someone just like them.

Boys and men are whipped up to aspire higher. This led me to writing love stories where the woman is Alpha, no damsel in distress, and financially and socially independent. The woman who gets invited to the Met Gala on their own rights, not as a decoration on a man’s arm. Of course the heroines still go for the Alpha male. That’s a given. It’s wired in every woman since time immemorial to seek the protector who’ll fight and fend off danger while she’s having and nurturing young ones. That’s nature, not nurture. Women zoom away from wimps.

But I find tremendous thrill is having the Alpha hero go through more than his abs, chiseled chin, money, and the power that comes with it, to fall for the woman who makes him feel edgy, ´and not totally in control. It’s a heck of a turn-on to see Master Alpha struggle to align himself to his strong, independent, Alpha woman’s standpoint. In the UNTAMEABLE series, Leo and Adrian’s story, I also made both protagonists totally, insanely flawed. They’re both each other’s combustible tinder for a monumental fireball. Or like fuel tank and a match. As Leo says: Adrian is a permanent damage control. And Adrian: To try to contain and control Leo is like trying to contain and control the fierce f*cking wind. I simply love the exhilaration of the mano-a-mano battle for control. Until the compromise point, by which time things are already exploding all over the place to hell and beyond.

2. Writers write what they know, and must observe the world. Are you a firstborn, middle or last child, and how does this shape your view of the world?

I’m a firstborn and grew up in a very conservative and opulent atmosphere, and I think this reflects in my writing. I grew up where kids were best seen but not heard until they were allowed to be heard. I got more hugs and kisses from the household personnel than from my parents. So I became a keen observer, and the one to set the good example to the others by virtue of being the oldest. This was why I was thrilled to finally be in boarding school in England, far away from home. I could go hog wild and behave as I pleased as long as I hurt no one and broke no major laws with my behavior. I could ask tough questions and say whatever I felt like saying whenever I felt like saying them. Best of all, I could let my fantasies roam all over the planet and jot them down. Even when I read stories, I made notes about the parts of the book that I’d have written differently if I were the author. No wonder my current world turned out as diverse as the colours of the rainbow.

3. Where is your favorite place to write?

At my desk. But I always have pens and notebooks scattered around the house in the bedroom, kitchen, and tucked away in my bag or the evening clutch. I’d rather ditch the compact or lipstick than carry a bag without my pen and small notebook in it. My best place and time to hit on ideas come when I take a walk in the woods – yes, I always have pen and notebook there too or mumble on my phone.

4. How do you feel about killing your darlings, and what do you do with the remains?

OMG, I’m the *worstest* ever when it comes to killing my darlings. I agonize about it, go through excruciating indecisiveness, and even have tantrums and suppress the tears while I tear my hair out. Even after taking numerous master class lessons I still moan and groan when I have to kill my darlings. What helps to alleviate the pain for me is following the six rules I learnt:

I find the redundancies and chop them off. I have the tendency to over-explain or overemphasize to within a breath of the morgue. This leads to overuse or repetitiveness. Convince yourself that your readers are smart enough to connect the dots and use the cutlery at dinner. Don’t force-feed them or indulge in long explanations that get them to roll their eyes and probably stop reading altogether. I suffer from info-dumping that I fight hard to keep in check. I also drop those extraneous titbits from a region’s seasonal rotation to the best table manners.

Mind your writing style. I know I easily slip into the cute phrases and purple prose in my effort to develop my distinct “voice” that set me apart from my fellow authors. Cut off all sentences and phrases that probably sound great but add nothing but baggage to your work.

Keep your eyes peeled for those unnecessary subplots and plot twists that distract the reader instead of adding any useful element to the story. Ask yourself whether your story needs that addition. What does it bring to it? If you find no good reason to keep it, chuck it out.

Run a magnifying glass over your characters. Are there two or more with similar personality traits or narrative functions? Combine them. Supporting or tertiary characters must have a clear purpose or point of view that advances your plot. They should flesh out certain aspects of your protagonist, not just lounge about as some background white noise or decoration.

One good trait that stops me agonizing and tearing my hair out before the kill is having a separate file where I “collect the corpses” in the hope of using them elsewhere. More often than not, I find an appropriate place to slot them in with perfection. Repurposing certain characters into new spinoffs or standalones. The killing can be very rewarding when your creative mind resurrects those darlings and breathe new life into them.

Bring in a fresh pair of eyes and different minds. This is where beta readers, writing networks, or fellow writers you network with are God’s gift. Find and collaborate with those outside eyes that you trust to give you honest feedback on which aspects of your writing is working and which aren’t. Then cut off the surplus to requirements.

5. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them?

I have to think hard about this one because I have several favourite authors I love equally but differently, depending on the genre, and I’d love to ask each one of them a different burning question. On the other hand, if I could be introduced to Colleen Hoover, her answer to my special question to her might cover it all.

6. Inquiring minds want to know…tell readers something about you that no one knows.

There’s a reason why I’ve kept it secret. I don’t want the dear readers to be my first victims. That would be too devastating for all concerned.

7. You are stranded on a deserted island with only a backpack for company. What three items are in your survival pack?

My tablet, pen, and notebook as a single item (to save the battery for reading and sending out an SOS), and a large packet of condoms, just in case there’s a hunky caveman still burrowed somewhere all by his lonesome self…

8. If you could have one superpower in your existence, what would it be?

I would rid all humankind of the worst mortal sin that plagues them, in my judgement: avarice.

9. Favorite snack?

Roasted and salted macadamia nuts.

10. Indy 500 – Do you know how to get where you’re going or do you drive the speed limit?

Ooops, you caught me on the back foot there. I had to Google Indy 500 (yeah, Europeans are ignorant like that) and inform myself. Erm, I guess I’d first try to find an Indy native as co-pilot.

His Untameable Wickedness

by A P von K’Ory


GENRE:   Dark Erotic Romance Suspense




A three-letter word made me a murderess at the age of eight years. But having experienced the curses of that word, I was done with men as I grew up. All men. Except to outplay them in the New York financial arena.Then Crowned Sex enthroned in gorgeous velvet charm and lustful gallantry storms into my life. Spewing volcanic lava on my monumental arctic ice block. With the unapologetic fierceness of a savage god. Wearing crackling thunderbolts straight from the god Zeus. Explosive has nothing on it.

Adrian isn’t hot, he’s fucking hellish. He embarks on melting my ice block at the speed of lightning. But I was done with men. I was done with sex. For ever. I. Was.

ADRIANI scented her darkness from the moment I was told about her. The sight of her sealed my decision. She was the woman created for my own darkness. I set off to protect her even from herself. Protect her to claim.

Fuse her darkness with my own. For. Myself. I’d fended women off me with bazookas when I was done but they weren’t. I wasn’t prepared for the battle I soon fought. Not only with her but also with her family. And New York’s billionaire gangsters who own entourage of corrupt cops and politicians. With every battle I won, she started new darker wars around me. You ate or you were eaten. Not even starving was an option.

NOTE: Although the blurb is in the first person, the story of Leo and Adrian is written in the third person. This story contains adult material including explicit sex and violence. You’ve been warned.



“If you feel I should stop, say you’re mine.”

“I am, I am! Just don’t stop, Adrian.”

He stopped, chortling deep in his chest, eyeing her from under his brows as his head lifted with her jerky thrusts. Adrian’s molten lava eyes radiated something utterly demonic but captivating, hypnotizing. They now seemed to shoot her senses with the wickedness every single cell in her craved. Those eyes concentrated on her flawed body, her utterly broken soul, crushing the fierce pride she falsely nurtured for her protection.

He made her feel invincible. Armored, even against his demonic wickedness.

He licked behind her ear, whispered, “Stop being your worst enemy, wildcat, and simply receive and revel in pleasure. Your whole body’s made to receive it. From me.”



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

P von K’Ory writes the kind of books she herself would like to read and is passionate about, whether romance, psychological thriller, or nonfiction. She is the winner of six awards from four continents, the last one being the Achievers Award for Writer of the Year 2013 in the Netherlands. The Selmere Integration Prize was awarded her in 2014 for her engagement in helping African Women in the Diaspora cope with a variety of domestic and social problems. The Proposal, a short story, won the Cook Communications first prize in 2010 and is published in an American anthology Africa 2012. In 2012, she won the Karl Ziegler Prize for her commitment to bring African culture to Western society in various papers, theses, and lectures. Again in 2012, her book Bound to Tradition: The Dream was nominated for the 2012 Caine Prize by the Author-me Group, Sanford, and in 2013 she was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Prize.

Von K’Ory is married to an aristocrat and politician of Franco-German descent and has a large extended family. She lectures Economics and Sociology in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. She’s migratory and – weather willing – lives in Germany, France, Cyprus, and Greece.

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Author Interview Isobel Reed: Love Tools

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Isobel Reed Interview

Do you have any tattoos?  Where? When did you get it/them? Where are they on your body?

I have two tattoos, the first I got when I was eighteen. It’s of a black flower on my hip. And the second is of a black pattern I designed on my ankle. I think I was twenty when I got that one done. If I wasn’t a poor student at the time I might have got more, but now I’m in my thirties I’m kind of glad I didn’t. Not that I regret either of them, I still admire them in the mirror every now and again.

Is your life anything like it was two years ago?

No. I’m not sure anyone’s life is anything like it was two years ago. Especially after the pandemic. But I must admit for someone who doesn’t like change, my life sure does undergo a lot of it. In the past two years, I’ve written (almost) nine books. Signed a deal with Inkspell Publishing and got married. It’s been a busy and exciting time.

How long have you been writing?

All my life. English was my favorite subject at school, and I started writing stories from a young age. Like most authors I have a day job, but I am one of the lucky few who gets to write for living. I don’t write love stories at my day job or anything, I’m not sure how well that would go down with my boss, but I still get to be creative and do what I love. It wasn’t until two years ago that I attempted a whole book but I’m really glad I did because now I’ve started, I don’t see myself stopping.

What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

Remember you are doing it because you love it. If writing is your passion, then nothing else matters. Write your book. Then write another one and another one. Just keep going. And remember before you put your work out there, edit. Hire an editor. It’s worth the expense I promise.  

Tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.

Lily and Jake may be from two completely different worlds, but they have a lot more in common than they think.

Love Tools: Bluestone Series Book One

by Isobel Reed


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



What happens when the king of casual meets the queen of picking the wrong men?

Lily is running. From a dead-end job, a neurotic mother and all the losers she dared to date. Moving halfway across the world to Bluestone County seemed like a good idea at the time. So did reopening her estranged father’s hardware store. But now she isn’t so sure.

Small town living has its perks though. Wide-open space, clean air, and sexy cowboys. Well, one sexy cowboy. Jake. Who also just so happens to be the new bane of her existence. At least when he’s not talking, she can admire the view.

Jake is the king of casual. The love of his life has always been his ranch, and that was fine with him. He never really saw the point in long-term. But all that changes when a mouthy, blonde sasses him into oblivion. He should have known she’d be trouble as soon as he laid eyes on her. Now it’s too late. She’s all he can think about. All he has to do is convince her that he’s finally the right man.



Lily stared at the boarded-up windows and took a deep breath. There was no turning back now. Pulling the keys from her handbag, she unlocked the door and followed the creaking sound of the floorboards into the dimly lit store.

To her surprise the shelves were still stocked and brimming with power tools, each item covered in a layer of dust that had already started to make its way up her nostrils.

“What the hell are you doing here Lily?” she muttered to herself as she ran her fingers across the counter.

To get this place up and running, it was going to be more work than she ever imagined. She just hoped the apartment upstairs was in better condition.

After exploring the shop floor, she went to find out. She followed the beige hallway into the living room, taking a seat on the squeaky leather sofa and looking around. The space was depressing. Habitable but depressing nonetheless.

How could he have lived here for so long, and it still feel so empty?

Furniture was sparse, and other than the chair she sat in, the only other items that remained were a flatscreen TV, a scratched wooden coffee table and a small shelving unit scattered with a few books and a couple of picture frames.

She looked over at the kitchen adjoining the living room and noticed some basic appliances. It felt strange to be in his space. His home. Surrounded by his things. Was there a right way to feel?


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Isobel was born and raised in London. She still lives along the River Thames with her husband and her substantial book collection. Ever the hopeless romantic, she fell in love with the genre from a young age and was inspired to write her own stories. When she’s not feasting on romantic comedies or binge reading her hoard of contemporary romance novels, Isobel is writing.


Buy Links:






BOOKBUB: Love Tools: Bluestone Series: Book One by Isobel Reed – BookBub


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Author Paul G. Swingle: Silhouette

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On the night of a blue moon, while walking his dog, middle-aged widower Jim sees Gladys on the roof of a neighboring apartment building and is inspired to speak with her. There’s just one problem: she can’t hear him.

Indeed, Jim isn’t even sure that Gladys truly exists—that she isn’t just a rooftop patio umbrella silhouetted against the moon. Hampered by debilitating social anxiety, he cannot work up the courage to even wave.

Yet Jim returns to the same spot night after night, and Gladys—who is indeed real—sees him and becomes equally interested. She even contributes to their “conversation,” though he cannot hear her either. And while Gladys struggles with her own demons—self-loathing and depression—she is lifted by Jim’s attention, even as she describes how difficult her life has been.

Two characters, driven by sadness and a longing to connect. Will they?

Read an Excerpt

Sometimes I’m able to ponder these imponderables in a positive way, awed by the mysterious incomprehensibility of it all. At those times I think about astronomers with envy—about how they explore the magnificence of the universe, the origins of life, and other heady stuff. But today I was just hit with a profound feeling of pointlessness. You are born, you live, and you die. And who gives a damn? The vastness of the thing is enough to make you feel insignificant. Yet my funk reminded me of a joke I heard from one of the guys at work. A rabbi was standing in front of the “Ark,” I think 6 he called it—the box containing the Torah. Overwhelmed with piety, he fell to his knees and beat his chest, shouting, “I’m nothing, I’m nothing!” The cantor, seeing this, also dropped to his knees, and likewise shouted, “I’m nothing, I’m nothing!”

About the Author:

Dr. Paul G. Swingle can be considered one of the founding fathers of Clinical Psychoneurophysiology, one of a select few, directly responsible for bringing Neurotherapy out of university labs and clinics to the general populace in the 1980’s.

His academic positions include, Professor of Psychology at the University of Ottawa from 1972 to 1997, Lecturer in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School from 1991 to 1998, Associate Attending Psychologist at McLean Hospital (Boston), Head of the Clinical Psychophysiology Service McLean Hospital (Boston). Professor Swingle was also Clinical Supervisor at the University of Ottawa from 1987 to 1997 and Chairman of the Faculty of Child Psychology from 1972 to 1977. Dr. Swingle is a Registered Psychologist in British Columbia and is Board Certified in Biofeedback and Neurotherapy. He is actively involved in research and practice. His numerous publications include nine books and numerous peer reviewed journal publications.


Amazon Author Page:

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Author Interview Jennifer Juvenelle: Daughter of Belial

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Author Interview: Jennifer Juvenelle

1. How did you choose your genre? What made you write this book?

I would say my genre chose me! I started writing Daughter of Belial kind of by accident. Before writing my book I mainly wrote poetry when the mood struck me. One day, I felt the energy moving like something wanted to come through, I opened up a blank page and the first chapter poured out of me. Prior to that, I’d been reading a lot of bad romance novels and erotica. I’d read Fifty Shades of Gray and got curious about the genre. Eventually, I got so fed up with all these mousy virgin female protagonists that I thought, “I can do better than that.”

As I began writing, I naturally flowed into the Thriller/Suspense genre as I love a good nail-biter and I love books in a series like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter that always leave you wanting more. But, probably thanks to reading all those billionaire romance novels, I’ve woven in a few very juicy sex scenes as well. Though that does take an unexpected turn…

2. Writers write what they know, and must observe the world. Are you a firstborn, middle or last child, and how does this shape your view of the world?

My mom used to say, “I have three only children!” My family history is complex and too much to go into here, but I’ll give a brief overview.

I’m the youngest of three children but none of us grew up together. We each have different fathers and my mom only carried two of us. For all intents and purposes, I am both the baby of the family and an only child! It’s interesting to investigate how this has shaped my worldview…

I was always very close to my mom (she passed away in Sept. 2021). I’m the only one she raised from beginning to end as my brother grew up with his birth mom and my sister, who is thirteen years older, mostly grew up with our grandparents. Considering I didn’t know about my brother until I was an adult and my sister wasn’t always around, I generally felt like an only child and benefitted from all the spoilings and attention of one. My mom sheltered me when I was little. I grew up on classic rock and Mozart, wasn’t allowed to watch much TV, and was kept quite active with ballet, piano lessons, and swim team in summer. I was an avid reader. You could often catch me walking down the hallways at school with a book in my hands. So my view of the world was through the lens of my mother’s house. She taught me to be of service to the world, to aspire to greatness, to be bold and courageous, and to never settle for less than I’m worth. She also taught me some hard lessons, like what happens when you suppress your emotions, how it’s better to share a hard truth than tell an easy lie, and what it feels like to be sold a lie and buy it even when deep down you know better because it’s easier to believe the lie than to question the person you love most.

All that complexity has definitely found its way into my writing. Because I grew up with family secrets and lies, I’ve created a character who deals with those same issues, but amped up the stakes a hundredfold! I grew up sheltered from a “dangerous world” so I’ve written a story that dives deep into that danger. I’m all about breaking down barriers. I speak up now because I felt silenced before. I share vulnerable truths now because I grew up in a family that was afraid to discuss emotions or “air dirty laundry”. I’m a living example of how our greatest wounds can become our greatest gifts.

3. Where is your favorite place to write?

In bed! I love to prop myself up with pillows, put my laptop on a pillow on my knees, and let the creative energy flow. While I’ve tried to sit and write at a desk, I’m at my best when I’m cozy in bed. And if it’s chilly, I like to get under the covers!

4. How do you feel about killing your darlings, and what do you do with the remains?

I think the phrase, “kill your darlings” is apt and useful! As a debut novelist, this was a big lesson. I killed the most “darlings” after I hired a professional editor to go through the final draft. This was after I’d already had many revisions and undergone a manuscript evaluation with a developmental editor.

Typically, I’ve found that if you can delete something and the narrative continues as if nothing happened, it isn’t essential to the story, plot, or description and therefore not needed. The hardest darlings to kill for me are certain words or turns of phrase that I have a tendency to make up, but are usually only meaningful to me. In those cases, I have to choose my battles wisely. I won’t lie, I didn’t kill every darling. Some of them were too precious to part with. But I did my best to kill most of them, and when in doubt, to seek a second (or third) opinion. Fortunately, my husband is also a writer so we bounce a lot of things off each other.

5. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them?

My all-time favorite author, and probably the one who influenced me the most, is Tom Robbins (author of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, Skinny Legs and All, Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, and countless others). Skinny Legs and All, in particular, forever changed the way I view inanimate objects. The magic of Tom Robbins is that he can bring an ordinary Can o’Beans, a small spoon, and a sacred stick to life and actually make you care about them.

The one question I’d ask him? Hmmm…. Will you read my novel? Kidding! Ha. Honestly, I think I’d just want to grab a refreshing soda or cup of tea with him and shoot the breeze. He’s such an interesting character and well into his eighties. It would be a DREAM to meet him and simply hang out. Listen to his stories. Talk about life, love, and writing.

6. Inquiring minds want to know…tell readers something about you that no one knows.

I’m afraid of hurting people’s feelings. As a result, I’ve been burned many times because I avoid calling someone out on bad behavior if I’m worried they might be bothered by what I have to say.

It’s something I’m currently working on to not feel so responsible for other people’s emotions. If someone is not in integrity and I notice that (because I’m very good at reading beneath the surface) then I need to listen to my intuition and not just let it slide, or get caught up in trying to help or fix them. I’m learning that it’s okay to “bother” someone with the truth if what they’re doing is going to affect me or my family in a negative way.

7. You are stranded on a deserted island with only a backpack for company. What three items are in your survival pack?

A journal and pen to write down my thoughts and feelings. I need an outlet!

My baby son, Iluka. He fits in a backpack right?!

A copy of Shantaram by David Gregory Roberts because it is the most beautiful novel I’ve ever read.

8. If you could have one superpower in your existence, what would it be?

It’s not a superpower I’ve encountered in any comic book or film, but I’m a writer so I’ll make up my own!

I desire the ability to cause all people (including myself) to instantly, and permanently, transform their negative thinking about themselves and others into positive thoughts about themselves and others, coupled with a simultaneous heart opening and expansion. It would be the end of all wars, violence, hatred, envy, fear, jealousy, and the like. Thus, we would collectively co-create a New Earth founded in the principles of Love, Peace, Joy, Freedom, and Prosperity.


9. Favorite snack?

Chocolate! We buy those big bags of chocolate chips from CostCo. A handful (or two) of those is the perfect little treat after lunch, dinner, or whenever.

10. Indy 500 – Do you know how to get where you’re going or do you drive the speed limit?

I know where I’m going but I leave the how up to an Intelligence far greater than mine. And like any race car driver, you’ve gotta know when to hit the gas, when to ease off the pedal, and when to slam on the breaks.

I think I strike a nice balance, though I definitely have a tendency to lead with a lead foot and often need to consciously reel myself in from acting too quickly or impulsively on an exciting idea. I’ve noticed I make better decisions from a more grounded place when I allow myself to run the gamut of emotions from elation to disappointment and back up to baseline somewhere in between.

Moderation in everything and everything in moderation!

Daughter of Belial

by Jennifer Juvenelle


GENRE: Psychological Thriller



Some Family Trees Should Be Burned. . .

Greer Girls are special. Greer Girls are rare. Greer Girls are central to the secret Order of Belial.

Sophie Greer knows none of this. All she knows is that her now ex-boyfriend cheated on her, she’s alone working in Paris, and her mysterious billionaire boss, Edward Hughes, is way too interested in her life.

But when Sophie is kidnapped in Moscow while on a business trip, she’s plunged into the dark underbelly of the global elite and a sinister secret society with deep ties to her family; ties that lead to revelations darker than anything Sophie could have imagined.

Betrayed by the man who raised her, and targeted by the illustrious Hughes family, only one thing is certain—family history can be deadly. If Sophie is to survive, she must decide who to trust and what to believe, or risk being crushed beneath the weight of the all-powerful secret Order of Belial.



Smoke from the other vehicle’s engine fills the back seat. Coughing, I cover my nose and mouth as I desperately search for a solution. The whole right side of the vehicle is smashed in. There’s no getting out that way. I’m considering trying to break the back left window when I spy the dividing curtain swinging in the cool fall breeze.

Tugging the makeshift divider aside, I peek into the front to see the driver hunched over the steering wheel, unconscious. If I move carefully, I might be able to climb around him to get out the driver’s side. I’m about to make my move when the back door squawks open. A large gust of fresh air rushes into the banged-up vehicle. My head swivels to assess the new arrival.

No. It can’t be. A trillion queries rise and fall as I look upon my assailant—my savior? It’s too much. Between the plane ride, the abduction, and being left alone to rot for a week in a gaudy prison then carted out like a virgin for sacrifice, I’m spent. Where does it end?

There’s a popping sound as my mouth forms a tiny O in stunned surprise. Edward, looking like James Bond in a classic European-cut suit (probably Armani) and a light-grey dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top, is standing in the open doorway, hand outstretched in a gesture of chivalry as if these were the most natural circumstances under the Russian moon. I give him a blank stare.

“I told you I’d find you.” His silky voice floats past my ears, rattles around in my brain and down to my chest, where it nuzzles itself snugly into my heart.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

JENNIFER JUVENELLE is a Native American/French author born in Hollywood, raised in Detroit, and fashioned in France. Formerly an actress and model, Jennifer now splits her time between crafting psychological thrillers and the magic of motherhood. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Jennifer made healing from trauma a priority when her life became untenable. Daughter of Belial is the unexpected product of her journey from trauma to triumph. An eager explorer, she currently lives in a remote Mexican seaside-jungle village with her debonair Aussie author husband and their young son.







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Author Ana Diamond: Body Snatched

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What’s worse than losing a body from a funeral home? Losing two. But mortician and amatuer sleuth, Lily Reynolds has a hunch. The new visitor in town, Rick Drakon, may have charmed his way into her life but she’s not fooled by his smooth talking ways. Problem is, Rick is a long-time friend of Lily’s new husband, Detective James Rivers. While James is busy convincing her to look elsewhere, Lily embarks on a dangerous path toward uncovering the truth. Will this case come between the couple or will Lily find herself closer to evil than ever before?

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She sprinted toward the ambulance with James inside. Her heart leaped into her throat. She didn’t want to alarm the others, but she didn’t really know if he was going to make it. Antonio had not. And what would she do if he didn’t? Images of her life with James flashed before her eyes.

From the moment when she’d first laid eyes on his silky black hair and tattooed biceps in the basement of her funeral home to their wedding day when he told her they would be together forever, this could not be the end. She would not want to go on. Tears flooded her eyes, clouding her vision as she ran toward the ambulance James had been loaded into. Yanking the back door open wide, she propelled herself inside.

His eyes were closed but his body had been hooked up to monitors that beeped incessantly. Intravenous fluids ran down the tubing and into James’s arms. And there was blood—lots of blood on the floor of the truck and on the linens of the stretcher. She willed herself into tunnel vision to avoid seeing nothing but red. The paramedics sat on opposite sides of the ambulance monitoring the machines hooked up to him.

She stood at the foot of the stretcher watching for any movement. Was he unconscious? Had he slipped into a coma? Was he only minutes from death? She’d stopped breathing altogether until she touched his leg and his eyes popped open.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve ever been shot.” His eyes sparkled with mischief.

She released the air from her lungs and chuckled at him. Her heart could beat again. “Congratulations. I’ll tell you what you’ve won later. Now work on not dying.”

He smiled and laid his head back on the pillow. “Yes, ma’am.”

About the Author:When Ana Diamond isn’t writing about tough gals finding love in unexpected places, she’s at work by day in the medical field. She writes romantic cozy mystery novels with feisty strong women and alluring men who can’t resist them. Her books are fast paced, entertaining and heartfelt all at once.

Ana is a 2020 Tara Contest Finalist for Body Conscious and 2015 Melody of Love contest finalist. She lives in New York with her husband, two children and two needy but wildly entertaining kitty cats.








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Author Polly Holmes: Black Magic Murder

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Careful what you wish for!

Graduating to a fully-fledged witch on my upcoming birthday should be a momentous occasion, but when a local hairdresser turns up dead, I know it’s going to be one hell of a week.

Saltwater Cove’s resident infuriating fae looks like a good suspect for the murder, but insists she’s innocent and reveals a huge secret too amazing to be a lie. But if she didn’t do it… then who did?

The murder triggers the return of a dark force… dark enough to send even the most experienced witches into panic mode. Harriet, Jordi and Tyler join me as I try to find the culprit, putting my magical abilities to the ultimate test.

When the killer strikes even closer to home, I need to up my game if I’m going to keep evil at bay.…or have I finally met my supernatural match?

Read an Excerpt

A vibration jumped my phone across the dresser followed by a chorus of Dance Monkey. I picked it up to see Jordi’s smile plastered on the screen.

Now what?

“Hello, Jordi. Did you forget something?” I asked, prepared for a quick talking answer.

“Um, no not really.”

The awkward tone in her voice put me on edge. My free hand gripped the edge of the dresser. “Jordi, what’s wrong?”

“I think we have a problem,” she said, an urgency in her tone that sent my blood cold.

“What are you talking about?”

“I was on my way home and drove past Salty Snips. There were police cars with sirens and flashing lights, and they’d cordoned off the entrance with tape.”

Please don’t say it. Please don’t say it.

“Being the sticky beak that I am, I pulled over to check it out. Although they won’t confirm it, I think you better get over here and fast. I believe we have a murderer loose in Saltwater Cove.”

She said it.

Jordi wasn’t wrong. As I turned down the road toward Salty Snips, blue and red police lights flashed while sirens pierced the air. A pile of cars had blocked off different parts of the street and the entrance to the hairdresser. That didn’t stop the nosy onlookers from planting themselves at any available advantage point, mobile phones ready to take a photo or recording of what or who was the main attraction.

I pulled to the curb in the first available parking spot and grabbed my phone to call Jordi. I needn’t have bothered; she was on a beeline for my car. My stomach tensed as I got out to greet her.

Three days out from my birthday and we have a new dead body in town. And I didn’t even need a party!

About the Author:

Polly Holmes is the cheeky, sassy alter ego of Amazon best-selling author, P.L. Harris. When she’s not writing her next romantic suspense novel as P.L. Harris, she is planning the next murder in one of Polly’s cozy mysteries. She pens food-themed and paranormal cozy mysteries and publishes her books solely with Gumnut Press.

As Polly Holmes, Cupcakes and Corpses was a finalist in the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America’s 2019 IDA International Digital Awards, short suspense category. Cupcakes and Curses claimed second place and Cupcakes and Cyanide gained third place making it a clean sweep in the category.

She won silver in the 2020 ROAR! National Business Awards in the Writer/Blogger/Author category and for the second year in a row, she was a finalist in the 2021 ROAR! National Business Awards winning bronze in the Writer/Blogger/Author category with Gumnut Press taking out the gold in the Hustle and Heart category.

2022 saw Polly Holmes’ books Muffins & Magic and Mistletoe, Murder & Mayhem long-listed in the Davitt Awards, a prestigious award run by the Sisters of Crime, Australia. Muffins & Magic also placed in the finals of the cozy mystery category in the Nashville Silver Falchion Awards.

She lives in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, with her Bichon Frise, Bella.



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Author Jen Colly: The Guardian

The Guardian

by Jen Colly

GENRE:   Paranormal Romance



Prepared to die…fighting to live.

Savard was in a mood to die, but when a human insists on saving his life, death is no longer an immediate option. He knew of no species – human, vampire, or demon – that could see him while in his invisible Spirit form. Unique to this world, this woman’s singularity was a danger to the entire vampire race.

Waking behind bars in an underground vampire city was not how Sera envisioned her night drive ending. She has come to expect nothing from those who pass through her life, but this man, dying on the side of the road, proves to be different. Savard fights to free her from tyrannical vampire laws and to hide her unique abilities. What Sera doesn’t understand, is why he would fight his growing love for her.

Savard’s haunted past threatens to tear them apart. Soon, Sera discovers just how far her guardian is willing to go, and what he’s willing to do, to keep her safe.



A total of twelve Justice had been slaughtered in less than two nights by a single Forbidden. None of them had been prepared for the violent force of unholy power and honed skill that was Devlin Savard.

When it was done, the Forbidden didn’t bother to look around, to make certain none had enough life left in them to make a second attempt. Savard knew he’d finished them.

Stepping over the bodies and twisted limbs, the Forbidden strode to the trees, toward Gideon. In a flashing moment of panic, Gideon looked down at his body, made certain he remained concealed in his invisible Spirit form. He was, but the confirmation only gave him a marginal sense of security. Savard still advanced up the hill in his direction.

The slippery layer of snow on the grass didn’t slow the Forbidden, his injuries didn’t affect him, and Gideon couldn’t help but wonder if there was anyone in this world who could take down Savard.

Savard walked into the forest, never slowing, weaving around the bare trees at the top of the hill until he faced the spot where Gideon stood, still invisible and undetectable, or so he’d thought. How the hell had Savard known where to find him?

“Afraid to face me?” Savard asked, but not at all in a taunting manner, as Gideon had expected. Then, seeming somehow disappointed, Savard turned his back on Gideon, casually surveying the carnage he’d left in the clearing. “I can understand why.”

Gideon didn’t care for confrontation. Never had. It was a ridiculous trait for a man in his position of both Guardian and Justice to possess. Some would say he’d chosen the wrong profession, but few were aware he’d had no choice in the matter. Releasing his Spirit, Gideon appeared not eight feet behind the infamous Forbidden.

“Ah,” Savard said in a satisfied manner at the sound of Gideon’s boots sinking into the snow. Turning slowly to face him, Savard looked him over as if he’d already known what he would find. “The man who commanded the Valenna Justice.”

Not caring for Savard’s usage of the word command in the past tense, Gideon assured him, “My captain will send more men.”

“He always does,” Savard said, his gaze drifting off to some distant point. As his body turned slightly, it was clear the Forbidden’s shirt glistened wetly in the moonlight, sticking to his side.

“You’re bleeding.” Gideon smiled, tight-lipped. Behnam had made a damn good strike.

“Am I?” Savard said easily, as if he hadn’t noticed, and then his gaze caught Gideon’s sword still secured in its scabbard. “Yet I see you’ve no interest in rekindling the fight.”

Gideon shrugged. It was true. He’d tracked him down and set the Justice loose as instructed. Nothing more. He refused to risk his life when Captain Basteen’s betrayal of the very laws Gideon himself struggled to uphold lingered fresh in his mind. “I don’t see the point. This round has been won.”

“So the generals live to fight the next battle. Is that the idea?”

“Something of the sort.”

“Be honest. That was hardly a fair fight. You brought them here to die.” Savard turned his back on Gideon again, boldly walking away. Then, just before he went down the other side of the ridge, Savard called out, his voice echoing in the night, “Want me dead? Bring an army.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jen Colly is the rare case of an author who rebelled against reading assignments throughout her school years. Now she prefers reading books in a series, which has led her to writing her first paranormal romance series: The Cities Below. She will write about anything that catches her fancy, though truth be told, her weaknesses are pirates and vampires. She lives in Ohio with her supportive husband, two kids, one fluffy dog, and four rescued cats.

Purchase Links:

Social Media Links:

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter –

Blog –

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Author Carey P.W.: Grayality

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Author Interview: Carey P.W.

What group did you hang out with in high school?

                I hung out with the group called the “freaks.” We were a bunch of goth and grunge kids (it was the 90s) who wore everything black and big, baggy pants. I loved this group, and I feel that hanging out with them had a significant impact on my life. They taught me that I could be different and be myself. They weren’t gossipy or judgmental. I still talk to many of them today.

What are you passionate about these days?

                I’m probably passionate about too many things! Other than my writing, I am passionate about running. I started marathon running in 2007 and have completed eighty of them. I’ve run a few ultramarathons, too. I made two new personal records this year and even came in third place in one race. My dad was a runner, and since he has passed away, I feel like running is a way to still hang out with him. I always feel like he’s with me when I am racing. I’m also passionate about counseling. I am currently working on certification in expressive arts therapy and somatic experiencing. I love learning new ways to help people; I also love connecting with others.

If you had to do your journey to getting published all over again, what would you do differently?

                In terms of my approach to publishing, I don’t see a need to change anything. However, I wouldn’t have listened so much to the naysayers who made me feel like focusing on my writing was a waste of time, especially my ex-husband. I wasted years that I could have been writing and publishing. I’m not doing that again. I’ve decided that I need to prioritize my writing just as I prioritize my other work.

Ebook or print? And why?

                I have enjoyed my Kindle because it saves me from collecting a bunch of books that take up space. However, I prefer print books. I used to buy books and stare at them in anticipation. I’d even sleep with them! In some ways, daydreaming about what the books’ plots was better than reading them. I love holding books. I didn’t grow up with computers, so I’m probably bias here.

What is your favorite scene in this book?

                This is hard because I don’t want to give it away! I would just say that there’s a very emotionally intimate scene where Pate is very vulnerable, and his friend Stormy is there for him. Pate is rather exposed in this scene, and there’s something in me that wants to feel what it would be like to be that open but still accepted. I hope that I can find a way to get there one day.


By Carey PW


GENRE: LGBTQIA Contemporary Romance



Love knows no gender.

Pate Boone, a twenty-six-year-old transgender man, embarks on a new adventure when his childhood best friend, and yes, ex-lover, Oakley Ogden, convinces him to escape their hometown in hopes for something new.

They land in Cloverleaf, a tiny rural town in Montana, so that Oakley can care for his granny who is battling breast cancer. She pressures the two young men to enroll in a nearby college. Pate immediately becomes enthralled with Maybelle, a young, vivacious freshman to whom he fears revealing his transgender identity. Still, he finds it impossible to resist Maybelle, even after he meets her ex, Bullet, a large, violent man determined to keep Pate away from “his girl.”

But there are others who accept Pate immediately, like Stormy. An outdoorsy, rugged freshman, Stormy warns Pate away from Maybelle and Bullet, but Pate’s too infatuated to heed these warnings.

Oakley tries to support his friend’s new love but finds himself entangled in his own emotional calamity when he unintentionally falls for Jody, a gay and ostentatiously confident drag queen. This new relationship awakens deep internal conflicts in Oakley as he struggles to accept his bisexuality, lashing out at Pate and causing friction between him and Jody.

Oakley must decide if he can overcome his insecurities so he doesn’t lose the love of his life. And Pate must discover if the love between him and Maybelle is strong enough for her to accept him as a transgender man, or if she will break his heart.



Pate held up his hand to stop me. “You didn’t pull away when he held your hand. Even he noticed that. You didn’t pull away from his kiss. You think he’s never hit on straight guys before? I think he’d know by now that straight guys pull away—”

“And gay guys don’t?” I asked.

“They don’t if they are interested. Oakley, sexuality is not either/or. Maybe you have some attraction to him. Maybe not toward just any man, but toward him.”

I had been so busy trying to analyze my repulsion toward guys that it had never dawned on me to consider what made Jody attractive to me. His emerald-green eyes alone were enough to mesmerize anyone. His skin was silky and soft like a woman. His frame was small and delicate. But thinking on it, it wasn’t so much those physical traits as it was his confidence and free spirit. I had never seen a girl perform and light up a room as if she owned it the way Jody had dominated the club in Billings. When he realized that I thought he was a girl when I made the date, his response was calm. He didn’t get offended or even embarrassed. Jody was going to keep being Jody. I hadn’t found that certainty for myself yet.

“It wouldn’t mean anything different than me preferring to stay a feminine guy,” Pate replied, shrugging his shoulder. “It’s not about girl or boy. It’s about the feminine and the masculine that’s in all of us.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Carey PW (he/they) is a debut author, college instructor, and mental health counselor. Carey is currently completing his next manuscript, Acing the Game.

Carey lives in Montana, and identifies as nonbinary, transmasculine (AFAB) and panromantic asexual. Due to the lack of resources in rural communities, Carey has discovered that writing about his lived experiences is a therapeutic outlet for him and hopes that his readers relate to his own personal struggles and triumphs shared through his characters’ narratives. Carey is particularly interested in exploring relationship conflicts around sexuality and gender differences. He has also worked as a high school writing instructor and college writing instructor, earning a B.A. in English Literature, a M.Ed. in English Education, and Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education all from the University of Georgia. In 2020, Carey earned his second M.Ed. in Counselor Education and works as a licensed clinical professional counselor, LCPC. He has a strong passion for working with the unique mental health issues of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Readers can learn more about Carey from his blog, When he is not writing, Carey is busy training for marathons, parenting his six cats, sharing his culinary talents on social media, serving on the board for the nonprofit Center for Studies of the Person (CSP) and learning photography.

Carey PW loves to hear from readers. You can find his contact information, website and author biography at

Other links:

Author Blog:





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Author Megan Slayer: Kaine

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I call on the fates to bring my love to me. As I will it, so mote it be… Nikki Sinclair isn’t interested in love. She’s happy as a model and doing her own thing. Besides, keeping people at bay means she won’t get hurt again. Then she runs into Kaine. He’s nothing like she expects and exactly what she never realized she needed. But he’s got a past. It’s up to her to decide if she’s willing to summon this bad-boy mechanic or keep going on as a solo act.,br>

Love can be a tricky thing. What if fate has its own idea for Nikki? She’s not willing to argue, especially if it means having her bad boy. Time to do some summoning.

Read an Excerpt:

“He gives you hell often, doesn’t he?”

“He does.”

“You turned him down.”

“I did.” She disengaged from her pretend suitor. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure. I’m game to help a lady in distress.”

“I appreciate it.” She held out her hand. “I’m Nikki.”

“Kaine.” He kissed her knuckles.

“It’s nice to meet you, Kaine. Thank you. I should mingle, but you’ve saved me from a huge headache.” If she didn’t start circulating again, she risked losing her job.

“Okay, but if Eunice gives you a problem, you direct her to me. Just tell her Kaine McDermott wants to discuss it, and she’ll know.”

“You don’t have to cover for me.”

“Who says I’m covering? It’s an archaic rule. If you’d met me outside of tonight, we could be together, no problem. Inside, it’s off-limits? Silly.” He nodded. “I don’t want you to get into trouble.”

“Thanks.” She smiled, not wanting to leave him. He was a nice guy. Not grabby. Cute and seemingly sweet.

If only that no-dating rule hadn’t applied tonight. “See you.” She resumed circulating until the end of the event, then joined the other girls to change into little black dresses for the after-party.

She wasn’t a fan of mingling and schmoozing, but if she could actually flirt with Kaine again, then it might not be so bad.

About the Author:

Megan Slayer, aka Wendi Zwaduk, is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than one-hundred short stories and novels. She’s been writing since 2008 and published since 2009. Her stories range from the contemporary and paranormal to LGBTQ and white hot themes. No matter what the length, her works are always hot, but with a lot of heart. She enjoys giving her characters a second chance at love, no matter what the form. She’s been nominated at the LRC for Best Author, Best Contemporary, Best Ménage, Best BDSM and Best Anthology. Her books have made it to the bestseller lists on

When she’s not writing, Megan spends time with her husband and son as well as three dogs and three cats. She enjoys art, music and racing, but football is her sport of choice. She’s an active member of the Friends of the Keystone-LaGrange Public library. Find out more about Megan and Wendi at: Sign up for the newsletter here:


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Author Interview Rachel Graves: Dragons of New York

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Author Interview: Rachel Graves

What is something you’ve lied about?

I plotted my Dragons of New York book in my head for at least a year, and going through scenes became a habit that comforted me when I got bored. Some of those scenes left a smile on my face that was too big for people to ignore. I remember being called out in a meeting at my day job and specifically asked why I was grinning. Since there was no good way to explain that I’d finally figured out when the dragon and the sorcerer would give in to each other, I lied and said something about work. If my boss is reading this, sorry, but the characters talking in my head were way more fun than your slides.

Who is the last person you hugged?

A random stranger in a small store downtown. I have a great t-shirt that offers “Free Auntie Hugs” with the word Auntie spelled out in the striped colors of the Pride flag, Bisexual Pride flag, Transgender Pride flag, Pansexual Pride flag, Asexual Flag, and the Lesbian Pride flag. Growing up in Key West, being part of a gender diverse community was a huge influence on me. I want to be as supportive and welcoming as I can be. As a bonus when I wear my shirt, I sometimes get to hug people and offer them an encouraging word.

What are you reading now?

I’m re-reading the Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapper series by JL Bryan. I love ghost stories, and fall is the perfect time for them. Next up on my TBR pile is a re-read of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. The last book, Soul Taken, was so good I’ve got to read them all back-to-back again. After that I promised myself I’d finally finish True Dead, the second to last in the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter. I’ve been dragging my feet on that one because I’m not ready for the series to end.

How do you come up with the titles to your books?

Titles are the worst! They’re the last thing I do for a book, and it’s always a struggle. In the past I’ve picked words like Dead or Blood to have in each title. That seems simple enough, until you get to the fourth or fifth book. For this series, I decided on single word action verbs. Verbs pop up everywhere, and I’m lucky that I can think about what the characters are doing in the book. In this first book Ravenna is looking for a way to cure her best friend’s mom and Ian is hoping to track down a killer. Searching seemed like the perfect fit.

Share your dream cast for your book.

Ian Chen was originally based on the ice skater Nathan Chen, but while ice skating is still a big part of Ian’s childhood, his looks evolved. In my head he’s closer to Henry Golding, the actor from Crazy Rich Asians. Henry is half-British, like Ian, but he’s a bit younger than Ian’s mid-forties. For Ravenna, I’d want to say the cover model I used for the book, Angelina Cavanaugh, but since she only models, I’d go with Drew Barrymore. Drew is the right age and only needs darker hair to fit the look. In the next book, Ravenna shares that her measurements are 30-40-30, which isn’t easy to find in Hollywood!

Searching (Dragons of New York, Book 1)

by Rachel Graves


GENRE: Urban Fantasy



A dragon terrified of being discovered by the government, Ravenna Drake is constantly on the move. When the woman who raised her gets cancer, Ravenna trades her nomadic work restoring black market magical goods for a steady job. But her cautious life ends after her name is found at the scene of a werewolf murder.

Dr. Ian Chen, a sorcerer bonded to a powerful relic, works for the government treating supernatural citizens. He insists on investigating when his patient’s body is discovered completely drained of blood. His search leads him to the beautiful but frustrating Ravenna Drake, who refuses to stay away from the case or follow his instructions.

As more bloodless bodies surface, threats from secret societies and corrupt politicians force the dragon and the sorcerer to work together. If Ravenna and Ian can’t catch the killer, the people they love the most may be the next to die.



His foot reached out to blur the circle and the ghost changed. Agony forced every other emotion aside. He couldn’t breathe, a heavy weight settled on his chest. Panic set in as he wheezed, his heart racing the way hers had raced. Was he experiencing her last minutes or just panicking at the emotions? Could he trust himself? Darkness started to crowd the edges of his vision. Not enough air. Sweat broke out along his back. Somewhere, Cloak was saying something, but he couldn’t hear it over the pounding of blood in his ears. He was going to die here. The blackness got closer.

“No.” The flood of emotions stopped immediately, as Drake stepped in front of him. “That’s not how this works. You don’t get to scream at him.”

His head throbbed, stinging like acid dripping down his face, but he could breathe again. The darkness receded. The first thing he saw was Drake moving into the center of the stain, acting as if the blood wasn’t there.

“I’ll give you enough energy to manifest, but start screaming again and I will end you, even if we haven’t heard a damn thing you’ve got to say. Understand?” She paused, then reached her hand out. A shaft of sunlight came in through the window and her hand seemed to glow. Then the end of it disappeared, replaced with a chest. The shape grew outward, a filmy light turning into a woman. The process took less than a minute, and he heard the sheriff whisper to God.

“Dr. Chen, she can talk to you now.” Drake said it with a very deliberate emphasis on the word talk. Whatever the ghost intended, it wasn’t going to stand up to her. A deep surge of gratitude coursed through him.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Rachel Graves writes mysteries that blend the supernatural with steamy, sexy scenes. Her work explores the many shades of gray found between the lines of right and wrong. Rachel’s books focus on strong heroines who take charge of their own fate, their friends, and their families. Rachel is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and uses research skills honed getting a graduate degree in psychology to seek out rare folklore and magical creatures. Her writing incorporates popular monsters like vampires and werewolves as well as diverse creatures like selkies and yuki onna. Rachel has lived in a cursed town, taken far too many ghost tours, and counts down to every Halloween starting in November. You can read short stories and learn more about her on her website: author page is:

Good reads:




Personal Blog:

Amazon buy link:


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