Writerly Things



No Words?

Ever get tired of using the same words over and over?

This week I felt like paying good money for someone to create new words because the old ones are, well, old. I’m at a crucial point in my WIP where my hero and heroine are ready to admit their love for each other and I’m looking for words other than ‘I love you.’

It’s not that I don’t like those words. If you write romance you spend a lot of time thinking about them. Maybe that’s why I’m tired of them. It’s me; too much thinking…


Writers: Got Your Reader Hat On?

I recently gave a friend a chapter of my WIP to read for feedback. This friend is a reader, not a writer and doesn’t usually read paranormal romance, or fiction, for that matter. Why did I do it? I wanted a brutally honest critique of my work. If you knew my friend, you’d know she’s not the warm and fuzzy yay-my-friend-is-a-writer-type. Why did she read it? After all, romance and fiction are not her usual self-help and how-to reads. Well, she’s a great friend and wanted to help. And help she did…