Danita’s Bio

Writing What I Know

We are all here for a reason. Why not learn the lesson instead of continuing the fight in the only life we have? I met a very wise woman once who put it simply: we are energy. Keep it positive or you generate negativity. In other words, you don’t learn your lesson, whatever it may be.

You will almost always see soul mates in my stories. From one era to the next, they love. From one corner of the world to the next, they may not recognize one another at first but they always come home in the end!

Mystery and whodunit are ingrained in me as much as the soul-mate theory. Isolated, creepy old houses will get me every time, but add human shortcomings such as a defiant young woman fighting for independence only to run into the hands of the evil-doers leaves you wanting to scream, ‘don’t go in there!’ But they always do, don’t they?

I grew up with the Twilight Zone and Hitchcock’s masterpieces as background music in a busy New York City household with some very imaginative big sisters. (I was once locked in our big, dark and creepy old basement while my mother was at work – very inspiring!) It is no wonder I love the worlds I am able to create as a writer. It is an alternate reality, a place I can go to contemplate fantasies and make them happen. That’s exactly what I did with my debut novel, Falcon’s Angel. In this story you will see my love of the chase and the rescue.

Writing is a labor of love for me as singing was once. I’m a singer-turned-writer. Having worked the New York City nightclub circuit, I couldn’t leave my love of music out of my debut novel.

Classical music, Angel whispers in my ear. Since I can’t sleep when Angel’s talking, and since I love classical music as much as contemporary, classical music it is. In Falcon’s Angel, she plays the violin and Falcon is an accomplished pianist.

Who knows, maybe nightclub singing will end up in one of my books. It’s an interesting existence to wake up at 9:00 pm and call your friends and family to say goodnight before you go to work.