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Now, are you ready to play my game? Read the following excerpt for a clue and then answer the question below. Good luck and have fun!


loveentwined final cover

“Amelie Laurent, may I introduce you to Roman Cardiff.” Harold gestured toward the Burberry divan in the corner.

She closed her mouth and turned, hand extended. The apology died on her lips.

He was a Greek god in a dark tailored suit. Very tall. Different in reality. Cooler than she expected. There was arrogance in his square jaw. His aquiline nose and thick, black brows made him look like a predator.

His expression would have seemed harsh except for the warmth of the sky blue gaze traveling slowly up her body. The eyes gave his features a seraphim quality. They leisurely toured the peachy-pink lacquered toenails peeking through the front of her navy pumps, and then moved up the curve of her hips. She felt those eyes like a puff of warm breath when they grazed the swell of her breasts above the white silk blouse.

She was an innocent doe being circled by a panther that was higher up on the food chain and more resourceful.

Clearly, he wanted to take a bite out of her. His imperial stance said it was his due.

His nostrils flared as he inhaled her scent.

Amelie looked down at the large hand holding hers. Warm, like a glove.

Finally, his gaze met hers.

She did not move, but something sinful shivered inside her. It was the part of her who knew this man. But these feelings weren’t hers—they belonged to that other woman. The one who waited for him at night in her bedroom.

He is real. But he could not be her dream lover.

With an unholy smile, Mr. Cardiff lifted her hand. Full lips moved over her skin in a warm caress, and she was filled with craving.

She jolted out of her reverie, tried to pull away, but he held her there. Her hand relaxed in his.

Stop this, you don’t know him!



In Love Entwined, where does Amelie first see Roman Cardiff?

  1. In Yorkshire, England
  2. In Rouen, France
  3. On the subway
  4. In her dreams