Charmaine Ross – Four Leaf Clover

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A sexy, sugar-laden David vs Goliath story about a local bakery, a national chain, and what really matters.

Clover Loveday has worked hard to get her café Four-Leaf Clover up and running, her ticket out of an increasingly alarming financial situation and her dream come true. When she literally falls off her ladder into the arms of national bakery chain Upper Crust owner, sexy-as-sin Liam Sinclair, who owns the new bakery being built just across the road, she decides that no matter how nauseated she is about the idea, it is best keep your enemy close, rather than leave things to fate.

Liam has never put too much thought into the competition when he opens a new outlet, other than taking their customers and strengthening the Upper Crust brand. But here in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Clover Loveday’s cafe is a little too close for comfort, and Clover Loveday a little too good-looking. So Liam asks his PA to put together a Fact Sheet about his new competition. He has a business to run, a father to please, and hundreds of people to keep in jobs. Surely information can keep an unwanted strong sexual pull at bay…

A sexy, caffeinated, satisfying story about unexpected temptations, forgiveness, and putting love before money.

Enjoy an excerpt:

She could barely recognise the sound that escaped her mouth as hers. It was a sound from the back of her throat. Breathy and gravelly and potently full of wanton desire. But this was what she felt. This was what she wanted. Sensation raced through her body and pooled between her thighs.


She relaxed her legs, unable to retain any strength in them. The slow build of passion now quickly firing to a feverish need that demanded to be eased. A tremor of hunger raced through her as his hand rested on her thigh.

His fingers slipped beneath her hem, rising ever so slowly up her leg. She relaxed her legs, opening them enough for him, inviting him to touch her, appease her. Her body trembled, never having felt so alive as it did now.

His hand brushed her intimacy. She cried out, jerking at his first wonderful touch. The pad of his thumb traced the curve of her body and soon she was panting, skin heated with perspiration, heady with a blinding need, her underwear now a too-thick barrier.

His mouth left her breast. She cracked open hazy eyes to see him above her, watching her with savage hunger in his eyes. ‘I want you.’ His voice was rough and low and set her insides tumbling.

She sat, fingers working at his shirt. Her fingers trembled too much to undo the last buttons, so she slipped them inside the material, his heated skin scorching hers. Her fingers found his shoulders, caressing, probing, laving attention to the dips and undulations of skin above rock solid muscle.

He lifted his shirt over his head, throwing it to the floor and her fingers went immediately back to their ministrations. She saw his jaw clenching and unclenching and she wondered at the control it took for him to sit there and let her explore.

Her fingers slipped beneath the waist of his pants, his erection clearly evident, pushing against the material. His eyes closed and he tipped his head back as she slid her fingers over his groin, rubbing the tip of his penis through the material. She undid his belt, then the top button at the waist. His hand clenched around her wrist, and she looked up at him, their gazes locked.

There was a sheen of perspiration on his face, his features strained and serious, but she was drawn to the fierce burning in their depths. ‘I won’t go on until I know you want me too.’

‘Yes. Go on! God, I want you to go on.’

About the Author:

I live in Upwey, a very leafy suburb of outer Melbourne. I can hear most Melbournians say, ‘Where?’ Think Puffing Billy, the hills and inexcusably steep driveways and you’re there. We have a house with room for the kids to play in the backyard, the cat to sleep wherever and the husband to lounge on a bean-bag in front of the telly. I love romance because it adds so much to the story. Everyone needs a little love to take them away.

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Esmae Browder: Ophelia’s Lessons

VBT Ophelia's Lessons Banners copy

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An Interview with Ophelia from Ophelia’s Lessons by Esmae Browder

Ophelia’s Lessons is an erotic, modern day prequel to Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet. Sure we all read the Cliff Notes for the play in high school and most of us know the phrase, “To be or not to be!” comes from that tale, but did you ever stop to think about poor, innocent Ophelia? She was Hamlet’s doomed love, the woman-child who was taught that the most important thing you can do for your man is obey.  But what if she was more than she seemed? What if she had a whole back story that was steamy enough to make the Bard blush? Let’s find out in this short interview with a modern Ophelia from Book One in the Naughty Shakespeare series, Ophelia’s Lessons….


Give us a little background about yourself Ophelia.

Ophelia: What’s there to say really? I’m just a simple Texas girl going to college at the University of Texas. I live with a wild and crazy roommate named Portia who is always dating a new man every week. I worry about her. She’ll never find true love by sleeping with the entire male student body. (pauses to think) Then again…Portia is rather resourceful. I think she views sex as an interview process to love.


And you? Are you a believer in love?

O: (blushes and looks down demurely) Oh sure….I think love is the most important thing you can have in your life.


Have you ever been in love?

O: Well…there is this boy back home in Odessa. (smiles shyly) He comes from a wealthy family and my father, Polonius, works for them, but he’d never give me the time of day. This boy is very …well, I think he likes older women, more sophisticated and worldly.


What’s his name? Does he know how you feel?

O: Hamlet. It’s a family name, I think, and  I doubt he knows how I feel. I think he sees me like a little sister. He and my brother Laertes use to hang out together all the time and I would tag along. I use to spend hours  in the shadows watching Hamlet, dreaming of the day he would notice me. So far that day hasn’t come, but I’m working on a little side project that just might get his attention.


Oh really? And what kind of project is it?

O: (gives a nervous giggle) Well, it’s a little risqué. Portia is trying to get me to learn how to please a man.  In the bedroom. She thinks that if I become more experienced, Hamlet will notice me.


By experienced, you mean sex, right?

O:Yes. Don’t tell anyone though! Especially my father or brother. They would just die if they knew I had feelings for Hamlet. And they certainly wouldn’t approve of the lessons Portia has arranged with Horatio.


Horatio? Isn’t that Hamlet’s best friend? Are you fooling around with him?

O: I wouldn’t call it fooling around. It’s more like straight up, kinky sex.


Uh…won’t that be a problem when Hamlet finds out?

O: (a mischievous smile flits on her face) Who says he has to find out? (bats eyes innocently) You won’t tell, right?

Ophelia’s Lessons will be free for your Kindle at Amazon from July 23-26! Stop in and get your free copy!


MEDIA KIT book cover ophelia's lessons

Ophelia’s Lessons: The Naughty Shakespeare Series Book 1

by Esmae Browder


Sweet, innocent Ophelia–she wants nothing more than to marry Hamlet Elsinore. But what does a simple virgin know about pleasing a man like the sophisticated and charming Hamlet? Not a whole lot, but when her seductive roommate, Portia, learns of Ophelia’s interest, she gets Horatio to “teach” the innocent girl everything she’ll need to know to seduce his best friend, Hamlet.

Set in modern day, this prequel to Hamlet is steamy enough to have even the Bard blushing! Enjoy this first book of Literotica in the Naughty Shakespeare series.



“You look fabulous.”

Portia’s eyes were filled with admiration as she surveyed her handiwork. She’d dressed Ophelia in a simple white dress. It fit to the curves of her body like a delicate glove, the silver zipper in the back running all the way down to the hemline. All a lover would have to do was pull the zipper down and her voluptuous body would be revealed.

“I like your hair up like that, too,” Portia said. “All those springy curls will create a wonderful effect during the heat of passion when he pulls it down.”

Astonished, Ophelia stared in the wide mirror above the couch.

Reflected back at her was a person she’d never seen before–someone who held a childlike innocence on her face that belied her twenty one years. Tucked into that innocence was the possibility of more.

“Well, what do you think?” Portia tapped her foot, impatient. “Do you like it or not?”

“I love it,” Ophelia whispered. “You’ve made me beautiful.”

“You were always beautiful darlin’,” Portia said, giving her arm a squeeze. “You just didn’t know it. And after tonight, you’ll be a little vixen. I have a feeling about you, Ophelia. Sex is going to change everything.”

There was a knock at the door.

Portia clapped her hands in excitement, while Ophelia bit her lip, her heart beating a mile a minute.

This was it.

What she’d been waiting for.

“Take a breath.” Portia instructed her. “It’s all going to be okay.”

With a small nod, Ophelia did as she was told.

“Horatio, how are you darlin’?” Portia opened the door, revealing a dark haired man. In the dim light of the hall, he seemed larger than life, his square shoulders framed in the doorway. “Come on in.”

Ophelia couldn’t help but let out a little gasp of surprise when he entered the room.

Horatio. Hamlet’s best friend. What could Portia be thinking by setting her up like this?


VBT Ophelia's Lessons Book Cover Banners copy

Author Bio and Links:

Esmae Browder is an ex-Catholic school girl from New Orleans who loves vodka tonics and romance. Combining her love of literature with a flair for erotic fiction, she has created a unique series which includes prequels and retellings of some of the Bard’s most famous works. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew–nothing is sacred in Esmae’s Literotica world. You may know your Shakespeare, but you haven’t heard the whole erotic story! An avid blogger at All Things Writing, you can learn more about Esmae there or stop by her website:


Author Website:

Twitter @esmaebrowder


All Things Writing Blog:

Amazon Buy Link:


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Stacey Joy Netzel: Evidence of Trust

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Sparks fly when a headstrong wrangler and an alpha park ranger are thrown together while he searches for evidence to stop the poacher killing animals in RMNP. When the monster turns his sights on Brittany, Joel discovers he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her—even give his own life.

Trust makes all the difference when love and danger collide.

Book 1 of the exciting Colorado Trust Series

Enjoy an excerpt:

He radioed into headquarters to report his location for the night as he swung into the saddle.

One of the rangers who’d been assisting with his investigation answered the call.

“Find anything interesting up there?” Randy Gifford asked.

“Just a camper in a restricted area.”

“You think it could be the guy you’re looking for?”

“It’s a woman. Camping where she shouldn’t be. I’m going to make sure she leaves in the morning, then return to my original route.”

“You may want to reconsider. That storm front I mentioned earlier is moving a lot faster than expected. It’s over the Never Summer Mountain Range and will reach your area tonight. Temperature’s dropping, too, so be prepared.”

Joel surveyed the heavy, gray clouds he’d noticed earlier. “What are they forecasting?”

“If it keeps moving, a couple inches. If it stalls, up to a foot.”

He muttered a curse. That would be a problem. “If that happens, we could be up here for a few days, so yeah, scrap the original route. The closest trailhead is Longs Peak, can you get someone to drop off my truck and trailer over there in the morning?”

“Will do.”

Five minutes later, he rode back into Brittany Lucas’s camp as she threw a couple pieces of wood on the campfire that’d been nothing but banked coals when he left. She brushed off her hands before bracing them on her hips.

“Now what?”

He dismounted to unpack his gear. “I’ll be camping here with you tonight.”

“Ranger Morgan, let me assure you, I have every intention of leaving in the morning.”

“And until then, I’ll make sure you stay safe.”

“I don’t need you to babysit me,” she insisted, irritation flooding her voice as she sat by the fire.

Ignoring the fact she’d heard him earlier, he met her stare over the top of Nobel’s saddle. “You got a gun?”

Her gaze faltered. “No.”

“Well, the poacher does, so I’m staying.” That shut her up, until he tossed his sleeping bag inside her tent.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stacey Joy Netzel is an avid reader and loves all movies with a happily ever after. She lives in Wisconsin with her family, a couple horses and some barn cats. In her limited free time she enjoys gardening, canning, and visiting her parents in Northeastern Wisconsin (Up North), at the family cabin on the lake.


Website and Blog:




Trust makes all the difference when love and danger collide.

Evidence of Trust, Book 1 – Special Sale price $0.99 (regular $3.99)

Trust by Design, Book 2

Trust in the Lawe, Book 3

Shattered Trust, Book 4

Dare to Trust, Book 5











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Kristabel Reed on Tour: Wicked Seduction


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Wicked Seduction: A Victorian Ménage at the Parisian Exposition

by Kristabel Reed



She came to the Parisian Fair for adventure…what she found far exceeded her every expectation. Sex and adventure abound, and Victoria is caught up in the bliss she, Edmund, and Warren create. She wants more, craves it, but is terrified of the consequences. Scandal is around every corner; when she meets one head on will she flee? Or will she realize the power of her ménage is stronger than merely sex?



Excerpt One:

Try as she might, all Victoria clearly knew was that doing this, taking this step, was her decision.

The crowds began to thin, and she roused herself. Eleven at night, and the fair finally closed for the day. She watched them leave, watched the couples and groups of friends, the laughing men and chattering women stream past her. Planning to join them on their way out of the fair, she started when a deep male voice addressed her.

“Miss,” the man said and Victoria whirled to face him. “We noticed you were on your own here. Would you care for an escort to your companions? Or,” the man added with a knowing spark in his eye, “to the gate or a hackney?”

Victoria looked between the man, tall, very handsome with dark hair and deep eyes, and his blonde, younger companion who stood silently, but not docilely, beside him. A warmth moved through her at the sight of them but she tried to dismiss it.

“I’ve no companion this evening,” she admitted.

“May we then escort you to your hotel?” the younger man offered.

“Forgive me,” the older man said and bowed deeply. “I’m Warren Blackfield and this is my associate, Edmund Garrison.”

The younger man bowed as well and murmured, “A pleasure.”

“Victoria,” she began then stopped short of offering her surname. The two men sounded English, very proper, dressed in the finest Saville Row had to offer, but she enjoyed her anonymity here, and wished to maintain it.

“Victoria…?” Edmund asked.

“Just Victoria,” she repeated.



Author Bio and Links:

Kristabel Reed lives on the East Coast and loves to explore the steamier side of historical romance. Historical ménages in particular-they add an element of danger and discovery to make them all the hotter. Contemporary ménages are a world unto themselves, and her upcoming Havenbrook Ménages Series will tell the tale of a small California town.

She loves reading, watching old movies, and anything Cary Grant. And is always interested in talking about erotic romance. Because…yum!








Barnes and Noble:


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Kristina Mathews: Better Than Perfect

NBtM Better than Perfect Banner copy

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Author Interview

1. Woohoo! You are a published author. Describe a strong character trait you possess, good or bad, and how it helped you become a published author. I think writing has always been something that has kept me sane. I don’t think I would have survived my teen years without the dozens of journals where I wrote everything from horrid teen angst poetry to dreams and hopes and thoughts and whatever came to mind.

I used to tell myself stories to help me fall asleep, and eventually I finished a story idea. Then I researched how to get published and realized I’d done just about everything wrong. But then I’m the kind of person who learns by doing, even if it is doing it wrong to begin with.

It’s kind of like putting together those bookshelves that come with only pictorial instructions. I have to put it together wrong before I can figure out the right way. But at least I keep going. Perseverance is by far the most important trait of a writer, or anyone following their dreams. Or maybe it’s stubbornness. Tell me I can’t do something and…
2. Sometimes an author begins writing a story before they are aware of its genre. Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you? I started writing about Johnny “The Monk” Scottsdale a little bit before sports romances became popular. There were a few out there, but it seems to be a growing market. I hope it continues to grow over the next few years. Johnny has a lot of teammates who would love to have their stories told.
3. The plot thickens, or does it? Which one are you, a pantser or a plotter? I consider myself a pantser because I don’t officially outline my stories. I was the kid in high school who would type up my papers at the last minute and write the required rough draft and outline on the bus on the way to school. I do start with a general idea of the main conflict, the black moment and the resolution.

My writing process is kind of like my honeymoon. We knew where we wanted to end up at Yellowstone, had an idea of places we wanted to see along the way, but other than our wedding night, we had no reservations. I usually have the beginning of my stories very clearly set in my head. And the end. But the rest is discovered along the way.

4. Fear 101: As writers it is our duty to make our characters face their fears. Have you ever included one of your own fears in a storyline? I think the fear of not being good enough is a fear that shows up in my stories. It doesn’t seem to matter where we come from or what our experience is, it’s a fear we all face. But that’s what makes a perfect match, finding that someone who accept you in spite of you flaws. Or maybe even because of them.
5. Fear 102: Yes, deadlines are terrifying. Have you conquered the juggling act between writing and the rest of your life? What do you do when it feels like the balls are dropping all around you? My family is very supportive. My kids are fifteen and eleven, so they can pretty much feed themselves. And they’ve sacrificed by going skiing or fishing or golfing on the weekends so I can work on my books.

I am finding it harder to juggle the promotions for the first book, the final editing of the second book and finishing the third book while working part time at an elementary school a challenge. But I know I will figure out a way to work it all out. If I can limit my Facebook, Twitter and Spider Solitaire time.

6. Switch positions with one of your main characters in a scene. What is the outcome, disaster or divine intervention? I’m a little stumped on this question. I guess I like to think my characters would do what I wish I could do. In real life I think of clever things to say after the moment has passed. I guess that’s why I like writing, I get to go back and put those gems in.

7. Where is your favorite place to write? Add that one comfort food that you can’t do without. I have a comfy chair,  a leather wing back with ottoman that my husband got me for our tenth wedding anniversary. I also write in the car, along the river, in tents or hotel rooms. I took my first online writing course in a tent at Zion National Park.

My comfort food is potato chips. I love Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream. They’re so good, and sooooo bad for me.

8. Writing inspirations? Life. Books. Sports.

9. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them? It’s so hard to pick one favorite. I’ve met many great authors, and they’ve been really great to talk to. It’s like I’ve finally found my tribe. A group of people who are just like me. And we can talk for hours about people who don’t even exist, except in our imaginations.
10. I’ve gone mad – why don’t you come with me? Some people just don’t understand us writers. Name a quirky, writer-thing you do that friends wish you didn’t. My mind wanders. A lot. And I suppose I pull details from real life that invariably find their way into my books. I can’t help it.

Portrait of baseball player with bare chest holding batBetter Than Perfect

by Kristina Mathews



The woman he left behind and the son he never knew are tougher opponents than any he’s met on the field.

Pitcher Johnny “The Monk” Scottsdale has won awards, been named an All-star and has a perfect game to his credit. Known for his legendary control both on and off the field, his pristine public image makes him the ideal person to work with youth players in a preseason minicamp. Except the camp is run by the one woman he can’t forget…the woman who made him a “monk.”

Alice Harrison’s three strikes include an unexpected pregnancy, a marriage of convenience and young widowhood. She once traded her dreams so Johnny could have a chance at making it to the Majors. Johnny comes back into her life just as she’s ready to resign as foundation director and pursue her own dreams of finally earning her teaching credential. Her plans may go on hold, though, depending on the reaction when she confesses she may have kept a major league secret from Johnny and her son.

With the minutes ticking by until Johnny will leave for spring training, they’ll need to let go of the past and work together in order to win the game of love.

CONTENT WARNING: Some strong language, consummated love scenes



“Alice.” Just saying her name sent a line drive straight to his heart. Even fourteen years later.

“Congratulations on your new contract. I know you’re going to have a great year.” She sounded like any other fan, wishing him well. She just marched right up to his table to ask for an autograph. A freaking autograph? Like he meant nothing to her.


A slight breeze blew her hair around her face. She tried to smile as she tucked a loose strand behind her ear. Blond, straight, silky—and if he remembered correctly—oh-so-soft. She wore modestly cut jeans and a soft blue sweater that on anyone else would have looked plain and proper. He didn’t need to glance at her left hand to know she was off limits. Yet, she still moved him like no other woman ever could. Made him long for what he’d had. What he’d lost. What he’d tried for years to forget.

Johnny nodded, giving his most sincere smile, even though seeing Alice, and her kid, hit him like a 97-mile-an-hour fastball.

They started to walk away.

“Give my best to Mel.” As if he hadn’t already done that.

Alice turned around.

“Mel died. Eight years ago.”

MEDIA KIT KristinaMathewsPhoto

Author Bio and Links:

Kristina Mathews doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t have a book in her hand. Or in her head. But it wasn’t until 2010 that she confessed the reason the laundry never made it out of the dryer was because she was busy writing romance novels.

While she resigned from teaching with the arrival of her second son, she’s remained an educator in some form. As a volunteer, Parent Club member or para educator, she finds the most satisfaction working with emergent and developing readers, helping foster confidence and a lifelong love of books.

Kristina lives in Northern California with her husband of twenty years, two sons and a black lab. A veteran road tripper, amateur renovator and sports fanatic. She hopes to one day travel all 3,073 miles of Highway 50 from Sacramento, CA to Ocean City, MD, replace her carpet with hardwood floors and serve as a “Ball Dudette” for the San Francisco Giants.





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Buy Links:

Jael Wye onTour: Ice Red


Jael will be awarding an eCopy of Ladder to the Red Star to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.


Author Interview

1. Woohoo! You are a published author. Describe a strong character trait you possess, good or bad, and how it helped you become a published author. I think the one character trait that has helped me most as a writer is simple doggedness. Once I get started on a project I don’t quit until it’s as perfect as I can make it. The first and biggest obstacle that will keep an aspiring writer from becoming a published author is simply not finishing what they start.
2. Sometimes an author begins writing a story before they are aware of its genre. Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you? I chose science fiction romance as my genre right away, and then conceived my story to work within the structure of the genre. It’s like setting out to write a sonnet instead of free form poetry—I wanted to use a specific form that was best suited to my skills and ideas. Plus, you know, hunks and space ships.
3. The plot thickens, or does it? Which one are you, a pantser or a plotter? Ice Red is based on the classic tale of Snow White, so I had a very specific framework already mapped out for me from the beginning. Some of the details changed significantly as I went along, but my major plot points were all set before I started writing.
4. Fear 101: As writers it is our duty to make our characters face their fears. Have you ever included one of your own fears in a storyline? I try to make the fears my characters face specific to them as individuals, but in another way I want them to have universal resonance so that any reader can sympathize with their feelings. For example, in Ice Red, Bianca the heroine is afraid of rejection, while Cesare the hero is afraid of failure. These are basic human fears, but each character has them because of their particular personality traits and histories—i.e. Bianca is shy and feels abandoned by her family, and Cesare is an outgoing natural leader who has let people down in the past. It’s a delicate balance between the distinctive and the archetypal, and it doesn’t leave much space for exploring my own psyche, I’m afraid.
5. Fear 102: Yes, deadlines are terrifying. Have you conquered the juggling act between writing and the rest of your life? What do you do when it feels like the balls are dropping all around you? The trick that helps me get things done is making ‘to do’ lists. I get out a ballpoint and a sticky note and write down each task, making sure to throw in a couple of super easy ones, like ‘empty the garbage’. Then, I get started crossing them off. There’s little more satisfying and inspiring than the act of crossing a task off a list.
6. Switch positions with one of your main characters in a scene. What is the outcome, disaster or divine intervention? In Ice Red, Bianca is a genius level engineer who can program computers and drive robots as easily as breathing. In the climactic scene she has to hack into a space station’s computer programs in order to rescue Cesare and put a stop to her stepmother’s plans to take over planet Mars. If it were me instead of Bianca in this position, Cesare would no doubt die horribly and Mars would fall under the iron hand of the evil queen, because I have next to zero computer knowhow. Although I write science fiction, I am hopeless with real life technology. I regard my DVD player with awe and dread.
7. Where is your favorite place to write? Add that one comfort food that you can’t do without. My favorite place to write is my local coffeehouse. Not surprisingly, the comfort food I can’t do without is coffee.
8. Writing inspirations? Some of my best writing inspirations are the smarter action and fantasy movies, like the Bourne films and Lord of the Rings, among others. As I watch I consider how I would approach the characters, settings and themes and tinker around with how this or that could be better or worse. I owe a lot of the way I structured Ice Red to the movies, especially my action scenes.
9. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them? So I walk up to Kresley Cole as she’s having a beignet at Café Du Monde, and I ask her, “Wanna go on a pub crawl next Mardi Gras?”
10. I’ve gone mad – why don’t you come with me? Some people just don’t understand us writers. Name a quirky, writer-thing you do that friends wish you didn’t. My annoying writer habit is talking to myself. There’s just no better way to get dialog right than to speak it aloud in a character’s voice and listen for natural rhythm and diction. But it does make people want to force-feed me lithium. Ah well, we all must suffer for our art, mustn’t we?


Cover_Ice Red

Ice Red by Jael Wye


Mirror, mirror, full of stars,

Who will claim the throne of Mars?

The princess: Engineer Bianca Ross, heir to a megacorporation and the Mars elevator, needs to acquire a mine on the surface to secure her place in the company. All that stands in her way is the mine’s charming owner, Cesare Chan.

The evil stepmother: Victoria Ross is plotting to gain control of Mars. She plans to assassinate Bianca and seduce Cesare to further her goals, and Bianca’s trip is the perfect opportunity.

The charming prince: Cesare shouldn’t get involved. Bianca’s visit could reveal the escaped slaves he’s hiding at his mine, but he can’t ignore a damsel in distress–especially one as beautiful as Bianca.

Alone, neither would stand a chance against Victoria. But together, they could rewrite a tale that’s meant to end with Bianca’s blood.



Time to begin the charm offensive. “How could I forget?” he said. “You were my damsel in distress. Standing on a balcony, no less. A bloke couldn’t ask for a more dramatic introduction. Though we didn’t get around to exchanging names, did we?”

“Well, M’Chan, I am grateful…” She trailed off, as if she didn’t quite know what to say next.

Cesare said thoughtfully, “But I think my heroic actions deserve a more substantial reward than I got. Buying you a drink was nice first installment, but it’s not quite enough.”

She blinked. “Reward?”

“Ay. In return for saving your travelpac, I want you to call me Cesare.”

She looked at him for a moment, her chin tilted up, brows slightly raised. He suddenly had the uncomfortable feeling that she was studying him as if he were an amoeba crawling around on a petri dish. Right, so maybe the charm offensive needs some retooling.

Then again, maybe not. Icy as her expression was, her delicate ivory skin was blooming with heat along her throat and her fine cheekbones.

“Cesare,” she finally said, imbuing the two syllables of his name with a sense of how utterly unimpressive she found him. For some reason Cesare found himself smiling wider.

“Is there something you would like to discuss with me?”

“Ay, Bianca,” he said, reining in his smile. “In fact, I’ve wanted to introduce myself to you, ever since you started trying to take over my company.”

Her expression didn’t waver. “Your company? I believe you mean your father’s company.”

He shook his head slowly. “No, Bianca. My company. No matter what the legal documents say, RedIce is mine.”


AuthorPic (1)Author Bio and Links:

Jael Wye grew up on the American Great Plains, went to school in the Midwest, and now lives in beautiful New England with her family and her enormous collection of houseplants. For more of Jael’s unique blend of futurism and fairy tale, don’t miss her ongoing series Once Upon A Red World.



Website —

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Twitter — @jaelwye

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Joshua Heights on Tour: Knight in the Forest of the Pons

SBB Knight in the Forest of the Pons Banner copy

Joshua will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card and a digital copy of the book to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

MEDIA KIT Knight in the Forest of the Pons Book Cover

Knight in the Forest of the Pons


Joshua Heights



 Prepare yourself for a magnificent journey… Nassor Wickem, leader of the Knights of Sperenza, has been in many battles, with two headed dragons, with beasts that creep and crawl, and with fierce lions who have pierced his flesh in death brawls.  But after learning that his beautiful daughter has been stricken by a terrible brain syndrome, his body trembled and his nerves shook like never before.  The brave Knight, hell-bent on slaying and saving the day, tries everything he can to cure his daughter.  However, with the help of a mysterious Shaman, he quickly comes to terms that in this battle, love, not the sword, is the weapon of choice.



Rahu knows the Warrior Knights lie in wait, ready to attack. He searches his surroundings with his ill-willed, red glowing eyes for any movement within the trees and does not see anything. But he knows, with all his cold, calculated blood that he and his beastly brothers are being hunted.

For this is not Rahu’s first time at the legendary lake for it was the same lake his grandmother, Queen of the Moon Eaters, was destroyed. With a long horrifying roar and four short grunts, in a language only dragons could understand, Rahu gives the order to his militia of monsters to drink from the ice-covered lake and give respects to their fallen queen.

At this point, the dragons lap at the ice with their hot forked tongues causing a velvet-like vapor to form above the languid lake. As the chilled water flowed down the dragons throats, it placed those Moon Eaters in a spell, making them unaware of anything for about twenty seconds, but long enough for Nassor and his Warrior Knights, choked with anxiety, to wallop those abominable aliens.


MEDIA KIT Author Photo


Joshua Heights:

Is a professional chef and a passionate writer. His first work TEAR AVENGER soon went to number one in the thriller genre of the e-book world. Next, a burst of heartfelt poems filled the pages ofLOVE , MARRIAGE,FRIENDSHIP, HATE. His latest release , a super novella entitled, KNIGHT IN THE FOREST OF THE PONS is an epic journey into spirituality , oneness and love. In the creative stage is a screenplay , bearing the name NANO TATTOO, a nail-biting sci-fi thriller. It comes to life soon and is currently charming the curators of JUNTOBOX FILMS.

  SBB Knight in the Forest of the Pons Book Cover Banner copy

Victoria Pinder on Tour: The Zoastra Affair

NBtM The Zoastra Affair Banner copy

Giveaway: Victoria will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.


Author Interview 

1. Woohoo! You are a published author. Describe a strong character trait you possess, good or bad, and how it helped you become a published author.
I was complaining about my sister, Sabrina, who I love dearly to a friend. I said ‘stay out of her way because she’s determined and gets what she wants.’ My friend laughed at me and told me I’m the same way. She said you met your boyfriend, knew he was the one and now you’re engaged. Then she said, you decided to self publish a book, then you do it. You decide to sell your book to a publisher, and you do. I don’t take rejection as a no, but as a we’ll figure it out later. Sometimes even a challenge to do better in the future, and my rock solid determination sees me through. It might also make me slightly bossy, which is also bad. (I swear that I do listen to everything said!)

2. Sometimes an author begins writing a story before they are aware of its genre. Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you?
No. This goes back to my reading and television habits. If I set out to write a contemporary, and Chaperoning Paris comes out April or May, then I know there is no magic or fantasy. When I write science fiction or fantasy, it’s setting up my own rule book.

3. The plot thickens, or does it? Which one are you, a pantser or a plotter?
Panster. But a hybrid. I cannot write a story without knowing the characters. But I can often writing the inciting incident, chapter one, easy. Once I fly through the beginning take off, I tend to outline how the rest of the book should go. But I’ve often pulled away from the outline as the story progresses.

4. Fear 101: As writers it is our duty to make our characters face their fears. Have you ever included one of your own fears in a storyline?
I would say yes. In the Zoastra Affair, Ariel can never go home again. In Chaperoning Paris, Gigi can not forgive herself for a mistake and punishes herself. Later in the year, in Borrowing the Doctor, Kate is bossy, determined but scared to trust anyone. In Electing to Love, Nicole goes home to face the past now that everyone involved has died. All of these are real fears that at some point in my life, I had.

5. Fear 102: Yes, deadlines are terrifying. Have you conquered the juggling act between writing and the rest of your life? What do you do when it feels like the balls are dropping all around you?
Before the marriage planning, I stood the course. I wrote everyday and it was thrilling. Wedding plans have taken center stage at the moment. But I don’t do what I cannot deliver. And organization stops the freefall effect. And I don’t really panic about things. I do what I say and it’s a motto of my life. Underpromise and overdeliver! But when the deadline hits, I told the fiancé, ‘I cannot go tonight. I’m not doing anything until the edits are in.’ And he understands.

6. Switch positions with one of your main characters in a scene. What is the outcome, disaster or divine intervention?
Ariel steals Grace’s body to escape the planet and she’s not a fighter. When she meets Cross, he laughs at her about this flaw. It takes Grace less than a day to get off the planet because she has a home to get back too. Ariel is lost, and doesn’t have a real home, not until she falls in love with Cross. This would never be my story. The Sheratons would have locked me away and not put me in school because I’d have been too aggressive about stating who I really am.

7. Where is your favorite place to write? Add that one comfort food that you can’t do without.
On my couch in my pajamas with no one home. And I cannot stop the chocolate. I wish I could. I must look good in the wedding dress and I limited the intake. But I still crave chocolate.

8. Writing inspirations?
Hard work matters far more than talent. And my working class roots all scream, work hard. So I bring this intensity into my writing and keep it as a job.

9. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them?
So this will not be like I was when I was sixteen and met the sitting President, Clinton. The nun who worked for the mayor of Boston (IDK where the nun came from) drilled into the children, ‘Do not mention Monica. Do not mention Linda Tripp.’ So I raised my hand and asked, ‘Can I ask him about Ginnifer Flowers then?’ A friend hit me off the back of the head. Clinton had walked into the room and heard my question. But he was so cool. He shook my hand and asked me what college I intended to go to and spoke about the importance of voting. We had a few minutes of conversation and not once did I bring back up that question.

So now that I’ve spilled my most embarrassing moment ever, I’d love to talk to Steven King and ask him ‘has he ever thought about the female journey to be able to trust a man and fall in love?’ He’d be interesting. Or I’d like to Sylvia Day or EL James, just how do you even come up with some of the positions? Wouldn’t they hurt and not in a good way?

10. I’ve gone mad – why don’t you come with me? Some people just don’t understand us writers. Name a quirky, writer-thing you do that friends wish you didn’t.

Analyze. I can quickly jump to what can happen next and share that information. Sometimes it’s better to listen. I’m so lucky though that most of my friends are writers these days. Writers are planning my bridal shower, so I’m not sure how that will be. I’m assuming interesting. And the fiancé wishes I was more organized with physical things and tries to get me to put everything in order. (He knows what he’s getting though and the absent minded nature is a means no harm. And I’m fun!)


The Zoastra Affair

by Victoria Pinder



A hundred years from now, Earth has trading partners with alien beings, mostly humanoid. However, going into space brought forth an unknown enemy who attacks Earth at will.

The Zoastra is part of the Earthseekers, an organization originally designed to go into space. Its new mission is to find Earth’s enemies.

Ariel is stuck on a Victorian planet and steals Grace’s body and life to get off the planet. Grace must get her body back before Ariel bonds with Grace’s husband, Peter. Then there is Cross, the man on a mission to find those who killed his family. Ariel is attracted to Cross, but she’s stolen someone’s life.



I’m going to have to steal someone else’s body to get out of here.

“Ariel, are you listening?”

Ariel Transcender stared dumbfounded at the mother superior of her prison, a/k/a Aulnale School for Orphans. “Yes, mistress.”

She had no idea what happened, though she pasted a fake simpering smile of appreciation on her face. Ms. Rochelle walked away.

A few minutes later, Ariel looked out the window again, tuning out Rochelle’s mind numbing lecture on what was proper behavior when near a man. The boarding home on this planet gave the stupidest lectures of the galaxy. Her lips curled into a sneer. Women were not excited to be bound to men.

Could I do this to someone else? Do I have any other choice?

Lenchena, the teenage girl who’d stolen her adult body and taken off on Ariel’s ship, needed to be found. And Ariel refused to listen to the daily drivel about always listening to a man.


VictoriaAuthor Photo

Author Bio and Links:

Victoria Pinder grew up in Irish Catholic Boston before moving to the Miami sun. She’s worked in engineering, after passing many tests proving how easy Math came to her. Then hating her life at the age of twenty four, she decided to go to law school. Four years later, after passing the bar and practicing very little, she realized that she hates the practice of law. She refused to one day turn 50 and realize she had nothing but her career and hours at a desk. After realizing she needed change, she became a high school teacher. Teaching is rewarding, but writing is a passion.

During all this time, she always wrote stories to entertain herself or calm down. Her parents are practical minded people demanding a job, and Victoria spent too many years living other people’s dreams, but when she sat down to see what skill she had that matched what she enjoyed doing, writing became so obvious. The middle school year book when someone wrote in it that one day she’d be a writer made sense when she turned thirty.

When she woke up to what she wanted, the dream of writing became so obvious. She dreams of writing professionally, where her barista can make her coffee and a walk on the beach, can motivate her tales. Contemporary romances are just fun to write. She’s always thinking whose getting hurt and whose story is next on the list to fall in love. Victoria’s love of writing has kept her centered and focused through her many phases, and she’s motivated to write many stories.

Member of Florida Romance Writers, Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter of RWA, and in Savvy Authors.


Visit Victoria online at:

Authors Website:







Buy Link:


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Lataeya Lane: Swept into the Darkness

NBtM Swept Into the Darkness Banner copy

LaTaeya will be awarding a $50 Amazon GC and an autographed paperback copy of the book (US ONLY) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.


LaTaeya Lane

First and foremost, I would like to thank Danita Minnis for hosting one of my tour stops.  I really appreciate all of your support.  Unfortunately I will not be able to comment during the day because I will be at work all day.  But as soon as I get off work, I will stop by.  Thanks so much! L.L.


Author Interview

Woohoo! You are a published author. Describe a strong character trait you possess, good or bad, and how it helped you become a published author. Perseverance is a trait that Sydney (my main character) and I both share. A whole world of challenges arise as she learns the truth about her angelic identity, and discovers a race of evil that threatens the human world. The publishing journey is very difficult, and the process is an adventure in its self.   Just like Sydney, I’ve meet so many obstacles and challenges along the journey, but despite everything I’ve been through, nothing has been able to stop me from achieving my dreams, I’ve persevered through it all.

Sometimes an author begins writing a story before they are aware of its genre. Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you? The Fantasy genre chose me, it has always been part of who I am as person.  I’m a dreamer and always has been.  Since I was a little girl the world of fantasy has impacted me in so many ways that it makes me love the genre a little more each day that I live.

The plot thickens, or does it? Which one are you, a pantser or a plotter? I can say that I am definitely plotter. While I am writing, ideas about future events flow.  I jot them down in the back of my notebook and when I’m ready—I add them to my story.

Fear 101: As writers it is our duty to make our characters face their fears. Have you ever included one of your own fears in a storyline? That’s a really interesting question, and now that I think about it, I believe that Sydney’s greatest fear is being is alone—not having family or friends to depend on, and yes that is a fear of mine that I have incorporated into my story.

Fear 102: Yes, deadlines are terrifying. Have you conquered the juggling act between writing and the rest of your life? What do you do when it feels like the balls are dropping all around you? It’s really hard to balance writing and all the other things that life has to offer, and now that I am a mother, I find it even more difficult to get things done.  What I try to do is to make a daily list of things that I want to accomplish for the day, or week.  I try to accomplish each goal one at a time.  Being a planner helps with that.

Switch positions with one of your main characters in a scene. What is the outcome, disaster or divine intervention? Gilad and I are having dinner with some friends in a cabin in the Pocono’s.  I have the ability to see auras.  I see his friend’s, but I can’t see his and I wonder why?  As I think about what to make of it, Gilad reads my thoughts.  I ask him to repeat what he said, and he shrugs his shoulders and pretends that he didn’t hear me. (In the book Sydney dismisses the whole thing, because she doesn’t want to give any info away that she has unexplainable abilities.)  I decide to pull Gilad aside and speak to him privately about the incident.  At that moment Gilad reveals to me that he is a Dark Angel and he has been searching for me for years, then suddenly he attacks me, using his power of darkness.

Where is your favorite place to write? Add that one comfort food that you can’t do without. My favorite place to write is in my bed, with the covers all around me—nice and cozy.  My one comfort food that I can’t do without is macaroni and cheese.  But when I’m writing I love to drink a nice cup of tea.

Writing inspirations? My son inspires me.  When I look at him, I see a being a light that has a bright future and a world of endless dreams and possibilities, and I am looking forward to seeing him makes his dreams come true while I make mine come true.

You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them? My favorite author is Charline Harris, and my one question is “What was the most challenging part in writing the Sookie Stackhouse Novels?

I’ve gone mad – why don’t you come with me? Some people just don’t understand us writers. Name a quirky, writer-thing you do that friends wish you didn’t. I really don’t have any quirky writing habits, and I’m never around my friends when I am working on my writing.


Swept into the Darkness: Chronicles of the Celestial Book One

by LaTaeya Lane


MEDIA KIT Swept-Into-the-Darkness


Sydney London is no ordinary twenty-four year old. Ever since she was a child she has had unique out of this world abilities. Suffering from a near death experience and surviving a deadly car crash Sydney is no stranger to death and loss. Cut off from the world around her she encounters an Angel and eventually falls for him inspired by deceitful magic.

Her one true love awaits in the shadows attempting to guard and protect her by risking his immortality. Traumatized by the murder of her best friend she sets off on an unspeakable journey to bring the dead back to life. Sydney’s journey of self discovery opens her up to learn of her true angelic identity. She is led in the middle of an inter dimensional war among a hybrid breed of Angel Vampires and the Hierarchy of the Angelic clan. Will her unique powers and the love she bears for her guardian be enough for her to save the Earthly Realm or will she be Swept into the Darkness?



I sat on the sofa resting and enjoyed the time I had alone. I closed my eyes, and inhaled the air, and then I became lost; literally.

I felt myself feeling weightless, and my essence started floating, then I flew in a whirlwind of a tunnel. My leg and arm were back to normal. The casts were gone and I felt no pain. My body flew up to the heavens and I saw the stars appear. I was able to reach out to them, feeling the heat emerge through my body. Then I saw the planets in their orbits and I even saw new planets I didn’t recognize. From where I was the Earth looked round but damaged, it was not the Earth I knew. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the distance, but strangely I was not afraid. Suddenly, heavenly beings approached me. They appeared to be warriors, both male and female. They were dressed in roman armor with silver and gold as bright as the sun. There were others that huddled around the gleaming warriors, dressed in black, the deepest ebony I could imagine. Their eyes peered at me, and large transparent wings surfaced from their broad backs. The creatures were holding hands and hovering in a circle around the Earth with their heads bowed down to the world. They were magnificent.

One of them looked strangely familiar. He stood among the others, and was handsome and more beautiful than I could even fathom. What was this place? Why I was here, and what was he doing here with them? I had so many questions.

Slowly my consciousness came back to my body. My spirit drifted back through the tunnel of time and space and I slipped into my resting physical manifestation.


NBtM Swept Into the Darkness Book Cover Banner copy

Author Bio and Links

Years of exposure within the writing and publishing world have made a lasting impact on Author LaTaeya Lane. Writing since she was seven years old, Lane began jotting down phrases and themes later turning them into poems and short stories. Writing became such a passion throughout her youth that she became the Junior and Senior editor of her High school newspaper. She wrote her first novel at age sixteen but was not seeking publication at that time in her life. Lane entered several creative writing contests during her early years of writing and won a few of them. Always captivated by the supernatural and elements of fantasy, Lane was inspired to write a series of books that focused on going beyond the boundaries of life and imagination. The angel vampire fantasy “Swept into the Darkness” is Lane’s first published book in a series called “Chronicles of the Celestial.” Lane completed a degree in Liberal Studies and currently works to support the education of special needs, middle school students. Lane resides in New Jersey with her husband Leo and son, and is working on writing and publishing the other four books in the series, Dark Betrayal, Dark Revenge, Dark Defiance, and Dark Revelation. Lane also loves to draw and paint.  Traveling and experiencing a variety of different foods is also a deep passion of hers.  Lane loves watching horror and fantasy movies and is a believer of the Ancient Alien Theory. Some of her favorite authors include, Charline Harris, Stephen King and Erick Von Daniken.

http://www/!/AuthorLaTaeyaLane Website


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Shaunna Wolf: Life Flight


 Shaunna will give away the following prizes:  One randomly chosen commenter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card and three randomly chosen hosts will each receive a $25 Amazon/ gift card


by Shaunna Wolf



Malachi Blackfeather has spent twenty years in the Army. Two of those years as a Vietnam POW. Now that he’s out, all he wants is some peace and quiet to figure out what to do with the rest of his life. Between the flashbacks, and an over interest in sex that is now being called sex addiction, finding his path isn’t easy.

Kat is trying to escape an abusive marriage. Her soon to be ex is a master at manipulating the system, and her family thinks she should stay with him, “because no other man will want her”. She’s looking for escape in any form she can get it.

When they meet, sparks fly. Trapped by a blizzard, can two damaged people, who think there is no chance of love in the world for them, find each other, and survive an unforeseen circumstance that puts both of them in danger?

Mystery, romance, and danger, fill this novel, with a story that will draw you in and not let go.


Cover_Life Flight



The heater stood dark and cold.  I should have gotten up after we were done.  Filled it and restarted it.  I hadn’t wanted to move.  Still didn’t want to, despite the cold in the room.  Dim light streamed in through the window, sleety snow still battered the glass.  Shook the door in its frame.  How long could this blizzard go on?

I tightened my arms around Kat.  Forever.  Then she would have to stay right in this room with me–in my arms.  Nothing made sense, everything my life had been for the last twenty-five years rang like a bad dream, a nightmare from the pits of Vietnam.  So dead inside that any feeling fed me, woman after woman, man after man, no one let me hold on to what I felt for more than a few shared moments.  Lies whispered to the tiny ember of my soul that I had left.  This is the one, they told me, this one will make you feel, will bring you back to life.

They never did.

Kat ran her hand down my arm.  Snuggled closer to me.  A chill that had nothing to do with how cold the room had become, shook me.  Spoke to me.  I could again with her, and I knew I would keep feeling what I was.  Alive.  Warm.  As if I had a soul inside me, not just a demon who preyed on others for my next fix of emotions.

“I should fill that heater and get us some warmth again.”

“Yeah, I suppose one of us should,” she said with no intention to do so in her voice.

I tightened the bear’s embrace I held her in, tangled my legs with hers.  She pushed at my arm, wanted to make me let go of her.

“I don’t want to let go of you yet,” I said.  If I let her go, the surging emotions inside me would vanish with the warmth of holding her.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Facebook Author’s Page:

Blog: Critters at the Keyboard

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