Nothing But Pool Water Left…

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It has been a busy 2014 so far and I’ve gotten some solid months of writing and editing done! One of my writing goals this year is to write one book per quarter (or every three months). There, I’ve said it. Much like Amelie Laurent in the below excerpt, I’ve put it out there and will have to live up to it. 🙂

In the mean time, if you want to see what I’m working on check my social links below. If we’re not connected, by all means, let’s do it! I’m a Pinterest fanatic. You will find my inspirations and aspirations pinned on my boards.

VampExciting things are developing. For one, I am part of a dream anthology to be published soon – Yay!  More to come on that. Also, the new Cardiff novel is almost done and I’m looking forward to presenting to you Xavier Quinn. Some people know him as Roman Cardiff”s cousin, others know him as a secret agent but not even his family knows Quinn is a vampire lover. Yes, the Cardiff family has been dealing with a lot lately; il Dragone demons, vampires – what will it be next? Shifters.


Since I have Cardiff’s on the brain, I’m sharing a new excerpt from my paranormal romance Love Entwined.  Oh, the situations Amelie gets herself into…enjoy!

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Love Entwined, A Cardiff Novel – Excerpt

Later that night, Amelie passed through the kitchen on her way to the pool.

She went through the gym, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirrored walls. She was a mermaid in the incandescent green two-piece with a diaphanous sarong. She loved it and would have bought it for herself except that it probably cost as much as one of her business suits. Work attire and jewelry were the only things she could see spending that kind of money on.

Roman had guessed her size. The man was an expert; he knew how to make a woman feel beautiful.

That was dangerous.

She was no match for his subtle prowess and he was too well versed in things she had not played at long enough to know her own capabilities.

When she opened the door, he was already in the pool swimming laps. She stood near one of the benches lining the walls. The underwater lights bathed the room in a bluish-green glow and illuminated his retreat. His strokes were long and powerful, breaking the silence and echoing in the cavernous room.

He swam toward her and she took off her flip-flops. She was the wallflower while he was…Godlike, more than a man should be. He climbed out of the water and stood in a puddle, pushing dark, wet curls out of his face. Her eyes followed the rivulets running down his chest over sculpted abs and finally over his feet. Everything about him was oversize.

He walked toward her in black swim trunks and her skin burned crimson as reality confirmed what her dreams had already conveyed; the man was superbly endowed.

“I see you found your way down.”

She wrapped her arms around her waist, and managed to stop just short of turning back the way she’d come. “I was watching you swim,” she said unnecessarily.

He grabbed a towel hanging on a hook. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you for the swimsuit.”

“I should be thanking you.”

She stood mute, but unfolded her arms.

He gestured to the shower in the corner. “Why don’t you get wet? It will help you get accustomed to the water.”

Aware he was watching her while he dried off; she twisted the end of the wrap in her fingers.

He picked up a bottle of water and sat down, leaning against the tiled wall. He took a long drink before saying, “Of course you could always swim in it.”

“Of course not.” She took off the wrap and crossed over to the steady stream of water.

Closing her eyes, she blocked his eyes out of her mind, but still felt them as she turned in a slow circle under the stream sluicing her breasts. She felt his eyes as the water traveled down her waist, glancing off her hips in droplets that danced in puddles over her feet.

When she turned off the water, she felt much calmer.

He held out a bottle. “Water?”

“No, thank you. Do you want to get back in?”

“Your wish is my command, Beauty.”

He kept pace with her underwater. In a steady rhythm, he glided next to her. He needn’t have worried; she was a good swimmer.

They reached the other side and she started back the other way with the butterfly stroke. They swam together and met at the deep end, holding on to the side and facing each other.

She waved her legs in the water, feeling so much better after exercising away her nervous energy. “This is nice.”

“Where did that come from?”


“That genuine smile on your face. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before.”

She made a face.

He grinned. “There is nothing like a few laps in the pool before bed. It helps clear my head.” He followed her line of vision to a beach ball floating nearby.

Grinning, she swam off in that direction. She held the ball up over her head and took aim.

He chuckled. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Shaking one waterlogged lock of hair out of her face, she asked innocently, “And why is that?” She treaded further away, still brandishing her weapon.

“I might have to come after you.” He hadn’t finished his sentence before she threw the missile. It was close, but she missed. She looked around for something else to throw.

“Nothing but pool water left, Beauty.”

She treaded away. “It didn’t hit you.”

“Ah, but that was your intention, and now you will pay the price.” He dove underwater.

She squeaked and started swimming in earnest to the other side of the pool. By the time she saw him swimming underneath her it was too late. He rose up out of the water and grabbed her around the waist. She tried to get away, but weakened by laughter she stopped struggling and leaned against him.

He took her to the side of the pool and they caught their breath as their legs wove together. The gentle lapping of the water against their bodies broke the silence.

“Give me a few days’ practice and I’ll be chasing you.” She laughed up into his face, looking forward to it.

Roman wasn’t laughing. He moved closer and his lips brushed hers.

Feeling relaxed and exhilarated, she didn’t stop him, but parted her lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, rolling it over hers in long, lazy strokes. She slid gently into bliss as he deepened the kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and her nipples hardened against the hair on his chest.

When he cupped her buttocks and moved against her, a languid moan escaped her lips.


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Valentines Day Gift Hop



Welcome to the Valentines Day Gift Hop!

Join us this week of Valentine’s Day as we celebrate love, sex, and all things books! If you are a reader of sexy romance, join us! Discover new authors and new review blogs to follow. Each stop has a sweet prize of its own. I am giving away a $5 Amazon gift card so be sure to leave a comment with your email address.

The overall hop has two grand prizes: a new adult romance digital gift basket and a Kindle Paperwhite!


This is a special Valentines Day for Roman and Amelie of my paranormal romance Love Entwined. Know why? They are still alive! Roman and Amelie are being stalked by il Dragone demons who have been trying to kill them for centuries. il Dragone remembers but Roman and Amelie have no memory of their past lives and the eternal struggle that is the Cardiff legacy. Read on.

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His gaze wandered to the sexy quirk of her lips.  “How did you end up at Penrods?”

“My mother and I spent summers in the States visiting her friends, roaming
Manhattan. It was on a visit to the diamond district that I fell in love with antique
jewelry. I sketched the designs through the shop windows.” She shook her head in thought, “I guess it was all part of the Plan.”


“To be the top designer in the industry.” Although she kept her teasing tone, he could tell she meant every word she said.

“Well, number two, at least,” he remarked, just as serious.

“When the time is right, I will start my own design firm,” she warned.

For a few moments, the ordered visage of the self-control freak had vanished. But it was back now, like an armored mask over her face, and he wanted it gone.

“Did you know your lips quirk into the most fetching curves when your dander is up?” he asked.

Her words came to a halt as if she had forgotten the many words in her English vocabulary. When she gave him a blank stare, he caught her off guard with something he had been thinking about since that night in her apartment.

“No time for love? Not even in college, Beauty?”

She hesitated before answering. She could not bring herself to speak about Emil Garamonde. Her college beau was a safer topic. “There was someone, but my work…”

“You did not love him?”

“I’ve never been in love.” She looked down at her hands and fell into silence.

“You have been working, and to all intents and purposes, living at Penrods.”

She looked up at him. He, too, was surprised by the harsh note in his voice.

“I love my work. There was never much time for…anything else.” She exhaled; no doubt, because she knew her excuse was no excuse at all. “It seems a strange concept now sitting here with you.”

“Ah. That’s my girl. Aren’t you relieved now that you’ve admitted it?”

The mask softened into a stubborn grin. “Are you my confessor? Will you grant penance for the indiscretion?”

“Only if I have your word you will change your ways.” He stood and held out his hand to help her to her feet.

Something whizzed past his ear, lifting the hair on the nape of his neck. The sound was foreign to the forest, and he reacted instinctively. He pushed Amelie back down onto the grass and covered her with his body.

He lifted up enough to scan the trees, dense coverage for anyone with a purpose. Even as he thought of this, he was aware of how soft and full Amelie’s breasts were against his chest.

There was a bit of metal protruding from the tree in front of them, a bullet. Someone had just shot at them, barely missing him.

“What is it?” She squirmed her rounded hips underneath him and he was instantly rock-hard.

“Stay down.” He could see nothing out of the ordinary through the trees. The person had used a silencer. His knee slipped between her legs.

“What’s happening?”

“I am afraid that was a stray shot.”

“Do you mean someone shot a gun? I didn’t hear anything.”

“Let’s get back to the car.” He got up slowly, lifting her with an arm about the waist and bracing her with one leg between hers. He stopped himself before picking her up and carrying her off. She probably wouldn’t go for that. Reluctantly, he released her, keeping his body in front of hers as she brushed the leaves from her skirt. “Probably just an illegal fox hunt. I’ll get Lyle on it.”

Amelie sat staring out the window at the passing countryside as they drove the mile
back to St. Clair Manor in silence and he wondered who was trying to kill him.

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Roman Cardiff of Love Entwined: RLF Character Interview

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Roman Cardiff, CEO of Cardiff Jewels has taken the day off to guest at Romance Lives Forever. He’s talking about his obsession with a little French witch who’s gotten him all riled up, his inner warrior and fighting the il Dragone demons.


MFRW Book Hooks – A Cardiff Novel! #MFRWhook

MFRW Authors Blog

Welcome to Book Hooks! This is a weekly meme brought to you by Marketing For Romance Writers #MFRWhooks, in which we authors get to share some of our published work or work-in-progress with you. Click the button above to ride the Book Hook to other great authors who have words to share with you!

Here is an excerpt from my new paranormal romance Love Entwined, which is available now at Liquid Silver Books. LSB is celebrating its 14th anniversary, you can save 20% when you buy now.
Love Entwined Excerpt

My dream house. She turned to Roman, who stared at her.

“What is it?”

“This is…” She could not speak, should not speak the words in her mind, and  returned her gaze to the window. “It is like an ancient monument.”

He looked over her shoulder. “This drafty old place is over two hundred years old.”
He stopped when she wanted to hear more, anything that would explain why her dream house was here in England, why she was here, why they were both here together, she and her dream lover.

He was watching her again.

She sat back and tried for a lighter tone. “So many windows must bring warmth to the interior in the summer.” She had only just arrived and was already being seduced by the thought of summer in the English countryside.

The car drove up a road as wide as a two-lane highway in New York City. There was a hush over the place that drew her and with it came a deferential awareness.
St. Clair Manor was encapsulated in its own golden age, as if it preferred the gothic influences of the Georgian era.

Amelie shifted on the seat. A manor couldn’t prefer anything. It wasn’t alive, after all.


loveentwined final cover small

Run, little witch…

Amelie Laurent is on her way to the top of the jewelry designing world with no time for men. Her orderly life is about to come undone when jewelry tycoon Roman Cardiff steals her away on assignment to a remote English estate. Roman wants Amelie all to himself but St. Clair Manor’s resident ghost has been waiting for her much longer than he has.

Run home…

An unseen gunman takes a shot at Roman and he blames a business rival. But Amelie and Roman are to blame, for falling in love 200 years before in a time neither of them remember.

From the heartbreak of pre-Revolutionary France to modern day corporate wars, Amelie and Roman uncover a history of blood jewels, lust and demons.

Good witch, bad witch, you must decide…

When Amelie discovers her inner witch she learns the real reason she was summoned to St. Clair Manor. Il Dragone will kill to get her back. Amelie will kill if they do.

Weekend Writing Warriors – Work in Progress


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors where we share 8 sentences of our writing, published or unpublished for your viewing pleasure and critique. Remember to click the button above to visit other weekend writing warriors. The following 8 comes from my latest work in progress. Vampire Layla is awake after sleeping 2,000 years and I’d love to hear your thoughts.


“Who are you?” Nubiti, the golden lady began to kick and scratch at Layla’s hands.

“Doo…not…fee-arrh…meee…” Her vocal cords stilted the strange words even to her ears, with a rasping halt that sounded too deep to be human. 

When Nubiti screamed and kicked her in the face, the spiked heel of her sandal lodged in Layla’s eye.

“Nubiti…” The low rumble Layla emitted was meant to sooth but she could not temper the power behind it. Unable to find calming words, she shook her head as the woman’s eyes rolled.  Nubiti was keening now, hysterical in fear.

Layla crawled over the woman, rubbing the dark, glittering stones on her garment, like stars in the night, which left most of her body bare. The golden lady looked into the eye she’d ruptured with her shoe, her own blue eyes widening as the fissure closed. 



My Sexy Saturday Week 20 – WIP


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where we authors entertain you with 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 words of our work, published or unpublished. Today I have a snippet of my work in progress. Meet Quinn. He’s meeting a vampire.


Quinn knelt to help the woman up. “Are you hurt?”

He held her by the shoulders as she held her head and wavered unsteadily on her feet. Not rail-thin like the drugged starlets who haunted the casinos. Her skin was porcelain covered in gauze and cold as ice, but her curves were hotter than Hades. Her hips were lush and her breasts would fill his hands. Her sickly pallor made her seem too far-gone to be saved from death. He knew death; it was his business.

She was a beautiful cadaver. This young woman was sick.

Quinn let her go when she was able to stand on her own. She pushed glossy sheets of midnight hair out of her eyes. It fell to either side of her, covering her breasts like a silken shroud.

He was watching that hair shimmer against her hips in a lover’s embrace when he felt her hands clamp around his neck.

He grabbed her wrists but could not break the frosted beauty’s grip on his throat.  For one unbelievable moment he could have sworn her feet did not touch the ground. Her head was level with his.

She had seemed almost catatonic before, but now, even as he struggled, this petite goddess pulled him down.

Her eyelids fluttered and he thought she would pass out, but the grip on his neck was cutting off his air supply.

Just as his own eyelids began to close, she looked him directly in the eye.

“Aurelius,” Eyes the shape and color of almonds, widened in recognition.

She loosened the choke-hold on his throat, and he coughed.


Remember to visit all stops on this hop for more sexy snippets.


AuThursday on The Clog Blog!

It’s AuThursday on the Clog Blog and I am featured!

Stop by as the wonderful Tina Holland interviews me.  Find out why I kill my darlings and what’s next on my writing journey.



Amelie of Love Entwined – Celebrate Paranormal Month!

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Today Amelie of Love Entwined celebrates Paranormal Month on Merissa McCain’s blog. Amelie has some decisions to make regarding love and life.  Click the link above to read Amelie’s note to self and tell me, would you give up your powers to become a ‘better’ person?


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Paranormal Romance Love Entwined on It’s Raining Books

ItsRainingBooks Blog Header copy

I am celebrating the release of Love Entwined, A Cardiff Novel Book 2 and tour continues! Enter my giveaway and you could win a $10 Amazon gift card. The grand prize is a $25 Amazon gift card.


loveentwined final cover

Jewel wars. The blood will tell…

Now that the man had infiltrated the real world, left her apartment and come out in the light of day, it was clear she had been dreaming. This man had a name, a very well-known name, and a life. He had been born to a jewel dynasty. He was not a phantom.

Danita Minnis – Top Blogger on RLF Gems


I am so honored to be a Top Blogger at Romance Lives Forever in the month of September! RLF is Kayelle Allen’s blog where new books and authors are introduced, promoted, spotlighted, etc. It is an incredible vehicle for authors and I am so happy to be among the top 5 bloggers of the month. 🙂 Click the button above to see the entire list of great bloggers.

I showcased my new paranormal romance Love Entwined on September 4th, if you missed it, here it is: