My Sexy Saturday Week 20 – WIP


Welcome to My Sexy Saturday where we authors entertain you with 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 words of our work, published or unpublished. Today I have a snippet of my work in progress. Meet Quinn. He’s meeting a vampire.


Quinn knelt to help the woman up. “Are you hurt?”

He held her by the shoulders as she held her head and wavered unsteadily on her feet. Not rail-thin like the drugged starlets who haunted the casinos. Her skin was porcelain covered in gauze and cold as ice, but her curves were hotter than Hades. Her hips were lush and her breasts would fill his hands. Her sickly pallor made her seem too far-gone to be saved from death. He knew death; it was his business.

She was a beautiful cadaver. This young woman was sick.

Quinn let her go when she was able to stand on her own. She pushed glossy sheets of midnight hair out of her eyes. It fell to either side of her, covering her breasts like a silken shroud.

He was watching that hair shimmer against her hips in a lover’s embrace when he felt her hands clamp around his neck.

He grabbed her wrists but could not break the frosted beauty’s grip on his throat.  For one unbelievable moment he could have sworn her feet did not touch the ground. Her head was level with his.

She had seemed almost catatonic before, but now, even as he struggled, this petite goddess pulled him down.

Her eyelids fluttered and he thought she would pass out, but the grip on his neck was cutting off his air supply.

Just as his own eyelids began to close, she looked him directly in the eye.

“Aurelius,” Eyes the shape and color of almonds, widened in recognition.

She loosened the choke-hold on his throat, and he coughed.


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