Release Day Giveaway Feb 1-7: Dark Love Rising by Danita Minnis

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Dark Love Rising is available now on Amazon! Click the link above to visit Quinn and Layla and take a look inside their love story.

I’m celebrating the release of my new vampire romance with a week-long giveaway.  Here’s what you do:

1. Enter the rafflecopter below between February 1st – February 7th. Comment as often as you like on my rafflecopter question for a chance to win.

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I’ll choose two winners on Wednesday, February 8th who will each receive a $10 Amazon gift card.


Dark Love Rising

By Danita Minnis

Former MI6 agent Xavier Quinn would say that you’re daft if you think he will stop killing for a living. But that is exactly what is about to happen. Very soon now, Quinn will start killing to stay alive. On the run after taking out the wrong man, Quinn would die a happy man if he could just live long enough to ruin the Parliament member who set him up.

Layla, a 2,000 year old vampire with a moral code, has other plans for the contract killer. When she awakens to the sound of a dark rising, she enlists Quinn to join her on a mission to save humanity from her twin sister Tamara.

But Quinn is just the kind of man that a cold-blooded killer like Tamara needs in her world. A man like Quinn, who never believed in humanity, has only one belief; self-preservation. Being a vampire sounds much better than staying human in the game of kill or be killed. Will he stay alive long enough to find out how Layla’s love can change the equation?



I have to tell you, Dark Love Rising was a journey for me. Writer’s block is crazy, ya’ll but I’m on a roll now! Characters are talking in my head – won’t shut up. This is how I felt when I was writing the Cardiff novels. Feels soooooo good to be writing again! On to the next! I’m thinking a castle and a modern day damsel in distress…


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  1. Thank you everyone for helping me celebrate the release of my new paranormal romance Dark Love Rising!

    Congratulations Julia and Bilqees!! You are the winners of my Dark Love Rising giveaway. You will each receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Enjoy!! 🙂

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