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Mark your calendar! We are making all your dreams come true with The Dreams and Nightmares Anthology, available on May 27th.

I’m so excited, I can’t wait any longer to share with you an excerpt from my story Adderley’s Bride. Gray is a lusty ghost who has a plan for his love, the living, breathing Sophie: be with me.  Nice plan if you call that living.

Why don’t we get this party started early? All you have to do is read the following excerpt featuring Sophie and Gray and pay particular attention to our gorgeous ghost. There’s something about him that comes up in one of my guessing games during the Facebook launch party on May 27th. Join the party and be the first one to provide the answer and you win a $5 Amazon gift card. Ready? Read on!


Adderley’s Bride

Her stomach growled, and he chuckled. “You haven’t eaten anything.”

“I’m not hungry.” She wanted to hear his stories. There was something about him that was so very compelling and she wasn’t going to fight it. He intrigued her.

Her stomach protested again and he gathered her in his arms. “Come on, then.” When he set her down they were standing in the kitchen.

Disoriented, she wavered on her feet. “H-How…did you do that?”

Grinning, he leaned against the counter in naked glory. He really was a large, beautiful man – ghost – she reminded herself. Ghost man.

“Oh, never mind.” He wasn’t going to answer her anyway. He was too much of a tease.

As she tried to gather her bearings, she decided she really was hungry. She retrieved the deep fryer from a draw under the island and placed it on the oven. After pouring in the oil, she gathered the ingredients for Monte Cristo sandwiches.

She rummaged in the refrigerator. “Continue.”

“After the rage, I began to listen. The Wynters were good people. Through them I learned what must have happened all those years ago. They had no idea their ancestor had not built this house. They were never told anything about me.”

She whisked the egg-flour mixture in a bowl. “Forest knows you’re here.” He didn’t answer and she turned, bumping into his chest. His movements were soundless and instant. It struck her that was the only way she could tell he was a ghost.

He set salt and pepper on the counter and took her by the waist, pulling her hips flush with his.

“But he won’t admit it,” she finished breathlessly.

“It’s for his own good now that Sophia is gone. Others would only think he is mad as a hatter.” He smoothed her bangs out of her face and bent to place his cheek against her hair.

She couldn’t argue with his reasoning and turned for the bread.

Gray wouldn’t let her go as he sniffed her hair like a predator assessing his meal. “It even smells like chocolate,” he murmured against her temple.

Desire rose in her like the jungle heat of her dreams. Her lioness was responding to his lion, almost making her forget how hungry she was.

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Sweet Dreams…






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