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Caution: the following interview contains writerly musings. Enter the mind of a paranormal romance author at your own risk.

Michelle Franklin on Tour: The Reporter from Marridon

Welcome Michelle Franklin comes bearing gifts! She is giving away one ebook copy of The Opera and The Reporter from Marridon. Leave a comment and your email address and enter to win!

The Reporter from Marridon

Part of the Tales from Frewyn Stories

A reporter from Marridon, the advanced and allied nation to the north of
Frewyn, is dispatched to Diras to meet with the famous Commander and Den Asaan,
heroes and saviors of the Two Continents. It would seem to be a simple task, to
ask a few questions of the strange woman and giant, but when the reporter
slights the king’s personal guard, he finds that getting a story to print may
be harder than previously conceived.

Release: August 21, 2012 / $0.99 (ebook)

Epic Fantasy, Romance

 About the Author

Michelle Franklin is a small woman of
moderate consequence who writes many, many books about giants, romance, and

You can find more about Michelle over at
her blog:


Danita Minnis: Falcon and Angel

When they first meet…

They were walking through the ancient
Roman marketplace, which was deserted now. When the girl got closer to the
church built on the site of an old temple, the man began to close the distance
between them.

Falcon shook his head as she reached
the church corner. She never noticed the man who was just a few feet behind her
now. When the man pushed her into the gloom around the church corner, they were
lost from his sight. The girl screamed.

Sprinting, he rounded the corner.
About ten feet away, the man was trying to wrestle the violin case from her
against the wall.

Falcon pulled out his gun and aimed.
“Let her go.”

The man turned toward him, and the
girl pulled at his ear. The man bent, holding his stomach. He made an
inarticulate sound before running away along the side of the building into the

Falcon darted past the girl and
followed the man into the shadows.

What the hell?

Something flitted overhead, darker
than the darkness in which he now stood alone. He pointed the Glock upward even
as a figure walked up the side of the building. It looked like a black cloud
but more solid than it should be.

Before he could get off a shot, the
darkness disappeared over the side of the roof.

Staring at the dead end in front of him, Falcon put his gun
away. No doors or windows on either side.

Where is the guy? Must be a
hidden door somewhere, he’d check it out later.

Falcon turned back toward the girl. Beyond her, across the
street, the man he had been chasing got into a car.

“No way,” he
murmured as the car sped off. No way could the man have gotten past him in the

The girl had both arms wrapped around
the violin case in front of her. She was leaning against the church wall,

A street lamp flickered on above
them, belatedly bathing the passage in revealing light. She did not seem to
realize that he was there.

“Did he hurt you, Signorina?”

She looked up. He lifted his gaze
from her heaving chest.

“Grazie,” she whispered, wiping her
face with the back of her hand. She shook her head. “I am fine.”

“You should not be walking alone at
night.” The harsh reprimand in his voice surprised him. She was very young. Her
tears wrought such vulnerability that he softened his tone when he came to
stand in front of her. “Do you know that man?”

“No, I have never seen him before.
But … he knew me.”

“What did he say to you?”

She looked down at the violin. 

He stared at her until she looked up. Ah, she had just found her story. It was in her eyes, and it was not truth. The fear in her eyes told him that story would never change.

Sabrina York: Pushing Her Buttons!

Sabrina York will
Push Your Buttons in this hot new release!

Have you ever sat in a really boring meeting at work and
found yourself scribbling idly on a legal pad to keep your brain from numbing
over? Well, that happened to me. What appeared on the page were the bones for a
super hot novella, that became Pushing Her Buttons. Just before the
aforementioned boring meeting, I stepped on the elevator. And the hottest guy
I’d ever seen in my life stepped on behind mer.

Oh heavens. What a thrill. I didn’t make eye contact (of
course), but I watched him in the chrome and my fantasies began to bubble.

The result was my new release, Pushing her Buttons, which comes out on August 22nd, but
is now available
for preorder on
and Barnes
& Noble
. This novella tells the story of a dance between dominant JR
who is determined to seduce Samantha, despite her determination to avoid any
more dark relationships. Most of the seduction takes place in the elevator. JR
looks suspiciously like the dreamy fellow who unknowingly ignited my passion
during a dull elevator rise, and an even duller meeting.

Pushing her Buttons
was the first place winner of the Celtic Hearts Novellas Need Love Too contest
and named the 2011 Distinguished Novella of the year. If you like super hot
sex, domination and kinky play, this one’s for you!

Pushing Her Buttons
by Sabrina York

 Now available for preorder on Amazon
and Barnes
& Noble

Every single day, he’s there. Waiting. Watching her. Closed
in with her for a hundred stories as they ride the elevator to their floor. And
every single day, for a hundred floors, Samantha simmers with banked lust. She
wants him—her mysterious neighbor who seems to get off on tempting her. Whose
eyes promise the kind of kinky domination she’s too afraid to give in to. And
then just when she thinks she’s safe, just when she’s convinced she can resist
his allure, he steps up his relentless pursuit. The passion that flares between
them burns so hot and so bright it could consume them both. But that’s just on
the way up. Who knows what will happen when they’re going down.

Reader Advisory: Samantha’s sexy neighbor tries to drive her
wild with lust, and he’ll stop at nothing to succeed. Spanking? Of course.
Leather straps? You bet. Girl-on-girl action? Oh yeah. Wear your
flame-retardant panties while reading this one.

An Excerpt From:

Copyright © SABRINA
YORK, 2012

All Rights Reserved,
Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.


Chapter One


almost got off the elevator when he stepped on, that slick sophisticated
creature oozing with masculinity, the man who haunted my dreams. He could turn
me into a bundle of jangled, weeping nerves with a look.

So I
didn’t look.

took some effort.

wanted to, was drawn to the energy, the intensity, the heat rolling off him in
waves. Instead I diligently studied the sleek chrome of the elevator doors as
they slid silently shut.

were alone, together, in a box. Again. For a hundred floors.

up?” His voice was a slithering snake, raspy, undulating and smooth.

nodded. A short, curt dip of my head.

the corner of my eye, I watched as he pressed the button for our floor. His
thumb was long and blunt. He did it slowly, caressing the face. As though
making a promise.

all the while, he stared at me. Tracking my every reaction. Taking in the rise
of my breast, the quick dash of my tongue on suddenly dry lips, the quiver of a

unrelenting attention made my skin prickle, my nipples swell.

riffled in my purse for a stick of gum. There was no gum but I riffled anyway.

How long could an elevator ride last? I focused on the lights of the header,
ignoring his presence. Desperately trying to, at least, as his searing gaze
lingered and stroked.

was managing quite well, thank you very much.

he did it.

made a noise I couldn’t ignore. It was something feral, between a grunt and a
moan. A sound a lion might make, unconsciously, distractedly, upon sighting a
particularly juicy gazelle. Or a female in heat.

was not a female in heat.

than one man had commented on my frigidity. The idiots. My coolness was merely
a reflection of their ineptitude.

man was probably not inept. A frightening truth for someone like me.

sound, the growl, the urgent hungry groan, washed through me in a vibrating

punched the button for our floor several times in succession. It was a tell and
I knew it, but I couldn’t help myself. Panic rose in my throat as the heat he
sent off swirled around me, sank in and settled in my belly.

interest in me had never been a secret. He’d tried flirting and sweet talk,
he’d asked me out more than once but I always shot him down. I knew what kind
of man he was. He had that vibe, that look, that alluring menace.

knew what he was, for God’s sake. I could smell it, feel it, taste it. I’d been
there before and sworn I’d never go there again.

woman with a pulse would think him attractive, what with that sable hair
flopping onto his forehead, that square dented chin, that boyish insouciance
belied by a satyr’s smirk. And, ah. Those deep-brown eyes ringed with sinful
sooty lashes. Those exquisitely molded lips. That hard athlete’s physique.

not every woman would notice the simmering passion, the sultry sadism that
called to a woman like me. Telegraphed in secret code. Tapping. Tapping on my

did not want a man like that. Not anymore. A man like that would eat me alive.

my will, I caught a glimpse of his chiseled reflection in the chrome. He’d
opened his suit jacket and tucked his fingers into the front pockets of his
slacks. He leaned like a lazy panther against the mirrored wall and tipped his
head back, studying the ceiling. His long legs were crossed at the ankles,
showcasing immaculate Ferragamos gleaming with a high gloss. A crooked grin
tugged at his luscious lips.

Those lips.

sizzled through me as I imagined those lips on me, sucking, nuzzling, nipping.

that would never happen. He was not my type and I was not his. I wasn’t.

told myself to look away but I didn’t do it quickly enough.

straightened as we neared our floor. Adjusted his jacket. Shook out his pants.
Raked his thick dark curls…

caught my gaze in the mirror. Caught me staring hungrily.

by this wash of vulnerability, I turned my head. Our eyes locked again but this
time directly, intimately, across the car. Tangled, tied.

body stiffened, nostrils flared, pupils dilated. He leaned slightly, almost
imperceptibly, toward me. His scent, his aura intensified. He held me immobile
by the sheer power of his intent.

then he licked his lips.

within me liquefied. My knees went weak and I nearly dropped my briefcase. Who
knows what would have happed, what could have happened, if the elevator hadn’t
opened at just that moment?

welcome ding snapped me out of this lazy, hazy daze. I clutched my briefcase to
my chest and rushed through the doors almost before they were open, doing a
determined power walk to my penthouse.

followed, slowly stalking. I didn’t hesitate. I waved my keycard over the lock
and slipped inside. To safety.

tried not to look back. Really. I did. It was only a quick glance but the sight
of him standing next to his double-doored entrance, pinning me with a
heavy-lidded gaze, rocketed through me like a fist to my solar plexus. There
was heat in his eyes. And hunger. And certainty.

shut the door, shutting him out. Shutting it out. He wasn’t my type. I wasn’t

man like that could destroy the woman I was, melt the
mask I had worked so hard to forge. I refused to think about him. I refused to
want him.

didn’t sleep all night.


with Sabrina!

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@sabrina_york and on Facebook at Of course, you can
always contact me, check out
coming books and read more excerpts on my webpage

Wicked Wednesday’s: Raine Delight and Haunting Magic

Raine Delight: Finding Magic in a Story

I love magic. I don’t mean the sparkly, tinkerbell kind…the
ones I am talking about are when two people meet and find they have a lot in
common besides lust. I mean that instant connection, yes that “love at first
sight” sort of thing and I adore reading about it. Does it happen in real life?
Sure to some people but most of the time, its kiss a lot of frogs to find that
prince charming.

In my Devon Falls series, I write stories  where fate, destiny,
what ever you call    it, helps two people find their soul    mates. It’s the
prevalent theme in the   first five books. Magic is in some form    throughout and
not all the stories are    about love at first sight either. I have a    couple in
Fiery Magic who find that   love can be sweeter the second time    around, this time
wiser and have a few    life lessons under their belt. My next    story is about a
half-human/half-fae guy  who finds his fated mate is a powerful    Fae Lord. I love
the whole    “fated/destined mates” storyline as it    appeals to my inner romantic.

Magic is all around us and I find the    books I read lately have
some form of    it, regardless if it’s “love/lust at first    sight’ or friendship
turning to love. With romance, magic is all that is needed in a book and I
can’t wait to create more of it in my stories.

Reader Question:
Do you like the whole fated/destined lover(s) storyline or do you prefer
something a bit different? 

Contest Information:

One reader will win a $10 gift certificate
to All Romance E-books from me if you leave a comment on the question above
with your email address (so I can contact you in case you win).


Now a little from Haunting Magic, Devon Falls 4.

Available in e-book at the following places:

Secret Cravings Publishing:

Amazon Kindle:




Check out the hot book trailer for Haunting Magic:


wolf shifter finds that falling in love is not the only problem he has. Can he
convince Jaxon that his love is true?

Rodrick Dracon is the twin heir to the
Dragon Inn. When he finds himself longing for a mate after being footloose and
fancy free, he finds himself drawn to the most obnoxious, brassy woman he has
ever met: Jaxon Sinclair. She is the one woman who doesn’t melt when he goes by
or hangs on his every word. Jaxon is just aggravating and down right sexy as
sin! Soon the sparks fly, passion goes into boiling and Halloween approaches. Can
this wolf shifter get this woman to heel before the full moon? Will Jax turn
the tables on this ladies man and tame the wolf?

Teaser Excerpt:

didn’t want to think of Rod after her night spent washing dishes but her
thoughts seemed not to bother following her wishes tonight. Each time she was
there, that lothario had women draped all over him like leeches and yet he
hasn’t hit on her since that one night of drunken monkey sex in high school.

she had more than one brain cell, unlike some of the women he took home. Even
though she enjoyed the way his jeans hugged his tight ass and the way his
muscles bunched under his t-shirt, Jax knew better than to contemplate a night
with the ’stud master’, the nickname she gave him after years of hearing about
his conquests. It was enough to see him at the local hot spots working his
wiles on the women and whenever she got near him, he acted like she was
cramping his style.

she tossed her shoes in the corner, grabbed some water, walked into her
bedroom, and sank on the edge of her bed. She hated dishes as well as men who
thought they are all that and a bag of chips. What is it with men who think
they need to add one more notch on that bedpost?
Jax wondered as she tossed
her clothes into the corner. She wrinkled her nose at the stale beer and smoke
smells that wafted from them.

she made her way to the shower and tried to figure out why she was bothered by
the way the cheap floozies immediately spied Rodrick and flew to his side. It
was enough to make her ashamed to be a woman. Jax stepped inside the shower and
tried to erase the sight of not one, not two, but three women draped all
over Rod.

soaped down and let the hot water ease her aches. She muttered, “If I am ever
that desperate to get laid again, I hope someone just shoots me to put me out
of misery. I may have enjoyed that one wild night in high school but he sure
didn’t care. He left that morning without a goodbye and I am definitely not
interested in him anymore. He needs to learn that some day, he will find a
woman who will say no and mean it. Then I will laugh uncontrollably at the
irony of it all.”

About the Author:

Raine Delight loves to be pampered by her harem of men that
exist solely for her pleasure. Wait…..that was in a movie she saw. Hey, she can
dream. J Raine loves to
fight with her muse, attack her manuscripts and find a way to silence the many
voices in her head. Inspiration hits at odd times and for Raine, a blank word
document page gives her many possibilities on story ideas.  Living with her two kids, a significant other
who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at
2 am to type away on the computer. With a love for Johnny Depp, movies and 80’s
hair bands, Raine finds a way to bring all her chaotic thoughts into a story
that tells her readers about love and romance.


Raine’s Blog:

Author/Reader Loop:

Email me:


Secret Cravings Publishing:

Red Hot Magic Book Trailer:

A Summer Night Fling Book

Belinda McBride: The Bacchi

Welcome Belinda McBride with her intriguing speculative fiction The Bacchi! Before we go in depth with her main character Lefi, check out that cover – awesome!

Character Interview: Lefi has an interesting story to tell

1.    What is Lefi like? Lefi
Dhrahn is the main character in The Bacchi. He’s a Somian, which is a humanoid
species. Like all Somian, Lefi was born as a twin, though he lost his sibling
while they were teens, and he’s never recovered from his grief, though his
hides it well. Lefi is colorful, (literally) flamboyant, sensual and seductive,
 he’s very, very kind.

2.    What does Lefi do best? What is the perfect location for this action? Lefi is an accomplished prostitute. As a
member of the elite guild of the Bacchi, he’s elevated the profession to an
art. Yet Lefi is perhaps more skilled as a therapist and counselor, which is his
other profession. You’ll generally find him working from his client’s homes, or
in the case of the Am Were he’s taken on as patients, in the sacred Gardens of
the Goddess, to keep them close to nature.

3.    What drives Lefi to do the things he does? Lefi
is largely driven by the emptiness left by the absence of his twin. Every year
is a bit harder to survive alone. Somian twins live together their entire lives
and believe they are literally one person in two bodies. Lefi feels incomplete
and strives to fill the void left by his twin. Sometimes he does it in
destructive and unhealthy ways.

4.    You are introduced to Lefi. Is he happy to meet you? Of
course he is! I’ve been writing about him for months and months, giving him an
outlet to tell his story. I also gave him
and he’s
very happy about that!

5.    What is Lefi’s favorite guilty pleasure? Cinnamon
Rolls. He loves them even though they have no redeeming nutritional value.

6.    How would Lefi describe himself? Lefi
would flatter himself immensely, while at the same time he’d poke fun at
himself. He doesn’t take himself very seriously.

7.    What is Lefi’s weakness? His
weakness is his tendency to get depressed around his birthday. He’d never admit
to it, but Lefi is struggling with the idea that he may not want to live out
his full lifespan. That desire shames him deeply.

8.    Where does Lefi go to regroup/unwind? He
goes to the sacred Garden of the Goddess in the middle of the city. The Somian
expatriates on Landis brought much of their culture with them, including plants
they would find on their home planet.

9.    What does Lefi live for? Until
he meets
Afton, he simply lives for the day
and whatever surprises it brings. However, he now lives for
and his future.

10. What will Lefi kill for? Only
Though Somians are wicked fighters, they are at heart pacifists and
value all life.

 A Few Questions for Lefi

1.    If
you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be? 
Oh, the ability to eat whatever I
want, whenever I want! That would be lovely! But as that really isn’t what
humans call a ‘super power,’ I’d like the ability to travel from planet to
planet without the bother of space ships. I really do not enjoy space travel.

2.    A
biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in
six words or less? 
Actually, my biography is on file
with the
Library of Notable SomiansThrough History. It’s
entitled, “
Entry 10069: Bacchi Lefi
.” Very catchy, don’t you think?  If you’d like, you can read it. It’s all
public information.

3.    If
money were not an object, where would you most like to live? 
Money is no object, and I’m content
living wherever my lover is.

4.    I
can never return to the Anya Province because of that little incident
with the crown prince. Really, I didn’t know that such acts were forbidden. How
silly is that

5.    The
next time I attempt to rescue Lefi from kidnappers, I will wear more
sensible clothing

6.    Why
do I always get paid in gemstones? Really, they’re so difficult to
redeem for their full value

7.    My
favorite flavor is cinnamon because it is rare, fine and so lovely in
a kiss

8.    I
love Afton because I am made
complete by him. And he’s got girl bits as well as boy bits. Am I not the most
fortunate man alive

9.    How
much sex can you take? Why? 
How much can I take? How much do
you need? *smiles wickedly*

10.  Name
one thing you must do before you die, and why. 
I recently made a discovery…I’m sorry, but the secret
is not mine to tell. But suffice it to say, Afton
and I found something that had been lost. Before I die, I must return these
precious items to their owners. It is perhaps the greatest task I’ve ever been
honored with.

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Danita Minnis at Nuthouse Scribblers!

Well, I’ve finally arrived…at the Nuthouse!

Yes, that’s right, I’m at Nuthouse Scribblers today talking about how I started writing my debut paranormal romance Falcon’s Angel – with a little help from my hero and heroine!

A Chat with Falcon from Falcon’s Angel

Falcon is visiting the wonderful Kayelle Allen today on Romance Lives Forever.
Stop by and find out why he’ll never stop killing.
‘I’m a firm believer in what I can see, touch, taste and smell. il Dragone passed the sniff test…’

Love’s A Beach Blog Hop – Falcon’s Angel!

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I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter. 
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Falcon and Angel: It’s Complicated

Shimmering waves cresting against white sands…a lullabye for the senses as a warm breeze caresses my skin. Sounds like a plan, but more like a dream. 

It would be a dream, if I could sleep. 

At 3:00 a.m., when inspiration is both a blessing and a curse, I
don’t want to quibble over who gets the Stradivarius, or who gets Angel. But I
can’t sleep when Angel is talking. Her British accent is clipped in emphasis
each time I close my eyes. Leave her hanging over a cliff while I get 40 winks
(well, 2 winks, to be exact)? Not on her watch. Angel is no angel. 

Like any young woman, Angel hasn’t yet discovered all her talents as she
rounds the corner in my head…and bumps into Falcon.

Angel’s lips quirk into an amused moue and she leads him away out of

Falcon. He should have known better than to think this assignment was going to
be easy.

When I started writing my debut paranormal romance Falcon’s
Angel I had no idea Angel’s world was so complicated.

il Dragone, a devil-worshiping cult has been after her
family for centuries.

Her family…well…it’s complicated. A mom with special
powers, a dad who comes from an ancient Roman line of vampire hunters, and an
uncle who…let’s just say he is contemplating becoming immortal for love.

Our story starts with a meeting between Falcon and Angel.
They need each other, just don’t know it yet. With any luck they’ll soon find
out it’s a matter of life and death.

The rest of the family is counting on it. Read an excerpt here.

Buy it at Amazon.

Wicked Wednesdays: Laura Tolomei and Re-Scue

Wicked Wednesdays

Reincarnation, love out of this world…hmmm…I’ll take that! 
Welcome Laura Tolomei and her intriguing series which begins with Re-Scue!

Didri has
an interesting story to tell.

is your Didri like?

Didri is a complex character that finds
it hard to live in the place destiny assigned her. Featured in the book Re-Scue, she lives sometime in the future in the
city Byoldar, the Desert Pearl of an arid planet, Shindera. Here is how the
commercial describes this fabulous city: “A city created for man’s absolute
comfort and well-being. Admire its beauty and elegance. Built with the latest
discoveries in industrial science, Byol­dar has impressive buildings.”

Didri works in a pharmaceutical company
that has mass production of meds and various drugs. She has few friends, she’s
more of a loner, and isn’t much into social activities, not even the ones of
the sex clubs. She likes to read, to spend her off time sleeping or going out
with a few selected people for quiet dinners. But her life is about to change.
A new boss has been nominated in her department, and he has all the life she
seems to lack.

Her tale is the first of four contained
in Re-Scue, though she’s actually featured in all of
them. The main thing to remember about Didri is that she’ll reincarnate in
Aural and in Sean, while her captivating seducer, better known as the hunter,
becomes Rhodri and finally Leon. Their tale was so fascinating I had to write a
second book, Tasting Leon’s Mark, just to
give it the closure I couldn’t find in Re-Scue, and now I’m also thinking of adding a
third book simply to finish it off.

does Didri do best? What is the perfect location for this action?

Mostly she’s bored of her work, her
friends, her life mostly, which is what’s going to start it all. The place she
does it best is predictably at work. Checking on a stupid machine vomiting tons
of pills is anything except heart-racing, however fascinating at first to watch
them pour out, the many shapes, sizes, colors—blue round tablets, then red
triangular ones, green spheres, purple hexagons, orange-coated cylinders.

drives Didri to do the things she does?

Like I said, boredom is the most potent
spark to trouble, and Didri will find plenty for her annoyed tastes. It’s how
she discovers Tylean, her boss, loves to play it rough when it comes to
sex–knife, d blood and bondage more his style, but he has the rare trait of listening
to Didri’s bodies and obeying its most secret desires until she becomes a slave
of his passion.

are introduced to Didri. Is she happy to meet you?

Yes, Didri is happy to meet me ‘cause
she knows I’m one of the few people who can understand her rebellious nature in
a world built on rules and conventions. I know her for what she is–a free
spirit trapped in a cage, trying to escape with the little means at her
disposal and making a mess of it in the end.

is Didri’s favorite guilty pleasure?

Didri loves to be tied up and have a
sharp knife cut through her delicate flesh until it ruptures, and blood spurts
out, first in trickles, then in large clumps. Tamed in the flesh, she can then
allow Tylean to claim her ass, his favorite spot, and there’s no end to the
pleasure. What she feels most erotic is playing the part of the prey while her
hunter carves her to bits. Complicated, sure, but also highly satisfying!

would Didri describe herself?

Didri is…well, she’s no great beauty, at
least the conventional kind men appreciate. Definitely too tall, too thin, too
little breasts, and her well-developed muscles or her triangular shaped face,
half hidden by long dark hair that could not conceal the green fiery eyes, do
nothing to help. But whether she’s aware of it or not, she’s got a great ass,
which attracts all the male attention she needs.

is Didri’s weakness?

She’s not yet in love! Yep, it’s her
greatest weakness, the one that will get her killed and then reborn again as Aural
and finally as Sean, the man who will conquer the ghosts tormenting Didri and
get the hunter Tylean/Leon to change his ways.

does Didri go to regroup/unwind?

She has no place ‘cause she’s basically
a loner. That’s why she gets lost in Tylean’s seductive game and accepts to
become his prey, a relationship that will continue through the lifetimes until
Sean and Leon will resolve their initial conflict.

does Didri live for?

At the beginning of Re-Scue, Didri doesn’t have much to live for.
She’s bored. Her life is boring. She would like to do something to change, but
conventions shackle her down. Then she meets Tylean and everything changes. Now
she has a reason to live for, a hot bloodlust that makes her skin tingle, her
senses spark and her life exciting. Too bad Tylean isn’t interested in anything
besides his passionate game. No feelings enter his equation. For Didri,
instead, they become paramount and that’s where all the problems start.

will Diri kill for?

She’ll kill for Tylean’s love.


Few Questions for Didri.

you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?

It would be the power to time travel
back and forth, so I could see how my lives will be or have been.

biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in
six words or less?

Painful love.

money were not an object, where would you most like to live?

Money? What’s money? On Shindera we have
no money. People work in exchange for the goods and services they need in order
to live. Thus said, if I had the chance, I’d like to see something outside of
Byoldar, the Desert Pearl city. We don’t get to travel much, so it would be
nice to see something different for a change.

can never stand stupid people because they bore me.

next time I’m born again, I will conquer my hunter.

do I always fall in love with the same soul?

favorite flavor is blood because…do you really want to know?

love the hunting because I am a prey.

much pain can you take? Why?

Since Tylean, pain has become my
specialty. He has the power to cause it in such a way that it’s just pleasure
no matter how bonded, gagged, carved or bloody I am. He’s taught me to go
beyond it, regardless of its intensity, to combine it with other sensation in
order to heighten it and transform it into bliss. Now I can’t live without it,
so I’ll keep looking for it life after life, seeking out the man who alone can
hunt me down and dominate me. I guess it’s my nature as prey to be his in the
pain as much as in the pleasure, and though I’ve fallen in love with him and he
hasn’t, I know one day, down the long line of our lives, I’ll get him and he’ll
be truly mine forever.

one thing you must do before you die, and why.

There’s nothing I can’t do also after
I’ve died. My many lives as a gazelle, as Aural and now as Sean have proved I
can catch up with my mistakes and put things right. Just proves that given
enough time, enough lives, enough effort anyone can get it perfect in the end!



fascinates me.” Stretched out on the bed, Tylean rolled on a side to look at
Didri’s battered flesh next to him, littered with many tiny scars, which he
washed clean of the blood with tender care, almost lovingly, applying a
miraculous lotion of his own concoction that in due time healed the superficial
wounds perfectly.

life took a turn for the worst, though Didri hardly noticed, too wrapped up in
her fantasy world, a misty land where everything seemed blurred. Only her
body’s needs were clear, drowned as they were in a ceaseless blood feasting
that became increasingly dangerous. Dissatisfied with superficial cuts, Tylean
sliced deeper, taking his slow, sweet time in carving her flesh with intricate
patterns that left indelible scars despite copious use of healing lotion
afterward, until the balance between pain and pleasure leaned heavily on the

that he consciously tried to hurt her for most of the times, he appeared
indifferent to her feelings, pulling back only at the last moment, wanting to
push her limits harder and faster beyond the edge. Yet, it made for better sex,
as he stated more than once, his cock stiffening from the second the blade
touched her skin up to his convulsive release, usually in her ass, after having
torn her to a red pulp.

never complained however, complying with all his whims, overwhelmed by the
erotic vortex that made her senses spin out of the mind’s control, which she
did her best to ignore by shutting out rationality all together unable to stop
craving he take her—any piece of her would do—for his own pleasure being her
favorite agony until nothing made sense except his powerful frame pounding hers
incessantly. Accepting to be his slave, the obedient servant to his cruel play
was enough to feel as if he cared, wanting to mistake his burning touch,
whether with a cold metallic blade or with a fiery possessive clutch made
little difference, for something she knew it was not. And away from him,
nothing changed since Tylean was the only man, the only person, the only thing
she could think about, feeling his metal-gray eyes following her wherever she
went. Her heart, too, was caught in his game, thumping violently—painfully was
more accurate—every time he was near, quickly moving to her cunt until the
throb became unbearable.

what absolutely astonished her was her burning desire to be with him alone
every breathing moment, asking for nothing except his presence in her life,
forever if necessary or until he struck a vital part, whichever came first. So
she lived on an intoxicating borderline of sensations for weeks before she
found the courage to call it with its right name. And by then it was too late
to do anything about it because she had fallen in love.

had not expected it, of course.

Books featuring
Didri or one of her reincarnations

TITLE: Re-Scue

past, today you’re the key to changing your future

SERIES: ReScue Book 1

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei

GENRE: Erotic Fiction

CATEGORY: Erotica, Fetish, Paranormal, GLBT, BDSM,
GLBT, Gay, Male-Male, Multiple Partner, Time Travel, Shape Shifting, m/m, f/m/f



5 flames

PAGES: 340



PUBLISHER: Romance Divine LLC

COVER ARTIST: Josephine Piraneo




Only one
rule: never fall in love. But the sex and blood is just too good to pass up. So
what to do? Blood and sex are the only fair game he, the hunter, allows me, his
prey, to have in our passionate chase through time and space. And for his sake,
I’ve had more lives than I care to count. From one life to the next, I played
his savage game, hungering for him in a way no amount of blood or sex could
ever satisfy me. But not anymore! So how to beat him at his own game and get
away with it?

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TITLE: Tasting Leon’s Mark

ReScue, Book 2

AUTHOR: Laura Tolomei


GLBT, Gay, Ménage, Paranormal, m/m, m/f, m/m/f

ISBN 978-1-60313-690-7


RATING: Erotic, Controversial

PAGES: 324

RELEASE DATE: April 15th, 2010

PUBLISHER: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid





The world is full of hunters and their prey. But some
prey can become hunters themselves while others have hidden claws. And
surrender isn’t necessarily the loser’s choice. Surprisingly, it can turn out
to create new connections or balance pre-existing ones.

So will Sean accept anything for another taste of

Don’t miss the passionate sequel to Re-Scue


Laura Tolomei

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