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by Peter Gribble


GENRE: Fantasy



Purdu, the barbarian invader, has arrived! How can the pacifist, nonviolent City of the Magicians contain him when one faction appeals to his heart, the other to his ambitions?

Sas and Lalya are envoys of opposing camps, but Purdu throws them together to isolate them from their enclaves and assert his own authority. Yet two others decide to oppose him their way. Hyur, foremost metallurgist, secretly forges a magical weapon to tempt and subvert him. Gleswea, an astronomer, flees south to view skies she has never seen, but is swept into a culture that judges women of ability as necromancing witches deserving death.

Shoan, City strategist, reconstructing his wrecked plans, is unaware these four have slipped his calculations. Sas, Lalya, Hyur and Gleswea are unknowingly inching the City toward an unseen, perilous fate. Will anyone catch it in time?

Within, the second book in The City of the Magicians series, exposes how even as the City’s old dream of a rebirth in Magic seems to be happening, traditional institutions are failing. With Purdu spearheading the revival, some Citizens fear the purposes their Magic may soon be turned to.

Praise for Threat, the first book in The City of the Magicians series.

“An exquisitely crafted, richly textured world of magic and mystery, with settings and mood so exceptionally well visualized that fans of science fiction and fantasy should not pass up the chance to walk inside.” – IndieReader

“Apart from the beautiful writing, the robustly written characters, and the strong setting, Peter Gribble has the ability to immerse readers in a world that is well-imagined and sculpted. Having enjoyed Threat immensely, I am looking forward to the next installment in the series.” – Readers’ Favorite


EXCERPTS (Exclusive Excerpt):

It was a magical tale out of The Panmageon. Lalya inexplicably eluded capture by City authorities, implausibly positioned herself in the barbarian camp and was, miraculously, immured safe at Eiasa House.

Enormous influence was in the offing—Lalya’s father could feel it reaching for him. All too extraordinary. There was much more to the wayward, willful girl than he had ever thought, hoped or imagined. Except, in retrospect, he always suspected she possessed something other than the adversarial stubbornness he was well familiar with.

Time for critical, in-depth research.

Kseyad strode to the Salon of Lineages and asked to speak with a certain Senior Keeper of the City’s family history-sagas, whom he had consulted on a previous occasion, having long planned and arranged a link between Lalya and the important Dokadema House that in the end—thanks to her obdurate defiance—was wrecked beyond salvaging.

Was there a possibility of examining the Salon’s copy of the Eiasa history-saga?

“Your daughter Lalya currently resides at Eiasa House? Ah, well, lord sir, that’s all I need know. The concerns of a loving father are the consideration. Please come this way. By the by, did you know the young man, Musiln of Dokadema House, whom we assisted you in your negotiations with . . . oh, when did that start now—a year or two ago? Anyway, he recently made his own independent love match with Matlameswa House. Ah, here we are. Please recline and be comfortable, I will have a filer bring you the copy of the Eiasa history-saga. Be well.”

Most everyone knew the salient facts of all the old inner-City families; however, it was the more intimate details which were, by necessity, winnowed to determine whether companion matches would be sound, and, of course, particularly if and when fortunes linked, made them mutually stronger. If offspring ensued, it sealed everything. And if the two individuals in question grew to love each other . . . well, it was a favorable factor.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Peter Gribble has written for NUVO and other magazines in British Columbia.

For over ten years he wrote a monthly gardening column for a local Vancouver paper.

The City of the Magicians is his first published series.

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