Author Interview M W Arnold: A Wing and a Prayer

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Author Interview M W Arnold

1. How did you choose your genre? What made you write this book?
I can honestly say, this genre chose me. I was watching a tv show about the Air Transport Auxiliary, specifically about the ladies who flew with it, and as soon as it had finished, I found myself trawling around the internet, investigating, finding all I could out about these incredible women. Within the next day, I had an awful lot of web links and information saved up. The next morning, my laptop migrated to my…lap, and I began tapping away. The beginning of ‘A Wing and a Prayer’ was the first thing that came out and the rest flowed pretty quickly from then on. As I was investigating, I found my admiration and respect for these ladies growing by the minute and these stories are my way of keeping their memory alive. They (and the male pilots of course) did a tremendous job for the United Kingdom and they should be remembered and thanked.

2. Writers write what they know, and must observe the world. Are you a first born, middle, or last child and how does this shape your view of the world?
I’m the last child, though am not particularly close to my family. I suppose that happens and as I spent sixteen years in the Royal Air Force, flitting around the world, it’s not much of a surprise. I’d have to say that my view of the world is mainly shaped by my experiences of whom I’ve met in my travels, rather than from family.

3. Where is your favorite place to write?
I can’t write in silence. As I write this interview, I’m sitting in my normal writing place; in front of the television. I’ve tried the norm, quiet, but it doesn’t work for me, my mind tends to wander. Okay, I suppose it should meander with the tv blaring; it is what it is. Usually, I’ll have a favorite film or series playing and this seems to have a settling effect on me.

4. How do you feel about killing your darlings, and what do you do with the remains?
Interesting question? I don’t want to give any spoilers away to anyone here who’s familiar with my books, but big things happen at the start of book four ‘In the Mood’. Like most authors, I have a few books tucked away in a drawer and both, contain characters who either didn’t survive to the end or who ended up with some kind of an injury. As this series is set in WW2, it’s logical that something is going to happen to one or more of the characters. Actually, I seem to like putting them into mortal danger and have done so on quite a few occasions.

5. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them?
I’ve been lucky enough to have met my favorite author. I may write in the Historical/Saga genre, but I became an avid reader when I discovered Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. When the gentleman was at the height of his powers, he used to do a book signing tour to support each of his new releases. He’d happily sit there signing everything his fans brought in, no matter how long it took. The first time I met him, I was so in awe, I could barely stammer out a, ‘Thank you’, and left feeling like a right numpty. The second time, I was a year older and a bit more ready and was able to not only thank him but to ask him when we would next see Death appear in one of his novels and what exactly was Greebo the cat. I can’t remember what he answered. All these years later, I’ve still got the books he signed safely displayed and they’re some of my most treasured possessions. I can never look at them without feeling a pang of sadness at his passing.

6. Inquiring minds want to know…tell readers something about you that no one knows. Now, should I tell you this, or not? Well, as you asked so politely. The first thing I remember writing, semi-seriously, is a piece of Star Trek fan fiction. I’ve always been a fan of the tv show, probably more so than ever now, so I suppose it seemed a logical (get it?) choice of subject. I never finished it and believe it was last seen on 5 ¼ floppy disc back at RAF Brampton in Huntingdonshire, England back in the late eighties. It’s probably best lost to the sands of time.

7. You are stranded on a deserted island with only a backpack for company. What three items are in your survival pack?
I’m probably going to be very boring here, but my Forces background would make me pack a wind-up radio – I don’t suppose being a Gryffindor would mean I could pack my magic wand? Worth a try – a waterproof tarpaulin and ‘Mort’, by Terry Pratchett, to pass the time (I can reread this anytime).

8. If you could have one superpower in your existence, what would it be?
I’m going to be a little sneaky here – I’d like to power to find and be able to operate a real, Tardis. Not only are there so many situations in my past I’d like to go back to, but who wouldn’t love the ability to travel in time?

9. Favorite snack?
I don’t know if you have them in the USA, but I love a small chewy sweet called a ‘Fruit Salad’. They’re supposed to be a combination of rhubarb and custard. I don’t know if they are, but I find them irresistible.

10. Indy 500 – Do you know how to get where you’re going or do you drive the speed limit? Hopefully, I read you right here. I’m a ‘panster’ when I write. All I know are the beginning and the ending, though often the ending will change, as I’ve no idea of what will come in between those two, things tend to change easily, as it all depends on what my characters want to do. I do kind of envy those author friends of mine who can sit down and plan a whole book, but this method seems to work for me.

Many, many thanks for having me!

Broken Wings Series

by M W Arnold


GENRE: Historical, Saga, Mystery, Thriller, Romance



The Air Transport Auxiliary Murder Club!

Four ladies of the Air Transport Auxiliary bond initially by solving the mystery of who was responsible for the death of one’s sister, finding along the way a mutual love for solving mysteries, which have an unerring knack of landing in their laps. Battling both internal forces and those of the country’s mutual enemies, these are sweeping stories of love, mysteries and hope, set against the backdrop of war when ties of friendship are exceptionally strong.



They were lucky, with only Betty being slightly injured in the sneak attack. Apart from a ringing headache, a small cut to her forehead where her helmet had crashed into her as it flew off, and a slight redness around her chin from the strap, the only thing really hurt had been her dignity.

Flight Captain Jane Howell, Betty’s commanding officer, stopped by to visit whilst the station doctor patched her up and then insisted she go home for the rest of the day. They’d been very lucky, Jane explained. The two raiders had missed the airfield entirely and had instead blown up an acre of potatoes. They’d probably mistaken this airfield for an operational one and, not wanting to hang around and risk being intercepted by the RAF, had dumped their bombs and run for home. From the headache Betty was nursing, she personally didn’t feel the raid had been a failure.

The hero of the hour had to be honored, too, and it seemed nearly the whole of the station’s personnel made a point in searching him out.

“Who’s a good boy, then?”

“How’s old Radar Ears?”

“Maybe we should ask Ruth if we could have him as the base mascot.”

“I think he’d be quite happy with some treats, myself,” Betty shouted once they got her home, rubbing the dog’s ears as he lay on his back, legs akimbo and enjoying being the center of attention.

“Do you think we should tell her she’s shouting?” asked Doris, struggling to keep a straight face.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mick is a hopeless romantic who was born in England and spent fifteen years roaming around the world in the pay of HM Queen Elisabeth II in the Royal Air Force before putting down roots and realizing how much he missed the travel. This he’s replaced somewhat with his writing, including reviewing books and supporting fellow saga and romance authors in promoting their novels.

He’s the proud keeper of two Romanian Were-Cats, is mad on the music of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, and enjoys the theatre and loving his Manchester-United-supporting wife.

Finally, Mick is a full member of the Romantic Novelists Association. A Wing and a Prayer will be his second published novel, and he is very proud to be welcomed into The Rose Garden.

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