Author Morgan Sheppard: To Catch a Dream

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To Catch a Dream

by Morgan Sheppard


GENRE:   Contemporary Romance



A new job and good friends, twenty-six-year-old Caitlin has it all. Strong, independent, and content with her life, Caitlin isn’t looking for love.

Smart, sexy, and sweet, Will is everything a girl could want. He also makes Caitlin want things she was certain she could live without.

Life isn’t always simple though, and Caitlin has decisions to make. Her ex-boyfriend, Andrew, is still hanging around and causing trouble. Not only that, but Cat refuses to choose between a new man and her two best friends.

With her heart on the line, Caitlin must decide if she’s prepared to take a chance or play it safe.

To Catch a Dream is a sweet contemporary romance with sensual moments. It also contains some strong language.



“But I’ve never seen Will react to anyone as he does with you,” Ashley said. “You don’t see it, but I do. He can’t take his eyes off you.”

I couldn’t help the small shudder that ripped through my body, and I saw Ashley’s eyes soften with what looked like pity. I straightened up and glared at her. “I don’t want, or need, your pity,” I spat out.

“God, you can be prickly,” Ashley said with a smile. “That wasn’t pity you could see. It was sympathy. I know Will is a good guy, but you can’t even bear the thought of anyone liking you. And yet you say you’re not traumatised.” Ashley shook her head. “Ben is right. You are strong, but how much are you hiding?”

“Not everyone wants to see everything,” I mumbled. “Seeing the truth is too much for some people. They prefer the public face, the one that smiles, and laughs, and jokes. Not the one that is scared to go out by herself at night sometimes.”

“I want it all,” Ashley insisted. “I think we can be good friends if you let me in. I know this story now, although I’m sure I only got the bare bones of it. Let me be your support person at work. And get to know Will, slowly. You’ll see he’s an alright guy.” Ashley put down her drink and leaned back as she crossed her arms across her chest, a smirk on her face.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Originally from the United Kingdom, Morgan Sheppard now resides in Germany, although she freely admits to having left part of her heart in Wales. 

Whilst a writer mainly in the fantasy genre, Morgan is more than happy to share her love of reading amongst the many different genres out there, and can always be found with a book close by.

As well as reading and writing, Morgan spends her time looking after her family and trying to learn German. Unfortunately, a natural aptitude for languages doesn’t appear to be one of her strong points. However, stubbornness is, so she continues to persevere. So far, Morgan is confident enough to order a beer and a pretzel.

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