Author Interview Claire Gillies: On The Edge

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Author Interview: Claire GIllies

Writers write what they know and must observe the world. Are you a firstborn, middle or last child, and how does this shape your view of the world?

I find the topic of family dynamics interesting as I really believe we all have traits from how we’re positioned in the family, and these characteristics seem to be more pronounced when the family come together again. I know personally, I find myself slotting back into my role within the family.

I am the youngest of five and according to Google, I am self-centered, outgoing, manipulative, creative, a risk-taker, and many more unflattering attributes!

I will admit however, that I relate to these traits of youngest child syndrome…

Of course, being the youngest you will get spoiled; it’s only natural that attention from parents and even the other siblings will happen.

I also see that I am a risk-taker at times, particularly after watching others before me take their own paths in life – made me realize what I want and didn’t want to do.

I’ve always been creative, mainly because I’ve always known I’m not the intellect in the family – that space was saved for my eldest sister! But I’ve identified as being creative from a young age, it felt comfortable and true.

I think being the youngest might also bring out my competitive side – we are a family of travelers and it was always important that I visit countries my siblings hadn’t been to before me!

I think with regards to confidence and being self-centered; my attitude could be viewed as that to some. I was not raised to be confident; it was beneficial to be a good girl and if you took on that role you would do well in life. I am from the Scottish Highlands too, and I firmly believe our culture and history have shaped us to be a suspicious and cautious group of people. So, in some ways leaving my home to spread my wings really helped me become a more confident person…but I’ll never be as confident as others. I find it awkward even talking about my work! I am here to talk about my new novel on this lovely blog (thank you for hosting Danita Minnis!) It goes against my upbringing to ‘talk yourself up’, but after running my own fashion business before my writing journey, I saw just how important it is.  If you don’t believe in yourself – no one will!

Love to all the youngest siblings out there…

On the Edge

by Claire Gillies


GENRE:   Women’s Fiction, romance,



Catherine MacGregor spends life daydreaming her way out of the perils of a dead-end job, and a dwindling love-life. Rather than face imminent redundancy, Cat finds herself giving up her life in the city, and moving to a remote Scottish island for a fresh start.

Unlocking her passion for art, things have never looked better, until the handsome but elusive musician Patrick Flannagan takes to the stage, complicating her best-laid plans.

Cat’s past could be catching up with her at last. Can she unlock her own secrets, and learn to love again, in time to save her brave new beginnings?



“Hey, just because I don’t go around snogging boys!  I’ve only recently split up with my long-term boyfriend!”

“That was two months ago!” Jess cried,

“I know – that’s recent!”

“No it’s not!  It’s not like you’ve been left a widow and loved your husband ’til the end; you told me you’d fallen out of love with Dave a long time before you left.  What are you waiting for?” Jess looked wide-eyed.

Cat chewed the inside of her mouth and looked down, unable to meet Jess’s gaze.  “I don’t know”.

Just then the phone beeped, making the two girls jump.

“It’s fine, whatever the outcome” Cat assured herself loudly.

Jess pressed buttons on her phone, and silently read for what seemed to Cat an eternity.

“You are good to go my friend!” Jess wiggled on the bed and held her phone up to Jess to read “Single!”

The two girls whooped and bounced on the bed.

“You read that for a long time.  Jeez, I can’t believe how much I wanted him to be single!” Cat screeched, then quickly covered her mouth in surprise and embarrassment.

“Well, the lovely Kate said he was with a girl for a few years.   She was local, but she’s now living in Australia.  They split up, not sure why.”  Jess re-read the message aloud, and they both settled down on the bed.

“What now?” Cat grinned at her friend.

“Bacon and eggs?” Jess pleaded with big blue eyes.

“I’ll get my purse,” Cat smiled and for the first time in a long while, thought that life couldn’t get any better.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland, Claire’s homeland continues to be a stream of inspiration for her. A clothing designer too, Claire (Lorna) creates one-off bespoke garments using Scottish tweeds and tartans.

Claire currently splits her time between Scotland and Australia with her lovely Irish husband. She is a cat lover (without the cat) and can be found either drinking coffee, researching the best cake haunts, or watching yet another costume drama!

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