Author Interview: D. Lieber & A Very Witchy Yuletide

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Author Interview: D. Lieber

1. How did you choose your genre? What made you write this book?

I am a genre hopper. I sort of choose whatever I am in the mood for. For A Very Witchy Yuletide, I was in the mood for a warm fuzzy holiday romance.

2. Writers write what they know and must observe the world. Are you a firstborn, middle, or last child, and how does this shape your view of the world?

As a fantasy author (though A Very Witchy Yuletide is contemporary romance not fantasy), I have to disagree with the statement that writers write what they know. A lot of what I do is imagination, stuff that isn’t even possible. But, then again, I still use what I observe in character relationships/motivations and overall themes. But on to your actual question.

Haha that is more complicated a question than you know. My family situation isn’t very clean cut. I will say, I was raised with my younger brother for most of my life as the eldest child. But things got more complicated when we found out I had two older siblings by my biological father. We also knew we had a younger brother from another marriage. And then, more recently, my adoptive father had a baby with his second wife. So technically, I am somewhere in the middle, but I didn’t really have a relationship with any of my other siblings until I was an adult. So, in regards to shaping my worldview, I would say I am the eldest child. Sibling relationships play very heavily in many of my stories as my mom always emphasized my younger brother and I take care of each other. As the older sibling, I feel it is my duty to watch out for him, but then again, he would likely say the same. Having a younger sibling certainly makes you grow up a little faster, be a little more responsible.

3. Where is your favorite place to write?

Any place where I am alone and it is quiet. It usually turns out to be in my office.

4. How do you feel about killing your darlings, and what do you do with the remains?

It is always a little disappointing to throw away something you worked so hard on. But the story needs what the story needs. Forcing it into submission is only going to convolute the parts that are necessary. I’ve never had too difficult a time throwing stuff away if the story demands it.

5. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them?

I’m assuming you mean my favorite living author? Because things could get a little awkward otherwise… I actually met her, Anne Bishop, at a convention. I didn’t really have a burning question. I think her work speaks for itself. I just wanted to let her know how much I love her writing, and how very impressed I am that she doesn’t shy away from writing truly evil bad guys.

6. Inquiring minds want to know…tell readers something about you that no one knows.
I once begged my mom to let me go on a trip to Amsterdam so that I could learn how to sail tall ships for the summer, completely disregarding that I get seasick…She didn’t let me go.

7. You are stranded on a deserted island with only a backpack for company. What three items are in your survival pack?

A knife, a water purifier, and a satellite phone.

8. If you could have one superpower in your existence, what would it be?

Teleportation. I have a strong wanderlust, but I hate airports.

9. Favorite snack?

Oh, so many, especially now that I can’t have everything I used to. Hmmm of what I’m allowed to have? Lactose-free Ice cream for sweet and potato chips for salty/crunchy.

10. Indy 500 – Do you know how to get where you’re going or do you drive the speed limit?

I’m blind. If they let me drive, everyone would die. But…isn’t the Indy 500 just left turns? Who could get lost?

A Very Witchy Yuletide

by D. Lieber


GENRE: Contemporary pagan holiday romance



First love is hard to forget, and even harder to ignore…

Evergreen Pendre wasn’t planning on going home for Yule. But when her Mom tells her the old coven is coming for a visit, she wants to see everyone. Well, almost everyone.

After four and a half years, Sawyer Collins finally has a chance to reconnect with his first love, Eeva Pendre. He might have been too shy to tell her how he felt before, but he’s changed. And he’s determined not to let her slip away this time.

As the coven prepares for Yule, they are reminded that not everyone has the holiday spirit in this contemporary Pagan holiday romance.



As Eeva shifted her weight from foot to foot, swaying in time, they started the simple steps of the dance, circling each other.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Sawyer encouraged. “You remember. Ready for the staff?”

Eeva smiled. “Go for it.”

Sawyer struck out with his staff, and Eeva met it with hers. He did it again with the same result. And so they went on in rhythm, the mock battle playing out in a dance. They circled each other. They clashed in the middle. They retreated.

Sawyer’s heart raced as the exercise made him warm in his coat. He took it off, his steps still in time. Eeva did the same, her breaths punctuated by white puffs from her lips.

“Ready to try the end?” Sawyer asked her.

“Come at me,” she challenged, her voice teasing.

Sawyer attacked, bringing his face in close to hers, their staves crossed between them. This was where he was supposed to push them apart. She was to fall to the ground, defeated. But as they locked eyes, and he felt her breath on his face, they both froze.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

D. Lieber is an urban fantasy author with a wanderlust that would make a butterfly envious. When she isn’t planning her next physical adventure, she’s recklessly jumping from one fictional world to another. Her love of reading led her to earn a Bachelor’s in English from Wright State University.

Beyond her skeptic and slightly pessimistic mind, Lieber wants to believe. She has been many places—from Canada to England, France to Italy, Germany to Russia—believing that a better world comes from putting a face on “other.” She is a romantic idealist at heart, always fighting to keep her feet on the ground and her head in the clouds.

Lieber lives in Wisconsin with her husband (John) and cats (Yin and Nox).

Published Works:

Conjuring Zephyr June 2016

The Exiled Otherkin November 2017

Intended Bondmates June 2018

In Search of a Witch’s Soul (Council of Covens Noir, #1) March 2019

Dancing with Shades (Council of Covens Noir, #0) August 2019

Once in a Black Moon March 2020

A Very Witchy Yuletide October 2020






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