Interview: Layla of Dark Love Rising


Get to know my heroine Layla. She’s taking a few questions in the green room. Fresh from the pages of my new paranormal romance Dark Love Rising.


Interview: Layla, Vampire Goddess

  1. Layla, what is your greatest fear? That my sister Tamara will accomplish her goal: to create an army of Dark Ones and conquer the world.
  1. What do you do best? What is the perfect location for this action? I kill Tamara’s newborns. With my maker’s blood, I am stronger than they will ever be. Location? The world.
  1. What drives you to do the things you do? Long ago, I should have loved, lived a full life and left this earth when it was time. But I was denied my love and my meeting with Anubis, the god of all souls when my maker damned me for all eternity.
  1. When you are introduced to humans, are you happy to meet them?  Your question should be: are they happy to meet me? If they live long enough to consider that thought then, yes, I would say I was happy to meet them. 🙂

  1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?  Ahhhh. *sits back in the chair with a slow smile* Quinn. My love.
  1. How would you describe yourself? I have made myself the protector of the human race. I was once like you, with a heartbeat, with love. It was a beautiful life. Anything that threatens life will perish.
  1. What is your weakness? My need for blood. It is necessary for me to kill but I choose to kill only those among you who are evil and don’t deserve to live.
  1. Where do you go to regroup/unwind? Back to the palace in Alexandria – before all of this – when my sister and I were alive. We were the Queen’s handmaidens and we danced. When I play the castanets, I am back there.
  1. What do you live for? For my Love, Quinn.
  1. What will you kill for?  Always, for Quinn. And for you, my dear fragile humans.


Dark Love Rising is available now on Amazon.

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