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Author Interview

1. Woohoo! You are a published author. Describe a strong character trait you possess, good or bad, and how it helped you become a published author. The main character trait that makes me write is persistence.  I have stories I want to tell and am not going to quit until that story is on paper (or in the machine).

2. Sometimes an author begins writing a story before they are aware of its genre. Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you? I very much chose my genre.  I fell in love with romance many years ago and wrote the first book on a dare.

3. The plot thickens, or does it? Which one are you, a pantser or a plotter? I am a serious plotter.  When I have my characters firmly in my mind, I sit down with a Big Chief and write a detailed, chapter-by-chapter plot of everything that is going to happen.  This prevents a lot of writer’s block even if writing the plots themselves is a slow form of torture.

4. Fear 101: As writers it is our duty to make our characters face their fears. Have you ever included one of your own fears in a storyline? Sure-fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of life passing me by (which is really hasn’t)-I don’t know how a writer can write about a fear they haven’t at least had a little taste of.

5. Fear 102: Yes, deadlines are terrifying. Have you conquered the juggling act between writing and the rest of your life? What do you do when it feels like the balls are dropping all around you? I have a strict writing schedule that I stick to.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m retired from my day job.  Back when I was juggling teaching, writing and two young children, I had a lot of help from my wonderful husband.

6. Switch positions with one of your main characters in a scene. What is the outcome, disaster or divine intervention? Depending on the story it could be either.  But the outcome would be reached much more quickly.  I have a tendency to cut to the chase and get things resolved one way or the other.

7. Where is your favorite place to write? Add that one comfort food that you can’t do without. At the desk I have set up in front of the big picture window at our lake house.  I can see the beach and the water.  The house and the lakeside community it is in were some serious inspiration in writing the Texas Hill Country series.  Comfort food?  Cheese spread on a rice cracker.

8. Writing inspirations? It can be anything.  Texas Hill Country series was inspired mostly by my love for the Hill Country and our lake home on Lake Buchanan.  The Smoky Blue series was inspired by my love of old mountain music-I play both Kylie Richards’ dulcimer and the ukulele of Leilani Mahuiki (Evergreen), and my characters play the same songs my dulcimer and ukulele groups play.

9. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them? Nora Roberts.  Two questions for her.  What is your next trade series going to be about, and when are you going to let Eve Dallas and Roarke have a baby?

10. I’ve gone mad – why don’t you come with me? Some people just don’t understand us writers. Name a quirky, writer-thing you do that friends wish you didn’t. I space out sometimes when my mind goes off on a plotting or character tangent.



by Emily Mims

GENRE: Romance/romantic suspense





The widow of a lying drug dealer, dulcimer-player Kylie Barstow Richards finds herself struggling to see through the mist of the Smoky Mountains to the truth-about her life, about the nightclub where she works, and about the bluegrass-playing musician who has arrived to steal her heart.



Ren got a soda out of the fridge and scrolled down to Sawyer Ellison’s number.  “So what did you learn over the weekend?” Sawyer demanded without preamble.

“Damn little.  There was one odd incident but the rest of the weekend was on the up and up.”

“So tell me about the odd incident.”

Ren recounted Royce’s remark and Kylie’s reaction to it.  “I wouldn’t have thought so much about the crack if it hadn’t been for her reaction.  What he said, it really got to her.”

“Interesting.  And then there’s the question of whether he just made a random nasty crack that inadvertently hit the nail on the head or whether he really knows something.  So give me his name, the clown who made the crack, and I’ll see what I can find out about him.”

Ren gave Sawyer both Royce and Archer’s names.  “But again, except for her reaction to that crack out of Royce, I saw absolutely nothing amiss all weekend, and we were together most of the time.  She did nothing even remotely suspicious.  So I have to ask: is Kylie the only one responsible, or is somebody else involved?”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Author of twenty six romance novels, Emily Mims combined her writing career with a career in public education until leaving the classroom to write full time.  The mother of two sons and grandmother of three, she and her husband Charles live in central Texas but frequently visit grandchildren in eastern Tennessee and Georgia.  She plays the piano, organ, dulcimer, and ukulele and belongs to two performing bands.  She says, “I love to write romances because I believe in them.  Romance happened to me and it can happen to any woman-if she’ll just let it.”













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