Love is Not A Ghostly Illusion #MFRWauthor



When I started writing Adderley’s Bride, I had no idea how love between a human and a ghost would turn out. Well, actually, I did. I mean, Sophie would have to die to be with her ghost lover Gray, wouldn’t she? Where’s the happily-ever-after in that?

But wait, haven’t you ever loved someone so much that you would die for them? Not such a strange concept when put that way. I know, you’re thinking; if it was a matter of life and death, save my child, take a bullet for my husband or wife. You know you wouldn’t hesitate if you love them.

So tell me, what’s the difference with Sophie and Gray other than a heartbeat? What if you escaped to an old mansion in upstate New York and found the one whom you must have been waiting for all of your life as they have waited centuries for you, the one who kills for you when it is a matter of life and death? Tell me, what is the difference?

 There’s a twist to their love story that should satisfy the debate. Find out if Sophie dies for her love in Adderley’s Bride.



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