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Welcome to Paranormal Fragment Friday! I am featuring a snippet from my new paranormal romance Love Entwined, A Cardiff Novel Book 2. Roman is bringing Amelie home to St. Clair Manor in North Yorkshire.


Love Entwined

“We’re on Cardiff land now,” he said quietly.

In silence, they drove into the abyss of an unmarked roadway that wound through a dark forest. Huge limbs interwove as if giants fought endless battles all around them.

They were passing a large stone house bordering the forest when she broke the silence. “Who lives there now?”

He smiled for the first time since they’d landed in North Yorkshire. “Did you know the people who lived there before?”

She blinked, realizing what she’d just said. Instead of answering, she sat forward.

“The groundskeeper lives there…now. This was once the main residence on the property.”

Three wide-paned windows just under the crenellated roof were dark. There was nothing to see at this distance in the night, but she could not turn away. An inexplicable feeling of sadness came over her.

The Bentley crossed a cobblestone bridge with two wrought iron electric lamps on either side lighting their way.

Across the green was the mansion. The floodlights lit up the old limestone, making the imposing high, stone walls seem even older than they were. Large bay windows dotted the beautifully preserved façade.

My dream house. 

She turned to Roman, who stared at her.

“What is it?”

“This is…” She could not speak, should not speak the words in her mind, and returned her gaze to the window. “It is like an ancient monument.”

He looked over her shoulder. “This drafty old place is over two hundred years old.”

He stopped when she wanted to hear more, anything that would explain why her dream house was here in England, why she was here, why they were both here together, she and her dream lover.


Love Entwined is available now at Liquid Silver Books.

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