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Well, more changes, onward and upward. Since Go Daddy will soon be doing away with Quick Blog Cast as I know it, I have switched to WordPress.

Welcome to my shiny new blog.
I am amazed at the possibilities with WordPress, and love playing with my new toy, styling it any way I want!

I have imported all posts from the old blog, which will run for maybe another week before I shut it down.
Those who have guest posts can find them easily in the archives.

If you followed my old blog and would like to continue to follow, please check out the new blog below.
Thanks and Happy Fourth weekend!

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In The Key Of Love

I should have known I would end up here... Give me a good book and I'm in heaven. Especially romance, mystery, mayhem, the fantastic and the fey. Give me a laptop and I'm writing any one of these, and not in any particular order.

4 thoughts on “My New WordPress Blog”

  1. Oh WordPress is awesome. I’ve used it for many different types of websites, the possibilities are endless haha. I hope you have fun with your WordPress install 🙂

    1. Thanks Eirene 🙂 I am learning so much. There is a lot of freedom with WordPress. It’s like having my hand in the cookie jar – don’t know which one to pick!

    1. Thanks Aleksejs, I am scheduling guest posts and I am just in love with the access to all those things I didn’t have at my fingertips before. 🙂

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