Love is…

Had fun blogging for Silken Sheets and Seduction today! 

Love thinking about my Top Ten:

1.  David Gandy

2.  Hugh Jackman

3.  Dwayne Johnson

4.  Nicholas Cage

5.  Jim Caviezel

6.  Sacha Baron Cohen

7.  Vin Diesel

8.  Clive Owen

9.  Tatum Channing

10. Stuart Townsend

Who’s on your list?

I’m being featured…

On the excellent blog Silken Sheets and Seduction on May 3rd!
 Please stop by and get to know me.

Check out FALCON’S ANGEL cover art by the wonderful Lynn Perkins!

A priceless Stradivarius brings a devil-worshipping cult and two liars together again. A haunting tale of passion, two hundred years in the making. 

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