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To Steal a Highlander’s Heart by Samantha Holt

Genre: Medieval Romance                                                                                     Publication Date: 30th September 2013                                                                 Publisher: Indie                                                                                                                     Cover Artist: Kim Killion


Welcome bestselling medieval romance author Samantha Holt with her new release To Steal a Highlander’s Heart.  Remember to leave a comment and your email address for a chance to win:

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It is release day and I always love to get into an author’s mind while they are on tour. We learn such fun things about them! Read on as Samantha answers my ten.

Author Photo - Samantha Holt

Author Interview

Woohoo! You are a published author. Describe a strong character trait you possess, good or bad, and how it helped you become a published author. Wooo! LOL I’m stubborn and once I get an idea in my head, I get very intense about it. It does mean I get very absorbed but for writing, it works!

Sometimes an author begins writing a story before they are aware of its genre. Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you? No I’ve always loved the medieval era so I knew before I sat down to write, this would be my main genre.

The plot thickens, or does it? Which one are you, a pantser or a plotter? A pantser. I did write the vaguest of outlines for this one which is very rare.

Fear 101: As writers it is our duty to make our characters face their fears. Have you ever included one of your own fears in a storyline? I don’t think I have, you know? And thinking really hard about it, I’m not sure what my fears are. I have a fear of being late I think but that wouldn’t make very compelling reading.

Fear 102: Yes, deadlines are terrifying. Have you conquered the juggling act between writing and the rest of your life? What do you do when it feels like the balls are dropping all around you? No I haven’t. I used to be quite good but this latest book utterly consumed me. I’ve just taken my first proper week off in a long time, just to get my life back in order. I think it’s something I will have to do at the end of each book as I didn’t realize quite how disorganized life had become!

Switch positions with one of your main characters in a scene. What is the outcome, disaster or divine intervention? Oh utter disaster obviously. Mostly because I’d crumble at the sight of my hero.

Where is your favorite place to write? Add that one comfort food that you can’t do without. Honestly I don’t have a favourite place at the moment. I work from the sofa or the dining table. Ideally I want a little conservatory one day to write in. I’ve been eyeing some up… one day maybe… Food I can do without. Coffee, I cannot!

Writing inspirations? I think reading a good book often sparks things for me. Just a word sometimes does it and sends me off into a whole stream of ideas. That and visiting historical sites.

You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them? Elizabeth Gaskell, author of North and South. I would ask her if she fell in love with her hero, John Thornton, as much as I did.

I’ve gone mad – why don’t you come with me? Some people just don’t understand us writers. Name a quirky, writer-thing you do that friends wish you didn’t. Hubby wishes I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to write things down and I know I’m not alone in that and I think my friends wish I would be more sociable. I turn into a hermit when I’m in the middle of a story and I don’t care much for my social life. The imaginary people keep me company instead!


Holt cover 

Book Blurb/Synopsis

Alana sets eyes on Morgann for the first time in several years and what does he do? He captures her! But Alana refuses to go meekly with the sexy Highland warrior. Her kidnapping will reignite the rift that’s existed between the two clans since her father accused Morgann of theft and she doesn’t want to see her father harmed in the inevitable war that will ensue.

Unfortunately for Alana, the faeries seek to interfere with her plans to escape. The sidhe have a debt to repay and Tèile, the green faery, is determined to mend the rift between the clans for good. And that means ensuring Alana and Morgann marry.

Morgann has his own reasons for taking Alana and they are nothing to do with marriage or war. He wants to use her to reveal a secret from the past, the one that had him accused of theft. If only he didn’t find his childhood friend so attractive. When circumstances force them together, Alana’s life is threatened and war is imminent. Can Morgann reveal the truth without losing Alana? And will the faery’s meddling help or hinder his cause?

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“Will ye cease fighting me if I explain?”


The hold around her hands released as he watched her closely. But she knew better than to fight him. It didn’t mean she’d stop trying to escape. Nay, she just had to choose her moment more carefully. The warrior was obviously determined to take her.

She made the mistake of holding his gaze as he made to climb off and her chest tightened. He paused and they stared at each other. Emotion simmered behind his gaze, the anger gone, and Alana couldn’t tell if the emotion was targeted at her or something else. All she knew was the feeling of having his strong weight on top of her, his gaze boring into her, stole all sensible thought and turned her into one quivering mass of sensations.

Endless moments stretched on as she waited for Morgann to look away, to break the connection, but he stared brazenly on as his gaze trailed over her face. What did he see? As she gaped up at him, the irate warrior dissolved into a flesh and blood man and she recalled how much she used to adore him. When Morgann was banished from her father’s lands, she’d been heartbroken at losing her friend, but with the blazing sensation of having him flattened against her, she remembered it wasn’t just the loss of his friendship that hurt her so. She’d always silently hoped Morgann would play a bigger role in her future.

But that didn’t change the fact he was taking her against her will and she would not go meekly, regardless of what she once felt for him. She wouldn’t put herself and her clan in danger all because they’d once been friends. If only she could ignore the sensuous pull of his lips or the darkening of his pupils as a rough finger drew a path over her cheek.

A crack ripped across the sky and they both jolted. Pushing to standing, Morgann helped her up and grimaced as he eyed her. Aware of the mud coating her, she swiped a hand across her face as her cheeks heated. Tilting her head up, she hoped the rain would at least be useful for something and not only rinse away some of the dirt but also cool her down. The way the man made her skin blister was extremely disconcerting.

Morgann muttered a curse, drawing her attention back to him as he raked a hand through his hair and yanked some rope from the leather pouch hanging from his saddle. As he turned back to her, rope held out, Alana shrank away.

“Ye cannae mean to tie me up, surely?”


Author Bio

Samantha resides in Warwickshire, England with her twin girls and husband. She’s a romance addict and has been devouring all kinds of romance for as long as she can remember.

Having studied archaeology, Samantha likes to blend her love of the past with her passion for romance to create thrilling and passionate tales set to medieval backdrops. She thinks there’s nothing sexier than a rugged warrior and a feisty maiden falling head over heels for each other.


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