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I’m at Dawn’s Reading Nook today with my debut paranormal romance. Read an excerpt here.

Founder of MFRW, Kayelle Allen!

This weekend we’re in for a treat! I am so excited to have as my visitor the founder of MFRW, Kayelle Allen!  Kayelle, take it away!

What’s With All the Knock Knock Jokes?

Have you seen all the #KnockKnock hashtags on Twitter
lately? Half of them are attached to the hashtag #mfrwSummerCamp. Why?

You remember what summer camp was like, right? S’mores by
the campfire, corny songs sung till you were blue in the face, burnt hot dogs,
sleeping in a wet tent, hanging out with new friends, telling Knock Knock jokes?
Well, the last two are likely to happen at the summer camp I’m talking about,
but not so sure about the other items. Never was that fond of damp sleeping

MFRW stands for Marketing for Romance Writers – a Yahoo Group
whose members are focused on learning marketing and publicity. I created MFRW
in 2006 to help about a dozen friends. We’ve grown a bit. Yesterday the count
was 1256, and we’re adding members daily. What do we do?

We discuss ways to advance our careers, brainstorm new ventures
and ideas, get feedback, and find others interested in mutual promotion. Our motto
is “Seek, teach, share, learn, succeed.” We welcome marketing-related
material that asks a question, offers a promo or idea, or is a request for help,
advice, or opinions. We offer opportunities to promote and join others in promotional
efforts. As fellow authors (published and not-yet), publishers, literary agents,
editors, author promo groups, promo assistants, and artists, we are your support
group and co-workers. Need to buy pens, pins, or other goodies? Found a great place
to do that? Please share. We are open to all fiction and non-fiction genres without
limit. Our writing per se is not discussed; we focus on creating an image and using
it effectively. Pitch sessions and calls for submission are welcome.

We decided to use our large numbers to get some free
training for members. In March, we put out a call for volunteers to teach
during a two-day online free conference. We called it Marketing Summer Camp.
The schedule is daunting but awesome. You can click here
to download a PDF
, or visit this link. http://marketingforromancewriters.org/camp.htm

To learn more about the group, try these links as well.

Group site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MarketingForRomanceWriters/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/mfrwauthors/
Newsletter http://www.issuu.com/MFRW
Website http://marketingforromancewriters.org

I’ll close by sharing three of my favorite Summer Camp Knock
Knock jokes from Twitter.

#KnockKnock Who’s there? Read it! Read it who? No, read it
here: http://is.gd/mfrw_camp_hours
#mfrwSummerCamp schedule is ready

#KnockKnock Who’s there? Stopwatch! Stopwatch who? Stopwatch
yer doing and go to #mfrwSummerCamp http://is.gd/mfrworg

#KnockKnock Who’s there? Interrupting cow! Interrupt- Moo!!
Come laugh at #mfrwSummerCamp http://is.gd/mfrworg

Now, don’t blame me about the Knock Knock jokes okay? After
all, you’re the one who opened the door… ^_^ See you at camp!

Kayelle Allen founded Marketing
for Romance Writers
to help authors learn how to market their books, build
an online image, and establish a brand. She is an award winning,
multi-published author who writes about badass immortals, warriors who purr,
and agents who find the unfindable–or hide it forever. Her unstoppable heroes are
known for uncompromising love and unforgettable passion. Kayelle is also the
founder of The Author’s Secret, a
company that creates custom book videos, and provides personalized phone
support for media-related services for both authors and readers.

Night Owl Review: Falcon’s Angel

Night Owl’s Review of my debut paranormal romance!

Welcome Gabrielle Bisset!

The wonderful Gabrielle Bisset is here to tell us about her exciting series!

Writing The Sons of Navarus Series

 Thanks so much, Danita, for having me here today at your
blog. It’s so nice to be here!

 When I began writing my Sons of Navarus series, I had a
decision to make. There are two kinds series, so I had to decide which one I
wanted to do. I could do either the series that has books that can each be
standalone stories, or I could do a series in which each book contributed to an
overall story that would go through the entire series. 

For the Sons of Navarus series, I chose the second type because I had a big
story to tell and eight heroes. Here’s the blurb for the series:

Long ago, the first vampire was born from
the love of the goddess Macaria, the daughter of Hades, God of the Underworld,
and Navarus, the human male who fell in love with her.  As her consort, he
walked the night as she always had, becoming the first vampire.  Loving
her, he turned her vampire and together they had eight sons. The youngest,
Idolas, had a vision of the world long after ancient Greek times, of a time
when the Archons, those vampires chosen to keep law and order in the vampire
world, would move to overthrow the elders in the Order of Macaria and impose
their iron rule on all.

The vampire world is now very far from
the love Macaria and Navarus shared millennia ago. The Archons have moved to
fulfill the Prophecy of Idolas and begin the takeover.  Standing in their
way are the Sons of Navarus, eight vampire warriors chosen by the Order of
Macaria to protect the way of life vampires have enjoyed for thousands of years
and defeat the Archons when the day Idolas prophesized came true.  

That time has come and for the eight
Sons of Navarus, this war will test their strength and courage. They must
unlock the secrets of the Prophecy of Idolas to defeat the Archons or perish in
trying for none of their kind can be safe if the Archons win this battle.

Each book builds on the story, so each book is integral to
understanding what came before and what will come after. For example, readers
who begin with the first book, Blood Avenged, know all about Vasilije and Sasa,
the hero and heroine of that book. When they appear throughout the following books,
readers understand why they’re important to the story.


The second book in the series, Blood Betrayed, was just released
in late May. That book continues the series’ story while showcasing the romance
of Saint and Solenne.  The civil war has
begun in the vampire world, and Saint is marked for death by the Archons. This
Son is very different from Vasilije, who is a pure hedonist. Saint is haunted
by his past and the woman he loved and lost a century ago, but it is that very
woman, Solenne, who is the key to him surviving the death sentence the Archons
have given him.

 It’s great fun to write a series that has individual
romances in each book and a continuing story that travels throughout all the
books. There are eight Sons of Navarus, so the story will continue for a while.
Each book will add to the reader’s knowledge of the Prophecy of Idolas, the
importance of the Greek gods to the vampire world, and the civil war that will
decide the future for all vampires.

 I believe it’s important for readers to know that the series
is one that will unfold an overall story throughout and not once that will have
individual books that will be standalone stories. For some readers, the urge
will be to say the story is confusing because it isn’t wrapped up at the end of
each book, but I ask them to remember that this isn’t that kind of series.
While each romantic couple will have a HEA or HFN at the end of their book, the
series’ story won’t be complete until the very last book.

 It’s going to be a fantastic ride with the Sons. I look
forward to giving the readers a great story that at the end will leave them in
love with the series.

 Readers can find out more about the Sons of Navarus series
and all my books at my blog, website, and the Sons of Navarus Facebook
, where I let readers in on all the great things going on with
those sexy vampire warriors. 

Buy Links:

 Blood Avenged (Sons
of Navarus #1)  Amazon, Barnes
and Noble

 Blood Betrayed (Sons
of Navarus #2)  Amazon,
and Noble

 And look for Blood
Spirit (Sons of Navarus #3) coming in September!

Thanks again, Danita, for having me here today! 

Falcon has a few words…

Have you met Falcon yet? He and I are visiting Gabrielle Bisset’s beautiful blog today!

Passion Week: Love is a Drug

I’m visiting Amelia Curzon’s excellent blog and this week’s theme is Passion!

What does Passion Week mean to me?
 Hmm…Falcon’s Angel…David Gandy…don’t make me choose.


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