BTS Goes Hollywood: My Interview of Kenny and Sammy Bates


I had the pleasure of interviewing horror mavens Kenny and Sammy Bates for the final – yes, final (Noooo! But we’ll talk about that later…) – issue of BTS Goes Hollywood.

As founders of Rotting Corpse Productions, not only are Kenny and Sammy the go-to guys for a satisfying fright-fest, they also happen to be comedy writers. You’ve got to check out The Expansion Pack, their comedy web series.  Click the BTS Goes Hollywood cover above, and enjoy.

Now, I never say goodbye so I’ll just say to Myra Nour and Babs Hightower and all the lovely folks at BTS Book Reviews and BTS Goes Hollywood – thanks for the opportunity to work with you and the creative writers, actors, producers and directors I’ve met and interviewed. Thanks for the love – and see you around the web!

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