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Welcome Belinda McBride with her intriguing speculative fiction The Bacchi! Before we go in depth with her main character Lefi, check out that cover – awesome!

Character Interview: Lefi has an interesting story to tell

1.    What is Lefi like? Lefi
Dhrahn is the main character in The Bacchi. He’s a Somian, which is a humanoid
species. Like all Somian, Lefi was born as a twin, though he lost his sibling
while they were teens, and he’s never recovered from his grief, though his
hides it well. Lefi is colorful, (literally) flamboyant, sensual and seductive,
 he’s very, very kind.

2.    What does Lefi do best? What is the perfect location for this action? Lefi is an accomplished prostitute. As a
member of the elite guild of the Bacchi, he’s elevated the profession to an
art. Yet Lefi is perhaps more skilled as a therapist and counselor, which is his
other profession. You’ll generally find him working from his client’s homes, or
in the case of the Am Were he’s taken on as patients, in the sacred Gardens of
the Goddess, to keep them close to nature.

3.    What drives Lefi to do the things he does? Lefi
is largely driven by the emptiness left by the absence of his twin. Every year
is a bit harder to survive alone. Somian twins live together their entire lives
and believe they are literally one person in two bodies. Lefi feels incomplete
and strives to fill the void left by his twin. Sometimes he does it in
destructive and unhealthy ways.

4.    You are introduced to Lefi. Is he happy to meet you? Of
course he is! I’ve been writing about him for months and months, giving him an
outlet to tell his story. I also gave him
and he’s
very happy about that!

5.    What is Lefi’s favorite guilty pleasure? Cinnamon
Rolls. He loves them even though they have no redeeming nutritional value.

6.    How would Lefi describe himself? Lefi
would flatter himself immensely, while at the same time he’d poke fun at
himself. He doesn’t take himself very seriously.

7.    What is Lefi’s weakness? His
weakness is his tendency to get depressed around his birthday. He’d never admit
to it, but Lefi is struggling with the idea that he may not want to live out
his full lifespan. That desire shames him deeply.

8.    Where does Lefi go to regroup/unwind? He
goes to the sacred Garden of the Goddess in the middle of the city. The Somian
expatriates on Landis brought much of their culture with them, including plants
they would find on their home planet.

9.    What does Lefi live for? Until
he meets
Afton, he simply lives for the day
and whatever surprises it brings. However, he now lives for
and his future.

10. What will Lefi kill for? Only
Though Somians are wicked fighters, they are at heart pacifists and
value all life.

 A Few Questions for Lefi

1.    If
you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be? 
Oh, the ability to eat whatever I
want, whenever I want! That would be lovely! But as that really isn’t what
humans call a ‘super power,’ I’d like the ability to travel from planet to
planet without the bother of space ships. I really do not enjoy space travel.

2.    A
biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in
six words or less? 
Actually, my biography is on file
with the
Library of Notable SomiansThrough History. It’s
entitled, “
Entry 10069: Bacchi Lefi
.” Very catchy, don’t you think?  If you’d like, you can read it. It’s all
public information.

3.    If
money were not an object, where would you most like to live? 
Money is no object, and I’m content
living wherever my lover is.

4.    I
can never return to the Anya Province because of that little incident
with the crown prince. Really, I didn’t know that such acts were forbidden. How
silly is that

5.    The
next time I attempt to rescue Lefi from kidnappers, I will wear more
sensible clothing

6.    Why
do I always get paid in gemstones? Really, they’re so difficult to
redeem for their full value

7.    My
favorite flavor is cinnamon because it is rare, fine and so lovely in
a kiss

8.    I
love Afton because I am made
complete by him. And he’s got girl bits as well as boy bits. Am I not the most
fortunate man alive

9.    How
much sex can you take? Why? 
How much can I take? How much do
you need? *smiles wickedly*

10.  Name
one thing you must do before you die, and why. 
I recently made a discovery…I’m sorry, but the secret
is not mine to tell. But suffice it to say, Afton
and I found something that had been lost. Before I die, I must return these
precious items to their owners. It is perhaps the greatest task I’ve ever been
honored with.

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