Cherry Adair: Absolute Doubt

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David Wilkinson



  1. What book did you enjoy writing the most and why?

It’s impossible to pick a favorite. Usually it’s the book I’ve just finished. J I love writing action adventure. I love the running, chasing, wild monkey sex of it all, and I love having to work really, really hard to find a place where they are not running-chasing, so they have time and a place for all that wild monkey sex. lol

  1. T-FLAC is such a cool group of characters and stories. How did the T-FLAC series come about?

I came up with the idea for T-FLAC on a verrrrry long flight home from a wonderful trip in Italy. I’d written 17 books- none of which sold, although I had a lot of bites, and had no intention of writing on the plane. But things conspired against me.

First, I ran out of books several days before the flight. Only a fellow book-a-holic knows the panicky, freaked out feeling of being bookless – for an hour, let alone a dozen! I ended up buying a thick book at the airport by an author I loved, for $80.00! Of course I’d already read it, but I tried to make it last once buckled into my seat.

In those days everyone still smoked on planes. I smoked, too, so I didn’t give it much thought. But OMG I was on a plane full of Europeans – and they LOVED to smoke, and talk, and gather in large, boisterous groups right near my seat! I finished the book in an hour, and was faced with eleven, long, boring, noisy, smoke-filled hours to go, without a lethal weapon or even a parachute… lol!

In desperation, I started writing longhand in my notebook. Since I was feeling quite homicidal at that time, and since my subjects were within arm’s reach, I decided to kill them all on paper (less possibility of going to jail that way). And since I didn’t want to write about a serial killer, I had to come up with a way to kill a lot of people legally… lol!

So I started with who the Bad Guys would be (eyes left – all those freaking men standing in a large group, the entire freaking flight, chain smoking, drinking, talking and getting on my last nerve). Check.

I loved Italy. LOVED IT! So of course my story had to take place there. At that time, publishers weren’t buying books set outside the USA. (Can you see a pattern here?) But I didn’t care. This book was being written as a means of preventing my incarceration- either prison or a mental institution. (Killing the smokers + nothing to read = Murder/Insanity!)

And T-FLAC was born. J (And I gave up smoking cold turkey… lol!)I typed the book when I got home (my handwriting is almost completely illegible) and sent it in. The editor bought in within two weeks. WooHoo. That wrenched flight was so worth it J

  1. What’s the last book you read?

Susan Elizabeth Phillips First Star I see tonight. I don’t read as much as I used to. But reading is one of my favorite things to do. If I love a book, I read it twice. Once as a reader, and then again as a writer to see just how that author touched me. I adore Anne Stuart, Linda Howard, Nora Roberts, Elizabeth Lowell. . .

  1. What’s one random fact about yourself that you can share?

Oh, I’m all about random. Lol And I’m pretty much an open book. I have a crazy passion for new writers, and mentor many of them, and encourage (kick the butts!) of hundreds of others. I adore playing with readers on Facebook, and have fun giving stuff away at random. My accountant hates it, but I have such a blast, his wrath is worth it. lol


David Wilkinson

Absolute Doubt

by Cherry Adair


GENRE:  Action Adventure





In a situation this volatile, something is bound to blow!

Three. . .

T-FLAC operative Asher Daklin is running out of time in his race to end the production and sale of the word’s most deadly explosive before a cataclysmic terrorist event occurs. This op isn’t just his last chance at redemption, it’s deeply personal. Because of him, E-1x took his brother’s life and nearly incapacitated him. Now, with the timer counting down the remaining hours, he has to go deep under cover at the home of the mastermind producing the deadly explosive and stop him. Daklin can’t allow anything, or anyone, to distract him from his mission. 


Lingerie designer River Sullivan is on a mission of her own—to find her genius brother. When millions of dollars are  inexplicably wired to her account she knows he’s trouble. Traveling to the small mining town of Los Santos, situated in the mountainous jungles of Cosio, she accepts the hospitality of her brother’s employer and searches for clues as to Oliver whereabouts. If only she wasn’t overcome with inappropriate lust for one of the other houseguests- a gorgeous bishop with a warriors body and laser-sharp eyes that hint at deep, dark secrets. 


River and Daklin find themselves in a race against time, hampered by staggering odds and overwhelming desire. Daklin has one final, desperate chance to prove himself, keep River safe, and save the day….



Los Santos


If Asher Daklin wasn’t on a time-sensitive op, if his career wasn’t already FUBAR, seeing the long, shapely legs of a beautiful blonde emerging from a red sports car would’ve intrigued him. But seeing said blonde and the Mustang convertible—circa 1990—in a tiny village in Cosio, in the middle of goddamned nowhere, put him on high alert. He’d seen the woman three hundred miles away, and nine hours earlier, refusing assistance with her luggage at the Santa de Pores airport.

She’d followed him over the mountain.

It was a six-hour trip. Where’d she been for the other three?

Undercover, and in character from the moment he’d landed in Cosio, Daklin’s disguise was that of a bishop, there to “authenticate” an “apparition” for deeply religious, and even more unscrupulous radical Francisco Xavier. The “apparition” was one of T-FLAC’s making. It should be interesting to see the FX in person later tonight.

In the meantime, Daklin was trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey in layered liturgical vestments of cassock, white rochet, and over that the black Chimere. Even at dusk, the temperature in the valley hovered in the mid-nineties; humidity, eighty percent. Sweat ran down the small of his back, making the layers of fabric stick to him like a shroud.

Bringing his parish priest with him, Francisco Xavier himself had personally come to collect Bishop Daklin from the airport earlier that morning in an air-conditioned four-wheel drive replete with snacks and bottles of iced water. He’d done the twelve hour round trip just so he could talk to Bishop Daklin about his apparition in private. Nothing in this small, poor village of Los Santos was private. All of Franco’s vehicles, his home and his private chapel, had been bugged since the other five T-FLAC operatives had arrived a week earlier.

The only reason T-FLAC had given Daklin this one last chance was because he was the resident authority on E-1x. If not for that, his out of control drinking after Josh’s death would’ve gotten his ass fired.

He couldn’t afford to be distracted. He’d figured he could lay off the booze for the three days necessary to do this job. Only he hadn’t anticipated this new temptation.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

New York Times/USAToday Bestselling author Cherry Adair’s innovative action-adventure novels have appeared on numerous bestsellers lists, won dozens of awards and garnered praise from reviewers and fans alike. With the creation of her kick butt counterterrorist group, T-FLAC, years before action adventure romances were popular, Cherry has carved a niche for herself with her sexy, sassy, fast-paced, action adventure novels. She hates first drafts, has a passion for mentoring unpublished writers, and is hard at work on a new T-FLAC trilogy. Cherry loves to hear from readers, visit her on Facebook, Twitter,  or

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Book Blast: Secrets of Moonlight Cove

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by A.G. Reid, Barb DeLong, Jill Jaynes, Shauna Roberts, Janna Roznos, Kathleen Rowland

GENRE: sweet contemporary romance


Mr. Valentine Comes to Town by A.G. Reid:  A mysterious vacationer—and supernatural entity—Mr. Valentine is matchmaking despite strict instructions from the goddess Venus to leave the people of Moonlight Cove alone.

Maggie’s Mystery Man by Barb DeLong: Who is the reclusive visitor that has rented the entire Bed and Breakfast in the historic Moonlight Cove Lighthouse and who only appears in public in a bad disguise complete with a ridiculous fake wig? Maggie might find the big story that will save her small town paper. Or she might find much more.

Once Upon a Love Letter by Jill Jaynes:  Chloe Reiser sees dead people, and now that she’s back in Moonlight Cove to make a fresh start, she’s done keeping it a secret. But how is she going to tell her more-skeptical-than-ever high school crush that his dead father has an important message for him?

Surprise Deliveries by Shauna Roberts:  Serious, sensible Mr. Hamasaki left for a trip and never came back. His daughter and an artist must team up to find him.

Second Time Around by Janna Roznos:  A woman with her business on the brink may find more than she bargained for in the old Victorian house left to her by her dead sister.

Lily’s Pad by Kathleen Rowland:  Lily Holmes knows enough tricks to attract celebrities to her beachside bistro, Lily’s Pad. She knows the rules but breaks one when she falls in love with her valued client, reality T.V. star Scarlett Royale’s man, Creed Taylor.


Mr. Valentine Comes to Town by A.G. Reid

The problem with being immortal is that you can’t vacation in the same place very often. Usually, a couple of weeks every decade was all Valentine allowed himself. More than that, and people started asking too many questions. Moonlight Cove. His research told him this location was ideal for his needs. A coastal city with a Mediterranean climate, extended dry summers and short wet winters. The structures, though old, were well maintained. Best of all, Moonlight Cove has a transient tourist population.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jill Jaynes began her love affair with romance when she was a teenager growing up in Southern California, spending many a late-night under the covers with a flashlight and good romance novel.  Today she writes stories with happy endings her own way–with a dash of magic that means anything can happen. When she’s not writing, you can find her wine-tasting or hiking with her awesome husband, plotting her next story with her writer-daughter or working at her day job in her spare time.



Shauna Roberts writes historical fiction, science fiction, romance, and fantasy and is a graduate of the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop. Her publications include more than a thousand nonfiction articles, three nonfiction books, several short stories, two novelettes, and three novels (Like Mayflies in a Stream, historical fiction, 2009; Claimed by the Enemy, historical fiction with romantic elements, 2014; and Ice Magic, Fire Magic, fantasy with romantic elements, 2015).


A.G. Reid developed a love for romance novels while serving in the military. It helped keep him grounded. He now writes romantic stories with a paranormal twist. Enjoy his short story Mr. Valentine Comes to Town in the romance anthology, Secrets Of Moonlight Cove.


Barb DeLong loves all things romance, animals and light-hearted, so she combines the three into her contemporary and paranormal stories. She has published a short story in Romancing the Pages anthology, Secrets of Moonlight Cove anthology, and is currently working on another short story plus a three-book paranormal romance series.


Janna Roznos writes about the middle-ages: middle-aged women that is! Second chances, life changes and starting over are themes she continues to explore in her writing. Her short story, Second Time Around for Secrets of Moonlight Cove is her first published work.


Kathleen Rowland is devoted to giving her readers fast-paced, high-stakes suspense with a sizzling love story sure to melt their hearts.  Some are sweet: Lily’s Pad within the Secrets of Moonlight Cove anthology, but a sizzling hot example is Deadly Alliance from Tirgearr Publishing.


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Dreaming of a Bite Christmas: Layla and Quinn

Layla and Quinn are all ready for Christmas. She has the fangs. He has the Glock. When you’re trying to stop an army of bloodsuckers from taking over life as you know it, these are your priorities. With a few more, they just might make it to the New Year:

1. Get out of Luxor in one piece.
2. Kill the crooked politician who set you up.
3. Don’t fall in love with a vampire. (Quinn, you know better)
4. Remember the past so that you can protect the future. (Layla – wake up – girl)
5. Go shopping for Armageddon.
6. Kill the army of Dark Ones.


Dark Love Rising

by Danita Minnis

Former MI6 agent Xavier Quinn would say that you’re daft if you think he will stop killing for a living. But that is exactly what is about to happen. Very soon now, Quinn will start killing to stay alive. On the run after taking out the wrong man, Quinn would die a happy man if he could just live long enough to ruin the Parliament member who set him up.

Layla, a 2,000 year old vampire with a moral code, has other plans for the contract killer. When she awakens to the sound of a dark rising, Layla enlists Quinn to join her on a mission to save humanity from her twin sister Tamara.

But Quinn is just the kind of man that a cold-blooded killer like Tamara needs in her world. A man like Quinn, who never believed in humanity, has only one belief; self-preservation. Being a vampire sounds much better than staying human in the game of kill or be killed. Will Quinn stay alive long enough to find out how Layla’s love can change the equation?

Dark Love Rising will be available in January.

     Layla and Quinn wish you the best in 2017.

~Merry Christmas ~

T.S. O’Neil: Mexican Hat Trick

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Author Interview

1. How did you choose your genre? What made you write this book? The first book I ever read was Puppet on a Chain, a thriller written by Scottish author Alistair MacLean. From that point forward, I was hooked on the genre. The protagonist is usually up against insurmountable odds, he often faces danger, torture, the loss of people close to him and failure. But he struggles, adapts and overcomes. It’s a great genre, but I also claim membership in the sub-genre known as ‘Florida Glare’ popularized by John D. MacDonald’s hard-boiled PI, Travis McGee. Florida is always the backdrop. David Barry describes the particular genre as “South Florida wackos”—all heavily armed, all loquacious, all barely aware of one another’s existence—blunder through petty crime, discover themselves engaged in actual murder, and then move in unconscious unison toward the black comedy of a violent climax.” My particular version has Western Florida as the backdrop, specifically the Tampa bay area, with occasional detours to Mexico and the Caribbean, but Barry has got the rest of Florida Glare dead to rights. My second book was more of a military thriller, but I like to think I can cross genres easily. I’ve always dreamed of writing a book. Now, I’ve written four, and I’m planning on a fifth. Writing is very addicting.

2. Writers write what they know, and must observe the world. Are you a first born, middle or last child and how does this shape your view of the world? I’m the third child of a four-child family, but I don’t think that has anything to do with what I write. I write what I know, and that’s why everything I write has a military backdrop to it because I spent my formative years in the Marines and Army. I also did corporate investigative work for a while specific to trademarked apparel counterfeiting and had a number of private investigators working for me, and now I work in cyber-security. These past experiences provide rich fodder for writing. In fact, my latest novel, Mexican Hat Trick, is a private investigator who goes to Mexico to investigate a case of trademark counterfeiting and finds murder and mayhem instead.       

3. Where is your favorite place to write? I usually write in my home office as it allows me to focus and get down to business. Sorry, there isn’t a more interesting place to name—a sunny nook in a warm corner of an
older house on an antique desk that my grandfather hewed from an ancient Oak he felled with an ax in the primeval forest. Sure, that would make a better story, but it would make me sound like a pompous horse’s ass.

4. How do you feel about killing your darlings, and what do you do with the remains? I’m all for it. One of my protagonists finds love in one of my books, and I know that in order to drive action throughout the rest of the book, he has to be consumed with the desire for revenge. My darling is that case had the life expectancy of a guy wearing a red shirt in the original Star Trek series—he may beam down with the rest of the away team but you know he’s not coming back. There are times when I hate to do it because the character has become dear to me in that he has developed well and I think the readers will like him. Sometimes my wife will plead with me not to kill the character—that was the case with Eidetic Eddie Doyle, and she was right to do so as the character has more than proven his worth. But at the end of the day, someone has to die as you want to drive character action through emotion.

5. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them? The late Elmore Leonard. How do you write dialog that is so realistic and believable? I think I would also ask him how he broke through to film as I’m sure that would be an interesting story.

6. Inquiring minds want to know…tell readers something about you that no one knows. No one knows those things for a reason. Next question. Just kidding. I was a vegetarian until I was about 16 or so. I just really had no liking for the taste of meat. I wish I was still so afflicted—it would definitely help manage my cholesterol. I joined the Marine Reserves when I was seventeen and thought they probably would not accommodate a vegetarian, so I began to eat meat. I did learn that Desmond Doss, the Conscientious Objector who won the Medal of Honor for actions on Okinawa, was also a vegetarian, but then that was the Army. 🙂

7. You are stranded on a deserted island with only a backpack for the company. What three items are in your survival pack? An implement to start a fire (Flint & Steel) A Survival Straw to filter pathogens from water and a Inquiring minds want to know…tell readers something about you that no one knows. No one knows those things for a reason. Next question. Just kidding. I was a vegetarian until I was about 16 or so. I just really had no liking for the taste of meat. I wish I was still so afflicted—it would definitely help manage my cholesterol. I joined the Marine Reserves when I was seventeen and thought they probably would not accommodate a vegetarian, so I began to eat meat. I did learn that Desmond Doss, the Conscientious Objector who won the Medal of Honor for actions on Okinawa, was also a vegetarian, but then that was the Army. 🙂

8. If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be? I think the ability to fly would be a really cool superpower to have, but I think that super strength would trump that.

9. Favorite snack? Dry Roasted Cashews

10. Indy 500 – Do you know how to get where you’re going or do you drive the speed limit? I’ve become more a speed limit type of guy in my later years, but I still swerve off the road from time to time. I’ve definitely become more cautious and less willing to drive without a map. My wife claims I enjoy planning a trip more than I actually enjoy the trip. I think as we age we learn from our mistakes—the only downside to that is that mistakes sometimes lead to very interesting experiences.


Mexican Hat Trick

by T.S. O’Nei


GENRE: Contemporary, Action/Adventure




Mexican Hat Trick reunites Retired Sheriff’s Department Detective turned Private Investigator, Eidetic Eddie Doyle with Former Force Recon Marine, Michael Blackfox, in a rollicking tale of murder, counterfeiting and kidnapping south of the border. A rogue’s gallery of new villains, including a pathological ex-French Foreign Legionnaire, a bloodthirsty drug kingpin, and a conniving corporate attorney, conspire to corner the counterfeit apparel market. Mexican Hat Trick is Florida Glare—south of the border.



Michael saw the small panel truck approaching in the distance, trailing a cloud of dust many times its size. He heard the faint sound of the helicopter again, but this time, it seemed closer. He looked back at the mountain and could see it now—a bulbous-nosed blue dot transversing the mountainside as if looking for something. Not good, he thought, not fucking good at all.  He watched as the small, nimble craft changed direction, now advancing towards the box truck. Michael estimated the truck was slightly less than a mile away.  He  held his thumb up and measured the size of the aircraft against it—he estimated the helicopter to be about forty feet long. At a distance, Michael could cover the helicopter with his thumbnail—he estimated the bird to be about 10 miles away. It was now rapidly closing the distance and decreasing its altitude—as if preparing for a strafing run.

Their weapons were down by the lagoon, leaning on the rocks that lined its edge. He ran for the lagoon. There was an AK-47 that had the required range and oomph to take down the aircraft, and he needed it.  Clive, Eddie, and Beth stood at the edge of the water watching as he ran towards them. “Weapons,”said Michael, yelling as loud as his overworked lungs would allow. The two men scrambled to pick them up and then ran toward Michael. The effort saved Michael about twenty feet or just a few seconds, but every second counted in a time bound game. He grabbed the AK from Eddie turned and accelerated back up the sandy incline. Michael bolted up the road, leaving the two other men—quite literally in his dust. He reached the desert floor, and took aim at the chopper, but lowered his rifle. Eddie caught up to him and doubled over to catch his breath. “Why aren’t you firing?”

“We’re out of range,” said Michael. “And we don’t know what they want.” 

As if in answer, the helicopter turned it’s cargo door toward the path of the vehicle and a loud whoosh followed by a streak of propelled fire launched toward’s the truck. The warhead exploded a few feet behind the truck’s cargo compartment—apparently, the shooter did not account for the truck’s forward motion. “Holy shit,” said Clive. “He’s got a freaking RPG!”

Michael couldn’t believe what he was seeing—some madman had fired an RPG at the vehicle from inside the helicopter’s passenger compartment. He was pretty sure he knew who that was. The copter went around for another pass—perhaps to allow the shooter to reload. “Come on, let’s go,” said Michael. He broke into a run towards the truck, as the helicopter slowly circled. Michael felt he was in range and fired at the  helicopter. Tracers spaced every third round outlined the arc of fire that fell well short of the hovering aircraft. He witnessed the ineffectual results and began running again, hoping to close the distance on the helicopter before the shooter could fire the RPG again.

The copter moved to take up a hover on the dirt road, directly in the truck’s path. That maneuver brought the aircraft closer to Michael, but still not within his rifle’s range. He aimed it and elevated the barrel above the target—hoping to lob in an arc of bullets. The rounds fell short, and he elevated the barrel hoping to walk them onto the target when he ran out of bullets. He had no additional magazines. Eddie ran forward with the MP5 and handed it to Michael. He tried the same with the MP5, but given the weapons shorter range, he might as well have been spitting at them. Michael handed the empty weapon back to Eddie and looked with alarm at the hovering helicopter—the shooter had finished reloading and was aiming the rocket launcher towards the oncoming truck 

Michael reached down and picked up several large rocks from the ground. “Help me,” he said. Eddie looked puzzled. “Help me pick up some rocks.” Eddie nodded in understanding, reached down and began collecting some large rocks. Michael ran to close the distance with the helicopter as if hovered perpentidular to the road, just a few feet from the ground.

Michael had two large rocks—one in each hand. He got within thirty feet of the aircraft and launched a rock at the open passenger compartment. It flew over the helicopter. Michael ran forward again and let fly the other projectile. The rock flew through the air, arced into the open compartment and into the shoulder of the firer. The force of the impact turned him to the right just as he was squeezing the trigger.

The primary motor of the rocket fired and launched the projectile into the cockpit as the secondary motor fired and drove the warhead into the aircraft’s control console. The exhaust from the chemical-fueled motor burned the pilot’s face and blinded him. He reflectively pulled on the controls and drove the helicopter into the hard-packed dirt road. The craft turned over on its side, and the blades of the motor rotated into the hard packed desert earth and collapsed with the thunderous and calamitous sound of wrenching metal. The aircraft’s fuel tank ruptured and bled aviation gas onto the already blossoming fire.

They all stood mesmerized by the conflagration. A figure engulfed in flames struggled to escape the fire. He crawled from the inferno and rolled in the dirt as he screamed in pain and fear. Clive held up his pistol and aimed it at the man. Micheal suspected the burning figure was most likely the heartless son of a bitch who killed Jimmy, the DEA agent, in cold blood. He put his hand on Clive’s arm and forcefully pushed it down, so the pistol was aimed at the ground. “Let the bastard burn.”


Author Bio and Links:

TS O’Neil graduated with Honors from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts with a Degree in Criminal Justice and graduated with High honors from the University of Phoenix with a Master’s in Business Administration in Technology Management.  He served as a Rifleman with the Marine Corps Reserve, an Officer in the Military Police Corps of the United States Army, and retired from the Army of the United States (AUS) as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2012. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. TS is currently employed as a Senior Security Consultant, specializing in Information Security. He lives in Seminole, FL with his beautiful wife, Suzanne.  He has written four books, Tampa Star, Starfish Prime, Mudd’s Luck and Mexican Hat Trick.


All are available on
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Sneak Peak: Dark Love Rising by Danita Minnis

Whoo hoo! I am so excited to tell you that I finally finished my vampire romance Dark Love Rising! Layla and Quinn’s story will be released in January 2017 – here is a sneak peak.  


Dark Love Rising

Quinn tucked the gun into his belt and stepped over Al-Sharif’s body.

He had spared the woman. There was no reason to kill her; she was a harmless streetwalker who had just chosen the wrong date tonight. He’d told her to go, and at first she had protested, demanding payment from Al-Sharif. When she saw the gun, she ran.

Quinn started up the riverbank towards the hotel strip, and stopped. A body fell to the ground in the distance. It was too far to tell whether it was a man or woman, but he suspected the blonde hadn’t run far enough.

There was no one else on the Nile banks this time of night. The blonde had plenty of time to disappear, and now he had no time to sweet-talk her. If she was thinking of blackmail, he’d get it over with quickly. With one hand resting lightly on the gun, he made the trek down the strip, brilliant lights on the left, a darkened Nile on the right.

He stopped before the fallen woman, who was curled into a fetal position, naked and not blonde. The blackest hair he’d ever seen covered most of her, but the shivering limbs he glimpsed seemed luminous. There was no moon tonight, and yet her skin glowed, like the alabaster figurines the locals sold at the bazaars on Sharia al-Lokanda.

Quinn knelt to help the woman up. “Are you hurt?”

He took her by the shoulders as she held her head and wavered unsteadily on her feet. Not rail-thin like the drugged starlets who haunted the casinos. Her skin was porcelain covered in gauze and cold as ice, but her curves were hotter than Hades. Her hips were lush and her breasts would fill his hands. Her sickly pallor made her seem too far-gone to be saved from death. He knew death; it was his business.

She was a beautiful cadaver. This young woman was sick.

He let her go when she was able to stand on her own. She pushed glossy sheets of midnight hair out of her eyes and it fell to either side of her, covering her breasts like a silken shroud. He was watching that hair shimmer against her hips in a lover’s embrace when he felt her hands clamp around his neck.

He grabbed her wrists, but couldn’t break the frosted beauty’s grip on his throat.  For one unbelievable moment, he could have sworn her feet didn’t touch the ground. Her head was level with his.

She had seemed almost catatonic before, but now, even as he struggled, this petite goddess pulled him down.

Her eyelids fluttered and he thought she would pass out, but the grip on his neck was cutting off his air supply.

Just as his own eyelids began to close, she looked him directly in the eye.

“Aurelius.” Eyes, the shape and color of almonds, widened in recognition and she loosened the chokehold on his throat.

 ~ ~ ~ ~

T. C LoTempio on Tour: Crime and Catnip


T. C. Lotempio will be awarding a $25 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.



Character Interview

The Hero: Nick Charles, the furry male half of Nick and Nora Charles!  Nick is a tubby opinionated tuxedo cat with a flair for detection.

1. What is Nick Charles like? Nick Charles is a feisty, stubborn tuxedo cat who thinks he knows it all – and he usually does.

2. What does Nick Charles do best? What is the perfect location for this action? Nick is great at sniffing out clues and spelling them out to his human, Nora Charles.

3. What drives Nick Charles to do the things he does? As cats are naturally curious and mysterious folk, solving mysteries comes very naturally to him.

4. You are introduced to Nick Charles. Is he happy to meet you? You’ll be able to tell if he rubs against your ankles or gives you a headbutt. If he peels back his lips and starts hissing, well….RUN

5. What is Nick Charles’ favorite guilty pleasure? Nick never feels guilty, but he does enjoy playing with his ballies and leaving them all over Hot Bread for Nora to trip over.

6. How would Nick Charles describe himself? Short, dark and PAWSOME!!!!!!!

7. What is Nick Charles’ weakness? Ahem…Cats are NEVER weak.

8. Where does Nick Charles go to regroup/unwind? He likes to take a snooze in front of Nora’s refrigerator to regroup and cat-ch his breath.

9. What does Nick Charles live for? Solving mysteries!

10. What will Nick Charles kill for? To protect his human, Nora Charles.


Nick Charles Answers All

1. Give up three of your deepest, darkest secrets. Meow, that’s like asking a cat to give up one of his nine lives. We are mysterious folk, after all!

2. If you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be? Hm….I’d probably like to have opposable thumbs. It would make it easier to spell out clues w/my Scrabble tiles.

3. A biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in six words or less? ABSOLUTELY PAWSOME!!!!!!!!

4. If money were not an object, where would you most like to live? Anywhere with my human, Nora, is fine with me. As long as I have a warm bed and my food bowl is filled I’m a happy camper

5. The next time I see Chantal I will run away if she wants to try more collars on me.

6. My favorite flavor is: Is catnip a flavor?

7. I love my human, Nora because she is absolutely the best!



Crime and Catnip

by T. C. Lotempio


Genre:  cozy mystery




While catering a gala for the Cruz Museum, Nora Charles agrees to look into the disappearance of director Violet Crenshaw’s niece, a case previously undertaken by her frisky feline friend Nick’s former owner, a private eye whose whereabouts are also currently unknown.  As Nora and her curious cat Nick pull at the string of clues, they begin to unravel a twisted tale of coded messages, theft, false identities, murder, and international espionage. Nora dares to hope that the labyrinth of leads will not only help them locate the missing young woman, but also solve the disappearance of the detective. That’s if Nora can stay alive long enough to find him…



“Well, Nick,” I murmured. “Looks as if you’re two for two tonight for valuable clues. Now we just need to figure out what they’re clues to.”

“Er-ewl,” mewed Nick. His tail went straight up, and his eyes gleamed in pure kitty satisfaction. The cat was good and he knew it, damn him.

“Okay, Sam Spade Junior. Let’s get back home.”

Nick suddenly tensed, tail straight, back hunched. His head swiveled toward the motel room door, and I heard a loud rumble, almost a grr sound, deep in his throat.

Someone was outside that door.

I tiptoed over to the window and moved the curtain a fraction so I could peep out. I could hear a gusty wind blowing, and I saw swirls of leaves flit across the parking lot. I saw a few cars, including my own SUV, but not a sign of a human anywhere.

Nick had stopped growling, but he still paced to and fro in front of the door, keeping his eyes fixed firmly on it. I stepped away from the window and moved back to press my ear against the door. I listened for a few minutes, but not another sound reached my ears. I slid the safety chain into place and opened the door a crack, peering first right, then left.

Nothing. The walkway around the motel was deserted.

I opened the door, walked back to the bed, grabbed Nick, and then got out of there and over to my SUV as fast as my legs could move. As I put Nick in the passenger seat, I thought I saw a shadow flit out of the corner of my eye. I whirled around, but the parking lot appeared to be deserted. The only shadows I saw were those of the trees, their branches swaying in the late autumn wind.

Imagination. It’s a wonderful thing, and the mainstay of every writer, but right now I had no time for it.

I buckled myself in, started up the car, and swung back out onto the main road. I could save time getting back to Hot Bread if I took a short cut, a little travelled road that ran along the coast. In the interests of time, I opted for that route. The road was narrow and quite dark, as there were no lights, and I sped rapidly along the road. I heard a sound beside me and spared Nick a quick glance. He’d risen in the seat, hackles up, and his head was cocked to one side, listening. Since a cat’s hearing is way more sensitive than ours, I didn’t doubt for a second he’d heard something.

“Hey, relax, buddy,” I said. “This is a shortcut. We’ll be home before you can say ‘Friskies’ – say what?”

The car had come up from out of nowhere. I saw the lights in my rearview mirror and heard the groan of its motor a second before the car’s front fender connected with my rear one.

“Hey!” I shouted, gripping the wheel tighter. “What are you doing, you lunatic?”

I cast a quick glance out the window. The road wound along the coast, and there were no guardrails on this stretch. If the other car should bump me along the side, and run me off the road…well, there would be nowhere to run. It would be a good fifty-foot drop down into the raging waters of the Pacific.

“Hang on Nick,” I said through gritted teeth. “Fasten your seatbelt, buddy, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.”

I slid a glance in the cat’s direction. He had his head buried in my purse. “Don’t worry, boy,” I whispered. “I won’t let this nut hurt us.”

I pulled hard on the wheel and pushed my foot down on the accelerator, turning the car sharply to the left just as the car following me as about to smack my rear fender again. I made a swift ninety degree turn and started racing down the road back the way I had originally come.

“I guess this shortcut wasn’t such a hot idea,” I ground out. A quick glance in my rearview mirror showed the twin headlights boring down on us again. It closed the gap between us in record time. Now its grille was about ten feet away from my rear bumper.

I gritted my teeth and then a soft whirring sound made me look over. Nick had his paw down on the automatic window release and was lowering the passenger window. He had an object clenched between his teeth. The pouch!

“Nick! What in Hell—“

I slowed down just a fraction and Nick took that opportunity to leap out of the car. Headlights reflected in my rear view mirror blinded me for a second, and I gave the steering wheel a sharp twist to the left, sending my SUV up over a grassy knoll just as the other car whizzed past.

“Whew,” I murmured, glancing over at the taillights of my pursuer as it vanished, “that was close – CRAP!”

The tree loomed large in front of me. I pressed down hard on the brake, but it was too late. I braced myself as the hood of the SUV made contact with the tree, and the last thing I remembered was the airbag deploying and enveloping me as I slipped into unconsciousness…


mediakit_avatar_crimeandcatnipAuthor Bio and Links:

While Toni Lotempio does not commit – or solve – murders in real life, she has no trouble doing it on paper. Her lifelong love of mysteries began early on when she was introduced to her first Nancy Drew mystery at age 10 – The Secret in the Old Attic.  She (and ROCCO, albeit he’s uncredited) pen the Nick and Nora mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime – the first volume, MEOW IF ITS MURDER, debuted Dec. 2, 2014. Followed by #2, CLAWS FOR ALARM.   #3, CRIME AND CATNIP, is out this December. She, Rocco and Maxx make their home in Clifton, New Jersey, just twenty minutes from the Big Apple – New York. Catch up with them at and


Where to find them:

ROCCO’s blog:


Amazon- Crime and Catnip


Amazon: All Books Page





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Kurt Kamm – Author Interview: The Lizard’s Tale


http://goddessfishpromotions. book-tour-lizards-tale-by- kurt.html

One randomly chosen winner via rafflecopter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card.




Author Interview

What group did you hang out with in high school? I went to boarding school in Lake Placid, N.Y. “Hanging out” wasn’t on the list of activities. We studied, played sports, worked on the school grounds on Saturday, and went to chapel on Sunday. No drugs, no bullying, just a lot of learning. All that got me into Brown, so I can’t complain.

What are you passionate about these days? I am passionate about physical and mental exercise. As you get older both are incredibly important. I ride my bike every other day for 3 hours, maintain a heartrate of between 140 – 150 bpm, and burn around 1,400 – 1,600 calories. I make sure that I work at my writing for a couple of hours every day, and try to read for 1 – 2 hours as well. Also, when I wake up every day, I make sure I am on the right side of the dirt and am then am thankful that I live in America.

If you had to do your journey to getting published all over again, what would you do differently? I didn’t start out to be an author, and I have an MBA and a JD. If I had planned to be a writer as my first career, I would get an MFA and try to plug myself into the established writing community and understand how to sign with an agent and be published by a major house. As an alternative, I would figure out a way to use social media to promote myself in a big way. I misjudged how important social media can be in establishing a presence (look at Donald Trump). If I were starting over, today, I might create some crazy, offbeat image of myself, and promote, promote, promote. Oh yeah, I would also write something.

E-book or print? And why? I started writing only 10 years ago, and my first book came out only in paperback. Since then, every subsequent book has sold fewer paperbacks and more e-books. My last book sold 15 e-books for every paperback. I really question the expense, effort, and waste of resources to produce a hard copy of a book. E-books are easier to buy and read and I think people are much more likely to buy them. The only negative is that the behemoth, Amazon, controls the e-book market, you have to play by their rules, and that isn’t wonderful.

What is your favorite scene in this book? My favorite scene is when Jorge (the Mexican orphan) and Felix (the drug smuggler) confront each other on the deserted dock on the backside of Catalina Island. Jorge is protecting the lizard and Felix has come to take it away. I won’t ruin the scene by relating what happens, but it is unexpected. The interesting thing is that I myself had no preconceived idea of what would happen. As I wrote and described their confrontation, there was only one logical, spontaneous outcome. I think the readers will enjoy it.

My second favorite scene is the last paragraph in Alejandro’s chapter, where he arrives in Sinaloa, having driven all the way from Guatemala with his “cargo.” This scene I did imagine in advance. My readers are always caught completely by surprise at this scene.


mediakit_bookcover_thelizardstaleThe Lizard’s Tale

by Kurt Kamm


GENRE:  Mystery/Crime Thriller





Kurt Kamm has written a novel that’s a literary crime novel, with a strong thread of non-fiction running through it. The Lizard’s Tale is a tale of crime—with an a wide-ranging cast of characters. When the DEA goes up against the Sinaloa Cartel, an orphan and an endangered lizard are caught in the conflict. The action moves from Guatemala to Mexico to Catalina Island off the coast of California. Alejandro, a middle class Guatemalan, wants his share, and makes a deal with the cartel. Now he’s risking his life to deliver the goods. El Dedo, a brilliant financier, is the Sinaloa Cartel’s banker. He worries about what to do with the billions of dollars collecting dust in his underground vault. Ryan, a DEA Special Agent, needs to make a high profile case to get a promotion. Is the big yacht headed for California carrying a Mexican drug shipment? Kate, a wildlife officer on Catalina Island, smells smoke. When she heads out in the middle of the night to investigate a fire, she makes an astonishing discovery. Jorge, an orphan from the streets of Mexico, is abandoned in the United States. Will he find his way back home and track down his mother’s killer?



Dedo was one of the few outsiders at the top of the cartel hierarchy. He came from a different background than most of the drug lords, who had grown up in poor towns in the Sierra Madres where people suffered a hard existence living in hovels made of cinderblocks. Dedo had no poverty to escape. He grew up in Mexico City and lived a blessed childhood. His father owned a small Mexican chemical business that grew large when it began to supply the Cartels with the ingredients used to make methamphetamine. His mother was Swiss, and had worked for a chemical company in Basle when she met his father. Dedo inherited his intellect and business sense from his father. His grey eyes came from his mother.

When his father brought him to the State of Sinaloa for the first time, Dedo stood in the dust and blasting heat and felt the moisture evaporating from his skin. “Those mountain highlands,” his father had told him, pointing off into the distance, “are ideal for growing poppies. All they need is sunlight and moisture.” Then he turned and pointed in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, and continued, “And out in those valleys between the mountains and the coast, the climate is perfect for growing marijuana.” Finally, his father looked at Dedo and told him, “Fortunately for us, sunshine and water don’t produce methamphetamine. For that, they need chemicals—a lot of chemicals—and that’s why we’re here.”


mediakit_authorphoto_thetaleofthelizardAuthor Bio and Links:

Malibu, California resident Kurt Kamm has written a series of firefighter mystery novels, which have won several literary awards. His newest novel, The Lizard’s Tale, provides a unique look inside the activities of the Mexican drug cartels and the men dedicated to stopping them.

Kurt has used his contact with CalFire, Los Angeles County and Ventura County Fire Departments, as well as the ATF and DEA to write fact-based (“faction”) novels. He has attended classes at El Camino Fire Academy and trained in wildland firefighting, arson investigation and hazardous materials response. He has also attended the ATF and DEA Citizen’s Academies. After graduating from the DEA Citizen’s Academy in 2014, he began work on The Lizard’s Tale.

Kurt has built an avid fan base among first responders and other readers. A graduate of Brown University and Columbia Law School, Kurt was previously a financial executive and semi-professional bicycle racer. He was also Chairman of the UCLA/Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Foundation for several years.


Visit his author website at




TUNNEL VISIONS  (MCM Publishing 2014)

2014 USA Best Book Award -Fiction: General – Finalist


HAZARDOUS MATERIAL  (MCM Publishing  2013)

Best Novel 2013 – Public Safety Writers Association

Winner of the 2012 Hackney Literary Award for best novel of the year ($5,000 PRIZE)

Reader’s Favorite 2013 – Finalist – Urban Fiction

The 2012 Dana Award – Finalist

Eric Hoffer Award – Finalist (2014)

Excerpt published in Birmingham Arts Journal


ONE FOOT IN THE BLACK  (MCM Publishing  2012)

The 2012 USA Best Book Awards – Fiction: General  – Finalist

The 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards – Fiction: General  – Finalist

Excerpt published in Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides: Stories About America’s Public Safety Heroes


CODE BLOOD  (MCM Publishing 2011)

Writer’s Type –  First Chapter Competition.  January 2011- First Place

2012 International Book Awards –  Fiction: Cross Genre Category –  First Place

National Indie Excellence Book Awards – Faction (fiction based on fact) –  Winner of the 2012 Award

The 2012 USA Best Book Awards –  Fiction: Horror  –  Winner

LuckyCinda Publishing Contest 2013  First Place – Thriller

Reader’s Favorite  2013– Finalist – Horror Fiction

Knoxville Writer’s Guild –  2011 Novella or Novel Excerpt – 2nd Place


RED FLAG WARNING  Aberdeen Bay 2010

The Infinite Writer– Mystery 2010 – First Place

The Written Art Awards –  Mystery/Thriller 2010 – First Place

Royal Dragonfly – Mystery Category 2011 – First  Place


Buy Links:




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Rosemary A. Johns on Tour: Blood Shackles


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Blood Shackles (Rebel Vampires Volume 2)

by Rosemary A. Johns

GENRE: Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance



Light is a Rocker Blood Lifer with a talent for remembering things. He’s meant to be the predator. It’s been that way since Victorian times. But not now. Not since someone hunted him. Enslaved him. Ripped out his fangs. Who are these ruthless humans? Who’s their violent leader? And who betrayed the secret of the Blood Lifer world?


London, Primrose Hill. Grayse is the commanding but alluring slaver’s daughter. The enemy. She buys Light, like he’s a pair of designer shoes. So why does Light feel so drawn to her? Especially when his family is still in chains. Will he risk everything – even his new love – to save them?


Does a chilling conspiracy lie behind it all? A stunning revelation leads Light to an inconceivable truth. If he can face his worst terrors, he can save his family and his whole species from slavery.

Maybe he can even save himself.


The third book in the series, BLOOD RENEGADES, will be out Spring 2017




‘Yeah, it is rather parky, darlin’.’

You gaped at me, as if you’d been expecting me to speak some strange Blood Lifer tongue and not the Queen’s English. Like you hadn’t assumed I’d sound…human. Then you gathered yourself together. ‘Here,’ you led the way to a sheltered trio of arches. ‘Better?’

‘Almost like I wasn’t starkers.’

You gave a tight smile.

I leant against a column, as I had a gander back at the silhouette of the great house, its steep terrace, the wood encircling it beyond and the drive sweeping down to it, between the dark sentinels of oaks.

In some screwed up world, this was the worst Jane Austen scene ever.

Well, maybe not ever…

You were giving me these quick, surreptitious looks. ‘This is, like, fried.’

I shrugged. After the year I’d had, this new twist to my existence had some dead stiff competition in the fried department.

You edged closer. ‘You don’t have to look so scared; I’m not gonna scoop ya.’

I raised my eyebrow. ‘Good to know.’

That flummoxed you.

You ran your fingers nervously through your ash blonde hair, which hung in a bob to your shoulders. I had the sudden thought of how soft it’d feel on my lips…and then wanted to scrub my brains out.

I haven’t long been alone – utterly, truly alone – since my first death. Since I lost the only person, who mattered to me in this brutish world, I feel too easily.

Us Blood Lifers do that; every emotion is amplified.

‘I didn’t want…one of those broken things. Though you’ve gotta be soft making trouble for daddy. He’s the one, who’s insisting I buy one of you. He’s eager for me to learn about the business now I’m back. It’s not like I want…’ Embarrassed, you looked away.

‘Don’t worry, I wouldn’t want me either.’

‘Naw, it’s just…I’ve never even looked after a dog before.’

‘Lucky I’m not a mutt then.’





Rosmary A Johns Urban Portraits
Rosmary A Johns Urban Portraits

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

ROSEMARY A JOHNS is a traditionally published author of short stories under the name R. A. Johns. She is the author of Blood Dragons the compelling first instalment of the Rebel Vampires series.

Rosemary A Johns wrote her first fantasy novel at the age of ten, when she discovered the weird worlds inside her head were more exciting than double swimming. Since then she’s studied history at Oxford University, run a theatre company (her critically acclaimed plays have been described as “uncomfortable, unsettling and uneasily true to life”), and worked with disability charities.

When Rosemary’s not falling in love with the rebels fighting their way onto the page, she heads the Oxford writing group Dreaming Spires


Rosemary is a Goodreads Author:


To sign up to Rosemary A Johns’ VIP Email Newsletter with news of hot releases, promotions and the free short story “All the Tin Soldiers”, click here:


Universal Amazon Buy Link:



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BBT Tour: Wilde Side and Game of Vengeance


The authors will be awarding digital copies of both books on tour to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


Wild Side

by Jannine Gallant

GENRE: Romantic Suspense


The Wilde brothers are addicted to the rush of adventure. But one of them is about to discover that it’s sink or swim, when passion and politics collide…

Whitewater rafting guide Sawyer Wilde has taken his share of inexperienced adventure seekers through the rapids of Idaho’s Salmon River, so his next group should pose no problems—even if it includes a presidential hopeful and his sexy, outspoken aide. After all, it’s just a campaign photo-op for the congressman. Until a series of minor mishaps takes a sinister turn…

Devin Lockhart has one job on the rafting trip: to make her boss look both presidential and relatable. And no matter how distractingly attractive their guide is, she plans to do it well. But as danger stalks them through every bend in the river, Devin must put her life—and the congressman’s—in Sawyer’s capable hands. Because surviving the trip is only the beginning of a deadly ride…



Game of Vengeance

by Amanda K. Byrne

GENRE: Romantic Suspense


An eye for an eye, blood for blood.

UCLA student Cass Turner was hoping to move on from the family business—but when the business is professional assassination, that’s easier said than done. And sleeping with the man she was supposed to kill only complicates things. Her relationship with Nick Kosta, a lieutenant in LA’s largest crime family, was supposed to be no-strings-attached fun. But if the two of them want to stay alive, they’ll have to keep each other close.

Nick’s traitorous cousin, Isaiah, is out for blood, so Cass can’t afford any distractions as they try to hunt him down. Yet she can’t help puzzling over Nick’s motives—does he really share her deepening feelings or does he just feel responsible for her? And if their relationship is for real, will they even have a future? Because with their enemies several steps ahead of them, one false move could bring disaster for everyone Cass holds dear…and in this game of cat and mouse, no one will leave unscathed.


Excerpt: from Wilde Side

A grin flashed, and he squeezed the hand he still held. “I thought dogs were supposed to resemble their owners. Nothing uncoordinated about you.”

“Good thing, or I wouldn’t have made it across that ledge.” “Yeah, you would have. Anyway, we’ve arrived.”

They rounded a bend, and the vista opened up to majestic splendor. Below them, the Salmon River sliced through an evergreen bowl studded with patches of early fall color, bright nuggets in a sea of green.

Devin drew in a breath. “Beautiful.”

His gaze held steady on her face. “Without a doubt.” He motioned toward a low rock. “Want to sit for a while?”

“Sure.” She dropped down then slid over to make room for him. “Thanks for bringing me up here. The view is worth those few minutes of nail-biting.”

He leaned back, one elbow brushing hers. “I needed a little peace and quiet away from the group.”

“Funny, I was thinking the same thing earlier.”

“Until I busted in on your alone time?” He gave her a sheepish smile. “Sorry about that.”

“I’m not. You’re restful to be around. Not a lot  of  chatter.  No  drama. No whining.”

His grin sent a flutter through her chest before his expression sobered. “You’re the opposite of restful.”

She drew back. “I am?”

He nodded then ran a finger down the length of her arm. “When I’m around you, I spend most of my time thinking about only one thing.”

The heat in his eyes stole her breath. Her response was a mere whisper. “What do you think about?”



jannine-gallantAUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jannine Gallant

Write what you know. Jannine Gallant has taken this advice to heart, creating characters from small towns and plots that unfold in the great outdoors. She grew up in a tiny Northern California town and currently lives in beautiful Lake Tahoe with her husband and two daughters. When she isn’t busy writing or being a full time mom, Jannine hikes or snowshoes in the woods around her home. Whether she’s writing contemporary, historical or romantic suspense, Jannine brings the beauty of nature to her stories


Buy links:



amanda-k-byrneAmanda K. Byrne

When she’s not plotting ways to sneak her latest shoe purchase past her partner, Amanda Byrne writes sexy, snarky romance and urban fantasy. She likes her heroines smart and unafraid to make mistakes, and her heroes strong enough to take them on. Amanda lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and no, it really doesn’t rain that much.


Buy links:


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Jason Pere on Tour: Calling The Reaper


One randomly chosen winner via rafflecopter will win a $50 Amazon/ gift card.




by Jason Pere


The time of the Unity has ended. Now, the realm of man is stranded between Paradise and Purgatory. The Valkyrie and Reaper battle over the fate of all who pass from the land of the living and into the afterlife.

Eight mortal spirits from vastly different worlds tread the same, inevitable path toward their last, crucial decision. Within them all exists the defining conflict every man must face—to look upon the end of their life with glory and honor, or to give credence to their baser longings, calling the Reaper to their own demise.

In this rich, harrowing tale of pride, deceit, honor, vengeance, and redemption, each individual must battle their inner turmoil, facing the sacrifices they have made before their unavoidable end in the land of the living.

But their last day in life is also their first day of death amidst the terrors of the underworld. Lord Master Death wants them all…and the real battle has only just begun.





Aristo reached far within and blocked all the pain shooting through his being. I am Praetorian, my flesh does my bidding. Again, he commanded his eyes to open. When he finally managed to force them open, the agony consuming his head must have felt very much like staring straight into the blazes of the sun. He felt the tearing of skin as his world instantly turned from the darkest black to a moment of brightest white. His eyes watered heavily and he blinked, trying to clear away at least some of the dried blood which had sealed his eyes shut. For several moments, everything was a blur, but then he could distinguish colors and shapes again.

He nearly wished that he had in fact been blinded; he would have at least been spared the image before him. Aristo had been wounded in battle before, but never like this. His body lay covered in a blanket of dried crimson. No one would have known that he bore the deep purple uniform of the Praetorian Legion had they even bothered to look at him. It was confounding that he had bled so profusely and could still draw breath, still feel the beat of his heart within his chest. A moment of warrior’s pride overtook him when he studied his twisted form and realized the excruciating pain was not unwarranted. Then he remembered.

Captured, he thought. I’ve been captured.


authorpictureAuthor Bio and Links:

Jason Pere is a born-and-raised New Englander. He always had a passion for the arts and creative storytelling. At the age of thirteen, Jason took up the craft of acting for film and theater. He pursued that interest for over a decade until refocusing his medium of expression into writing.

At first, Jason took a causal interest in writing, starting with poetry and journaling. Over time, he honed his direction and finally began writing larger works. In November of 2012, Jason self-published his first book, Modern Knighthood: Diary of a Warrior Poet.

Since then, Jason has continued writing on his own, mostly short stories and poetry. Calling the Reaper was his first experience committing to a full-length Fiction title.

In early 2015, Jason became affiliated with Collaborative Writing Challenge (CWC). Since then, he has joined many other writers on numerous collaborative projects. Jason is a regular contributor to CWC and is scheduled to have multiple pieces of his work appear in their publications throughout 2016.

You can find out more about Jason Pere’s involvement and publications in collaborative fiction at:

To connect with Jason, check him out at:

Jason also writes fanfiction for Team Covenant on their Blog of the Pheonixborn, dedicated to the new game by Plaid Hat Games, ‘Ashes’. Go to to read Jason’s flash fiction work.


NOTE: The book will be $0.99 during the tour

a Rafflecopter giveaway