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Welcome Naya Nikki, author of Familiar Ties!

Naya, how did you start writing? Tell us about your inspirations and goals as a writer.

I’ve always been one for romance in books and movies, sometimes up to the point I forget that life isn’t all about romance…but I am a self confessed romantic so sue me.

I am all for the ‘happily ever after’ so when it came to writing my short stories as a kid I always had a happily ever after; therefore ‘Familiar Ties’ was no different.

Having my first short story being published in my school magazine when I was 6 was a big deal for me and it increased my love and confidence for writing. From then on I was always writing short stories about my favourite TV characters or something that interested me. I never showed them to people and still to this day have them on my laptop. I then decided I wanted to write my own book after a really boring holiday away where I had nothing but a pen and paper.

As for inspirations I think my main writing one would be Jodi Picoult as I love her books and have read them all so many times. I have always looked up to Hilarie Burton as well, an actress who started her own production company as well as raising her family.

When writing I never set myself goals I know what I want to write and when I get there I get there. I hate pushing myself because I know I won’t get the best results which is probably why I do not tell people that I am writing it so they cannot push me to finish it.

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