Tamra Lassiter on Tour: Something To Lose

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Prizes for the tour are as follows:

• One randomly chosen commenter will win a $50 Amazon/BN.com gift card.

• Two randomly chosen hosts will each receive a $25 Amazon/BN.com gift card.

Something to Lose

by Tamra Lassiter



Everyone has something to lose.

Camden Piotrowski is justifiably upset to find her boyfriend in the arms of another woman. But it’s not the end of her world and definitely not something that a bubble bath, good wine, and cookie dough won’t help. Her pity party is interrupted when handsome Seth Vendetti bursts into her bathroom. She soon discovers that her world and those in it are not as they seem. Can she trust Seth’s version of the truth and make him realize that even he has something to lose?




His hands form fists that rest on his hips. “Are you threatening an FBI agent?”

I hadn’t really thought of it like that, but I’m not backing down. I put my hands on my hips as well and stand on my tippy toes so that my face is close to his. I could use those three-inch heels right about now, but I hold my ground. His body is tight. I see his pulse beating in his neck.

“Call it what you want. Just get out of my house.”

His hands move behind my neck. He pulls me to him and before I even know what’s happening, he’s kissing me and even more surprising, I’m kissing him, too. His strong fingers move up and down my back as his lips work their magic on mine. I thought I’d been kissed before, but never have I been kissed like this. I still don’t see fireworks, instead I am the firework. Heat explodes from my lips down my throat and to the rest of my body. This isn’t the warmth of fairy tales where the prince and princess kiss their happily-ever-after. This is the battle of the dragon and I don’t know what because my brain is no longer working.

His stubble scratches my chin and the sensation kindles the fire even more. My stomach lurches and I feel weightless, light as a feather now, falling from high in the sky. His hands move to my hips and he pulls me to him tightly. He kisses my chin and then my neck and down to the opening of my robe.

It’s like I wake up from some out-of-body experience to find myself full of lust and clinging to a complete stranger. His hand slips into my robe. I startle and jump back, hugging myself with one hand, the other covering my mouth as my eyes go wide in complete disbelief.


MEDIA KIT Tamra-1054_pp

Author Bio and Links:

Tamra Lassiter lives in Northern Virginia with her supportive husband, two lovely daughters, elegant Great Dane and not-so-elegant, but very sweet, English Bulldog. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and of course, writing.





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Jael Wye onTour: Ice Red




Jael will be awarding an eCopy of Ladder to the Red Star to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.


Author Interview

1. Woohoo! You are a published author. Describe a strong character trait you possess, good or bad, and how it helped you become a published author. I think the one character trait that has helped me most as a writer is simple doggedness. Once I get started on a project I don’t quit until it’s as perfect as I can make it. The first and biggest obstacle that will keep an aspiring writer from becoming a published author is simply not finishing what they start.
2. Sometimes an author begins writing a story before they are aware of its genre. Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you? I chose science fiction romance as my genre right away, and then conceived my story to work within the structure of the genre. It’s like setting out to write a sonnet instead of free form poetry—I wanted to use a specific form that was best suited to my skills and ideas. Plus, you know, hunks and space ships.
3. The plot thickens, or does it? Which one are you, a pantser or a plotter? Ice Red is based on the classic tale of Snow White, so I had a very specific framework already mapped out for me from the beginning. Some of the details changed significantly as I went along, but my major plot points were all set before I started writing.
4. Fear 101: As writers it is our duty to make our characters face their fears. Have you ever included one of your own fears in a storyline? I try to make the fears my characters face specific to them as individuals, but in another way I want them to have universal resonance so that any reader can sympathize with their feelings. For example, in Ice Red, Bianca the heroine is afraid of rejection, while Cesare the hero is afraid of failure. These are basic human fears, but each character has them because of their particular personality traits and histories—i.e. Bianca is shy and feels abandoned by her family, and Cesare is an outgoing natural leader who has let people down in the past. It’s a delicate balance between the distinctive and the archetypal, and it doesn’t leave much space for exploring my own psyche, I’m afraid.
5. Fear 102: Yes, deadlines are terrifying. Have you conquered the juggling act between writing and the rest of your life? What do you do when it feels like the balls are dropping all around you? The trick that helps me get things done is making ‘to do’ lists. I get out a ballpoint and a sticky note and write down each task, making sure to throw in a couple of super easy ones, like ‘empty the garbage’. Then, I get started crossing them off. There’s little more satisfying and inspiring than the act of crossing a task off a list.
6. Switch positions with one of your main characters in a scene. What is the outcome, disaster or divine intervention? In Ice Red, Bianca is a genius level engineer who can program computers and drive robots as easily as breathing. In the climactic scene she has to hack into a space station’s computer programs in order to rescue Cesare and put a stop to her stepmother’s plans to take over planet Mars. If it were me instead of Bianca in this position, Cesare would no doubt die horribly and Mars would fall under the iron hand of the evil queen, because I have next to zero computer knowhow. Although I write science fiction, I am hopeless with real life technology. I regard my DVD player with awe and dread.
7. Where is your favorite place to write? Add that one comfort food that you can’t do without. My favorite place to write is my local coffeehouse. Not surprisingly, the comfort food I can’t do without is coffee.
8. Writing inspirations? Some of my best writing inspirations are the smarter action and fantasy movies, like the Bourne films and Lord of the Rings, among others. As I watch I consider how I would approach the characters, settings and themes and tinker around with how this or that could be better or worse. I owe a lot of the way I structured Ice Red to the movies, especially my action scenes.
9. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them? So I walk up to Kresley Cole as she’s having a beignet at Café Du Monde, and I ask her, “Wanna go on a pub crawl next Mardi Gras?”
10. I’ve gone mad – why don’t you come with me? Some people just don’t understand us writers. Name a quirky, writer-thing you do that friends wish you didn’t. My annoying writer habit is talking to myself. There’s just no better way to get dialog right than to speak it aloud in a character’s voice and listen for natural rhythm and diction. But it does make people want to force-feed me lithium. Ah well, we all must suffer for our art, mustn’t we?


Cover_Ice Red

Ice Red by Jael Wye


Mirror, mirror, full of stars,

Who will claim the throne of Mars?

The princess: Engineer Bianca Ross, heir to a megacorporation and the Mars elevator, needs to acquire a mine on the surface to secure her place in the company. All that stands in her way is the mine’s charming owner, Cesare Chan.

The evil stepmother: Victoria Ross is plotting to gain control of Mars. She plans to assassinate Bianca and seduce Cesare to further her goals, and Bianca’s trip is the perfect opportunity.

The charming prince: Cesare shouldn’t get involved. Bianca’s visit could reveal the escaped slaves he’s hiding at his mine, but he can’t ignore a damsel in distress–especially one as beautiful as Bianca.

Alone, neither would stand a chance against Victoria. But together, they could rewrite a tale that’s meant to end with Bianca’s blood.



Time to begin the charm offensive. “How could I forget?” he said. “You were my damsel in distress. Standing on a balcony, no less. A bloke couldn’t ask for a more dramatic introduction. Though we didn’t get around to exchanging names, did we?”

“Well, M’Chan, I am grateful…” She trailed off, as if she didn’t quite know what to say next.

Cesare said thoughtfully, “But I think my heroic actions deserve a more substantial reward than I got. Buying you a drink was nice first installment, but it’s not quite enough.”

She blinked. “Reward?”

“Ay. In return for saving your travelpac, I want you to call me Cesare.”

She looked at him for a moment, her chin tilted up, brows slightly raised. He suddenly had the uncomfortable feeling that she was studying him as if he were an amoeba crawling around on a petri dish. Right, so maybe the charm offensive needs some retooling.

Then again, maybe not. Icy as her expression was, her delicate ivory skin was blooming with heat along her throat and her fine cheekbones.

“Cesare,” she finally said, imbuing the two syllables of his name with a sense of how utterly unimpressive she found him. For some reason Cesare found himself smiling wider.

“Is there something you would like to discuss with me?”

“Ay, Bianca,” he said, reining in his smile. “In fact, I’ve wanted to introduce myself to you, ever since you started trying to take over my company.”

Her expression didn’t waver. “Your company? I believe you mean your father’s company.”

He shook his head slowly. “No, Bianca. My company. No matter what the legal documents say, RedIce is mine.”


AuthorPic (1)Author Bio and Links:

Jael Wye grew up on the American Great Plains, went to school in the Midwest, and now lives in beautiful New England with her family and her enormous collection of houseplants. For more of Jael’s unique blend of futurism and fairy tale, don’t miss her ongoing series Once Upon A Red World.



Website — http://www.jaelwye.net

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jael-Wye/319251781482358

Twitter — @jaelwye

Carina Press — http://ebooks.carinapress.com/3541389E-76F4-4F5B-A898-4EB437B8F69C/10/134/en/ContentDetails.htm?ID=36D1C146-87F9-40C8-9FD4-995A2F0B2130

Amazon — http://www.amazon.com/Ice-Once-Upon-World-ebook/dp/B00CV30WX4/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1374696378&sr=1-1

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18272271-ice-red?bf=2000&from_search=true

eBooks — http://www.ebooks.com/1191588/ice-red/wye-jael/


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Cover Reveal: Dreams & Nightmares Anthology – Adderley’s Bride


Click the cover to join the Facebook Release Party: https://www.facebook.com/events/554720051314611/

I’ve been bursting at the seams for weeks! At long last, we can reveal the cover of our Dreams and Nightmares Anthology. These erotic tales will be available on May 27th so mark your calendar. :)

You are invited to our Dreams and Nightmares Anthology Release Party on Facebook. Join us for the fun!

We’ll be sharing excerpts soon but for now I can tell you to get ready for a haunting. In my story Adderley’s Bride, Sofie gets more than she hoped for in an old mansion in Upstate New York. Yes, Adderley gives as good as he gets.


Here’s a taste of what’s to come:


Dreams and Nightmares Anthology Blurb

Dreams and nightmares are like twilight; that misty place between fantasy and reality.

When your mind takes you on an adventure you didn’t sign up for and you become someone or something else, it can be delectable, terrifying, or both.

Dreaming of that sexy bad boy who seems out of reach? Be careful what you wish for, sometimes dreams really do come true. If you have the time, we have the past life to seduce you. Whether your fantasy is a lustful mermaid, an irresistible incubus, a vampiric predator, or an insatiable ghost hold on tight. You are on the most erotic ride of your life.

When your desires blend so thoroughly with the truth that you don’t know the difference, that’s when romance is but a dream.



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Joshua Heights on Tour: Knight in the Forest of the Pons

SBB Knight in the Forest of the Pons Banner copy


Joshua will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card and a digital copy of the book to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

MEDIA KIT Knight in the Forest of the Pons Book Cover

Knight in the Forest of the Pons


Joshua Heights



 Prepare yourself for a magnificent journey… Nassor Wickem, leader of the Knights of Sperenza, has been in many battles, with two headed dragons, with beasts that creep and crawl, and with fierce lions who have pierced his flesh in death brawls.  But after learning that his beautiful daughter has been stricken by a terrible brain syndrome, his body trembled and his nerves shook like never before.  The brave Knight, hell-bent on slaying and saving the day, tries everything he can to cure his daughter.  However, with the help of a mysterious Shaman, he quickly comes to terms that in this battle, love, not the sword, is the weapon of choice.



Rahu knows the Warrior Knights lie in wait, ready to attack. He searches his surroundings with his ill-willed, red glowing eyes for any movement within the trees and does not see anything. But he knows, with all his cold, calculated blood that he and his beastly brothers are being hunted.

For this is not Rahu’s first time at the legendary lake for it was the same lake his grandmother, Queen of the Moon Eaters, was destroyed. With a long horrifying roar and four short grunts, in a language only dragons could understand, Rahu gives the order to his militia of monsters to drink from the ice-covered lake and give respects to their fallen queen.

At this point, the dragons lap at the ice with their hot forked tongues causing a velvet-like vapor to form above the languid lake. As the chilled water flowed down the dragons throats, it placed those Moon Eaters in a spell, making them unaware of anything for about twenty seconds, but long enough for Nassor and his Warrior Knights, choked with anxiety, to wallop those abominable aliens.


MEDIA KIT Author Photo


Joshua Heights:

Is a professional chef and a passionate writer. His first work TEAR AVENGER soon went to number one in the thriller genre of the e-book world. Next, a burst of heartfelt poems filled the pages ofLOVE , MARRIAGE,FRIENDSHIP, HATE. His latest release , a super novella entitled, KNIGHT IN THE FOREST OF THE PONS is an epic journey into spirituality , oneness and love. In the creative stage is a screenplay , bearing the name NANO TATTOO, a nail-biting sci-fi thriller. It comes to life soon and is currently charming the curators of JUNTOBOX FILMS.

  SBB Knight in the Forest of the Pons Book Cover Banner copy





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Ann Conley: My Mistake


Author Anne Conley & My Family’s Heart Book Reviews & Tours present “My Mistake” Cover Reveal

TITLE – My Mistake
SERIES – Stories of Serendipity
AUTHOR - Anne Conley
GENRE - Contemporary Erotic Romance
PUBLICATION DATE - April 10, 2014
LENGTH (Pages/#words) - 70,000 words
PUBLISHER – Anne Conley
COVER ARTIST – Vanessa Booke

Book Blurb/Synopsis-
Welcome to Serendipity, Texas, where the days are hot and the nights are steamy. Meet real people with real problems, as they live life and find love in a small town.

12 years ago, Brent walked away from his one big love, and has regretted it ever since. He’s done nothing but make mistake after mistake with his life. Now, he’s finally getting his act together, starting up a sanctuary for abused and neglected horses, and staying clean.

Casey had put Brent out of her mind the best way she knew how, by going on with her own life: getting married and trying to have kids. When her marriage ends up being a mistake, she moves back in with her mother in Serendipity to lick her wounds. What she doesn’t expect is Brent, waltzing back into her life.

Can they put their own and each other’s mistakes behind them to move forward together? When Casey’s life is put in danger, Brent steps up, but will it be enough?

My Mistake is book seven in the Stories of Serendipity. You will meet some of the same characters, but they are all stand-alone novels.

And now
the moment
you’ve all
been waiting
for – Check Out The Cover





When he came back around to the front of the barn, she was sitting on top of a bale of hay, holding up a brown paper back with a grease stain on the bottom. Mooch, traitor that he was, perched at her feet, looking up at her adoringly, waiting for her to drop the bag.

“Mama sent some chicken and biscuits.”

He grunted an acknowledgment, and pulled his hat lower over his eyes so he didn’t have to see the pain in hers.

She stood, setting the bag down next to her, and sauntered over to the stall where he was spreading fresh straw.

“What’s wrong?”

He couldn’t think of the words to say to her. Everything that came to mind was wrong, and Brent knew that there was no way to have this conversation without hurting her. But he had to, or else he would end up hurting her worse in the long run.

As he kicked straw around the floor of the stall, he knew he was being stupid. For the last two weeks, all he’d talked about was how badly he wanted her to stay with him. And now he was about to do this…

He finally stopped when she said, “Brent. You’re scaring me. Is this about me not being able to have kids?”

“No.” Brent brushed past her to go to the feed room. Rattling the bucket brought in the mare, an enormous equine with a shaggy coat and bones showing through loose skin. She followed him into the stall, as he emptied the bucket into her feed trough, and then started pulling the injections from his pockets and preparing them silently.

When he had the first one ready, he finally got the guts to raise his head and look at Casey and deliver the brilliant line he’d spent the past ten minutes coming up with. “I need to think about some stuff.”

Her mouth dropped, and Brent lowered his head to the mare’s shoulder. While she was distracted, eating, he pinched some skin between his gloved fingers and stuck in the needle, pushing the plunger.

Brent had no idea what happened next. All he was aware of was a swift intake of breath, before he saw a wall of brown crush into him, then a jumble of whinnies, a frantic woof, a shrill scream, some clatters, then hoofs aimed at his chest, before blackness took over.


My Mistake - Author Photo

Author bio-
Anne Conley lives in a small town in East Texas, with her husband, two kids and numerous goats. She brazenly stole her pseudonym from her great-grandmother, a true pioneer woman who raised seven kids alone: churning butter, plucking chickens, knitting clothes, and putting coal oil on every visible wound. Anne’s Stories of serendipity feature real people, living life and finding love in a small town. She also has a Paranormal Romance series, the Four Winds about archangels “falling” in love and coping with turning into humans Her writing is escapist therepy, and she succumbs to it every chance she gets.

Follow The Author

Website/Blog | Facebook | Twitter


Tour Organized By:

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Ann Conley: My Mistake

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Eva Scott on Tour: Barbarian Bride



Eva will be awarding a copy of Barbarian Bride and The Last Gladiatrix (the first book in the Romancing The Romans series) to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour (US ONLY).


Author Interview

1. Woohoo! You are a published author. Describe a strong character trait you possess, good or bad, and how it helped you become a published author. Determination. Once I get my teeth into something I rarely let go – even if it would be smarter to do so.  I’m learning to put aside things that are just not working in favour of things that do.  It’s a very hard lesson to learn!

2. Sometimes an author begins writing a story before they are aware of its genre. Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you? I think I’m one of those people.  I wasn’t really thinking about genre when I began writing my historicals.  I was so invested in the story (and having such a good time with the characters) that it wasn’t until after the story was finished I looked around and wondered where it would fit.

3. The plot thickens, or does it? Which one are you, a pantser or a plotter? Kind of a weird combination of both.  I start out all organized and sure of myself.  I plot everything out on a Goal Motivation Conflict sheet. Then I pretty much ignore it when I get writing.  Not on purpose – the characters often take me in a different direction to the one I planned for them.  Or a rogue character will turn up.  That’s what makes writing so much fun for me.  I never know what’s going to happen session to session.

4. Fear 101: As writers it is our duty to make our characters face their fears. Have you ever included one of your own fears in a storyline? I’m about to embark on an outback romance where the heroine must come to grips with her fear of horses.  I’m super nervous around horses so I’m hoping my character can overcome her fears for me.

5. Fear 102: Yes, deadlines are terrifying. Have you conquered the juggling act between writing and the rest of your life? What do you do when it feels like the balls are dropping all around you? Ask for help.  I’m super lucky in the support I get from my family.  I have a three year old boy and when things are getting sticky my mother comes over and my husband pitches in with the housework until I get through to deadline.  I am so grateful!  And secretly I think my mother likes sorting my house out because we’re a bunch of pilers here (pile of magazines, pile of books, pile of toys….).

6. Switch positions with one of your main characters in a scene. What is the outcome, disaster or divine intervention? That’s easy!  I have none of the skills of my heroines so I’d probably be dead by chapter two.  I can sort of ride a horse but wield a sword?  No way!  We’d have to plump for Divine Intervention I think.  The bolt-of-lightening-wrath-of-god type I think.  I might just make it to chapter three then.

7. Where is your favorite place to write? Add that one comfort food that you can’t do without. At the kitchen bench.  The sea breezes waft in the window and there’s an enormous tree shading the room so it’s the perfect place to write in an Australian summer. As for comfort food I’d have to say it is pizza.  My husband makes the best pizza in the world and it’s the one thing I’ll come back to time and time again whenever I feel I need something comforting to eat.

8. Writing inspirations? Gosh this is a hard one!  Sometimes it can be another author who has written something that blows my mind.  Or perhaps an article in the paper which sparks my imagination.  I keep clippings of things I’ve read.  I’ve got so many now I don’t think I’ll live long enough to write all the stories contained in them.

9. You are introduced to your favorite author. Who is it, and what is that one burning question you must ask them? I have a whole sway of favorite authors and I was lucky enough to be introduced to Eloisa James at a conference.  She was a wealth of wisdom about the business of publishing and I learned a lot.  She’s my hero!  I’ve got tickets to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak next month and I am so EXCITED!

10. I’ve gone mad – why don’t you come with me? Some people just don’t understand us writers. Name a quirky, writer-thing you do that friends wish you didn’t. I had to ask my husband to answer this for me because I couldn’t think of anything.  I think I’m perfectly normal and it’s everyone else who’s weird.  Apparently I drive people nuts by not paying attention to the 6 o’clock news.  People are always saying ‘did you see this or that’ and of course I haven’t got a clue what’s going on.  I’ve usually got my head in a manuscript or a book!


Cover_Barbarian Bride

Barbarian Bride

by Eva Scott



On the bloody ground of the Colosseum, she fights to save her life. In the treacherous boxes above, he fights to save their love.

Though Klara didn’t love the man who was to be her husband, she didn’t want him murdered, and she vows to track down the man who committed the crime. Sickened that she’d been attracted to the mysterious Roman, Klara tracks Lucius Aurelius to the fringes of the Roman Empire, only to find that they’ve both been trapped in a clever plot to overthrow Klara’s father, the Chief of the Huns.

Klara is separated from Lucius, captured by slavers and sold to a gladiator school. She is the only one who can save herself, by fighting for her freedom. Lucius can ensure her battle is easier, but only by sacrificing himself. How much is he willing to give up for the fiery woman he’s come to love?



Settling back, Klara surveyed the room for the candidate most likely to know Lucius Aurelius.  With so many unwashed, bearded rascals to choose from it was hard to pick.  Finally her gaze alighted on a burly old man whose eyes reminded her of Lucius.  Abandoning the revolting beer she made her way cautiously to where the man sat alone.  He was intent on a dish of stew and didn’t notice her approach.  Klara stood before him, awkward in her uncertainty of what to do next.

She cleared her throat.  The man shovelled another spoonful of stew in his mouth and did not look up.  She tried again, a little louder this time, and still the man ignored her.  Sliding her knife from its sheath Klara slammed the point down into the table where it quivered menacingly.  The spoon stopped half way to the old man’s mouth.  He looked up under busy eyebrows and regarded her for a long moment before the spoon continued its journey.  Chewing slowly he simply sat and looked at her.

Klara put her hands on her hips.  Now she had the man’s attention starting a conversation about Lucius seemed even harder than she thought it would be.  The man lowered his gaze, scooping up another spoonful of stew, and she found herself dismissed.

“Hey!” she slammed both her hand down on the table.  “I want to talk to you.”

“So talk.” The fact he didn’t bother to look up infuriated Klara.  The man has no manners— and they call Hun barbarians.

“I’m looking for a man.”

He looked up then.  “Really?”  Pushing the bowl away he leaned back in his chair, letting his eyes roam over the curves of her body.  “I’d be happy to oblige.”

Klara swept the empty bowl off the table with the back of her hand.  It clattered on the floor and rolled under the table.  Her chest heaved with suppressed anger.

“Might I suggest you would do better with men if you tempered your aggression?  So unattractive in a woman.”

Klara wrenched the knife out of the table and held it towards the man.  “Do you know a man named Lucius Aurelius?” she hissed.

The old man’s bushy eyebrows shot up and disappeared into his hairline.  “Lucius?  How on earth do you know Lucius?”  He narrowed his blue eyes and leaned forward, his hand shot out grabbing her wrist.  “Who are you?”

She tried to reclaim her hand but the man was too strong.  Cleverly he’d grabbed her hand holding the knife so there was very little point struggling.  She raised her chin and said, “I am Klara…”

“The Hun,” the man finished softly.  He let her go and settled back.  “I’ve heard about you.  Sit down.  You’re in luck.”



Author Bio and Links:

Eva lives on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland Australia in the town which brought the world the Bee Gees. When she’s not writing romance you can find her out on the water kayaking, fishing or swimming. When on dry land it’s all about the shoes and the coffee (and old Bee Gees records).


Personal Links






Buy Link


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Andromeda’s Fall: Abigail Owen’s Top Ten Favorite Things

Andromedas Fall Tour Button

Giveaway: $40 Amazon Giftcard or PayPal Cash. Open Internationally. Ends 4/7.


Abigail Owen’s Top 10 Favorite Things

I love this top 10 list request. It totally makes me want to sing the song from “The Sound of Music” which I love.  So, off the bat, I’m going to make a rule for myself that I can’t do any obvious things – like my husband and kids – because those go without saying. So my top 10 less obvious favorite things are….

  1. My Kids’ Laughter - I don’t count this as obvious. Lol (favorite thing #11 – breaking my own rules). There’s a lot of favorite things about my kids. But hearing them laugh will always make me happy no matter what my day was like or what mood I’m in.

2. A New Book Release - I love every part of it. The book cover. The editing. Finally getting it out there. The initial feedback (positive or constructive). Finding new readers. Love it!

3. Blue Skies - I was a skydiver all through college and for quite a while after. I don’t jump any more. But blue skies will always make me happy.

4.  A Pun (Any Pun) - The worse the better. Makes me laugh every time.

5. Estes Park, Colorado - I grew up visiting Estes Park. It’s in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. My favorite place on the planet to this day.  I even set my first book, Blue Violet, there.

6. A Good Whoop - I am a grad of Texas A&M University. Whooping is a tradition there. Any time I hear a good whoop – especially now that I live away from Texas – makes my day.

7. Spring Flowers - California starts blooming in mid-February and doesn’t quit until October. Everything blooms. It does it in wave and bursts of all colors. I love it.

8. Spreadsheets & Lists - Makes me a total geek – I know. In my day job, I’m a business analyst. I LOVE a good, functional spreadsheet. I’m also list crazy. I even write down things I’ve already finished doing just so I can check them off.

9. A Story That Make Me Cry - Movie, book, song. If it makes me cry then it’s automatically awesome in my book. My college roomie and I used to have “cry nights” where we’d rent a few movies that made us cry and watch them back to back.

10. Dancing - Clubbin’, two-steppin’, swing dancing. Makes me so happy. College was any of the above at least once a week. These days it’s more wedding dancing, or dancing with my kids to the Just Dance Xbox game. I won’t lie… I’m pretty good. Lol.


Title: Andromeda’s Fall
Series: Shadowcat Nation #1
Publication Date: February 25, 2014
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance (18+)

Andie Reynolds is being hunted. After witnessing her mother’s violent death at the hands of a pack of wolf shifters, Andie has devoted her life to protecting her community of cougar shifters from a similar fate. But now, a greater threat lies within her own dare, and she must run. If she stays, Kyle Carstairs will try to force their Mating, seeking the added power their union would provide.

Andie would rather chew off her own foot than end up with Kyle. Though, knowing him, she won’t live long either way. Andie’s only hope of survival is to Mate the Alpha of the Keller Dare with which she is seeking asylum. But before she can get to him, Andie must first go through A.J., one of the Alpha’s Protectors. The incredibly frustrating shifter insists on challenging her story, her skills, her trust… and her heart.

Andie is running out of options and out of time. But risking the life of someone she loves – just to save herself – goes against every instinct she has.

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Abigail Owen
Author Bio

Award-winning author, Abigail Owen was born in Greeley, Colorado and raised in Austin, Texas. She now resides in Northern California with her husband and two adorable children who are the center of her universe.

Abigail grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. A fourth generation graduate of Texas A&M University, she attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by obtaining a degree in English Rhetoric/Technical Writing. However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

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Danita Minnis on Writing: A Personal Journey


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I’m on Lisabet Sarai’s beautiful blog Beyond Romance talking about my writing journey. Come by and say hi!


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