Angel’s Lips

Here is a snippet on one of Falcon’s favorite things.

“When I was six I asked my mum for a violin. She asked me what I liked about the violin and I told her it sounded like love.”

She glanced at him, a smile playing against moist lips. Like she’d just licked them.
She dropped her gaze to the bowl.

He must have made her uncomfortable. That was understandable since they did not know one another. But she was adorable, and would have to forgive him.

She swirled spaghetti around the fork and the cheese got soaked with sauce.
He passed her the grater of parmesan cheese.” A third helping?”
She giggled.

He watched pouty lips quirk up into a teasing moue. Innocent enough, but it was also an erotic affectation she seemed unaware of. That same expression had transformed her features several times tonight, particularly when she was about to share something

Hunter Raines on Tour: Sight Unseen

Oooh…Ghosties…Romance…What more could you want? 
Why, Hunter Raines on tour, of course!

Character Interview

1.  What is Danny like?

Danny lost his sight a couple of years ago in the
car accident that took his lover’s life. However, losing his sight gave him the
ability to see ghosts. He now spends his time working with the Phoenix Police
Department to help with unsolved cases so he can give the spirits who haunt him
some peace. He’s glad to be useful, but he’s also extremely lonely.
Relationships are difficult for him, partly due to his blindness, and partly
due to the fact that most people don’t believe he has the ability to see

2.  What does Danny do best?
What is the perfect location for this action?

He’s very good at communicating with spirits to
figure out what they want, despite the fact that ghosts don’t talk. He has to
figure out their desires from their gestures alone, but he’s gotten great at it
over the years. The perfect location is pretty much anywhere the ghosts lead
him – it could be as mainstream as a mall, or as stomach-churning as a sewer.

3.  What drives Danny to do the
things he does?

Since losing his sight, he’s struggled to become a
productive member of society. He wants to be useful again. So helping the
Phoenix PD solve cold cases is a good way for him to contribute. He’s also
looking to find peace. The only way to be rid of the ghosts is to figure out
their unfinished business. The downside is that as soon as one vanishes, another
appears and the cycle starts all over again.

4.  You are introduced to Danny.
Is he happy to meet you?

Absolutely! Danny’s a nice guy. I’m sure he’d love
to chat with me for a while.

5.  What is Danny’s favorite
guilty pleasure?

Danny adores his 12-year old niece, Isabelle. He’d
rather spend time with her than do just about anything else.

6.  How would Danny describe himself?

He’d describe himself as tall, with curly hair and
permanent scruff since he rarely bothers to shave. He’d also point out the
cane, which is what most people notice first.

7.  What is your Danny’s

His stubborn streak when it comes to maintaining his
independence continues to get him into trouble. He’d rather do things himself
just to prove he can rather than accept help from anyone.

8.  Where does Danny go to regroup/unwind?

At home. He feels most comfortable in his own home,
because he knows the layout and he can be sure he’s not going to smack into a
wall or trip over something someone accidentally moved since the last time he
memorized the lay of the room.

9.  What does your MC live for? 

His sister and his niece. 

10. What will your MC kill for

To protect his sister and his niece.

A Few Questions for Danny

1.  If
you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?

X-Ray vision. At this point, I’ll
take any kind of ‘vision’ I can get.

2.  A
biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in
six words or less?

*laughs* Funny you should mention
biographies. My lover and I met because he was hired to write my biography. I’m
not sure what he would have called it if he’d gone through with the assignment…
Probably something like Danny Van Doren, Ghost Detective.

3.  If
money were not an object, where would you most like to live?

Somewhere close to the ocean. I’d
love to fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

4.  I
can never keep up with what’s popular on TV because hearing the
dialogue without being able to see the screen drives me crazy

5.  The
next time I have Isabelle over I will make her homemade ice cream.

6.  Why
do I always bang my shin against the same coffee table?

7.  My
favorite flavor is mint because it’s refreshing.

8.  I
love music because I  can fully
appreciate it without having to see the performer.

9.  How
much skepticism can you take? Why?

Lots. Almost everyone I’ve ever
met has been skeptical of my abilities. It doesn’t interfere with my work, or
my life. People can believe whatever they choose. My talent doesn’t require
their belief.

Name one thing you must do before you die, and

Find peace for every last spirit
still wandering the Earth. It’s an unattainable goal, I know, but a guy can

Title: Sight Unseen

Genre: Male/Male Paranormal Erotic

Publisher: Carina Press

Buy Link:


Book Blurb:

Daniel Van Doren was once a renowned writer, until
he was blinded in the car accident that killed his lover. Now, all he sees are
ghosts in need of help. They follow him everywhere, and the only way to be rid
of his ethereal visitors is to help them resolve their unfinished business here
on earth so their spirits can find peace.

Ghostwriter Logan Riley is assigned to pen Daniel’s
biography. He plans to reveal him as a fraud, but when they meet he’s struck by
Danny’s quiet sincerity–and a growing attraction. Which makes sticking close
to Danny to find out the truth more than a little distracting.

When they are attacked by a violent poltergeist, Logan
begins to believe Danny’s not just telling the truth, he’s in grave danger. A
spirit has learned how to harness the energy of the living to break through the
barrier between worlds to harm Danny. And Logan may be the one to blame…



Danny loitered
by the door, listening for the sound of a car pulling up the drive. His heart
thumped, each beat measuring the passing of time. He’d been standing there for
at least ten minutes, though he hadn’t bothered to check his watch. Maybe Logan
wouldn’t show up. Maybe after having a night to think about it, he decided
Danny had been right—he wasn’t in the least bit interesting, and spending the
next few months following a blind man around would be preferable only to
watching paint dry. Maybe—

But no.
There it was, the sound of a motor revving, then slowing as it pulled into his
driveway. It sounded different than the police cruisers Nick normally sent for
him. Different also than Nick’s beat up truck, which sputtered and coughed like
a tractor.

waited until Logan rang the bell, then lingered a little while longer after
that before unlatching the bolt. Throwing the front door open the moment the
chime pealed would only make him look desperate.

And he
wasn’t desperate. Lonely, maybe. Eager for another whiff of that mouthwatering
cologne, definitely. But not desperate.


A swift
shot of longing chased away the uncertainty Danny had been feeling all morning.
He grabbed his cane and stepped outside, letting the door close behind him.

female ghost from the Java Café was back, too, and she didn’t look anywhere
near as calm this morning as she had last night. In fact, she seemed downright
restless, pacing across the field of darkness, scowling at the geriatric boxer
when he got in her way and flicking dart-filled glares at Danny. The ball of
light she held had shrunk to the size of a marble. Was that why she was so

to help her even if he wanted to, Danny turned away and faced more or less in
the direction he thought Logan would be standing. “I wasn’t sure you’d show.”

“Did I
give you a reason to doubt me?”

shrugged. He trailed his fingertips across the lock, then fumbled with the key,
unable to slide it home as quickly as he’d have liked.

fingers wrapped around his, sending a shiver down his spine. “Here, let me

opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again when he realized Logan had no
intention of taking his keys. Instead, he guided Danny’s fingers, positioning
the key before pressing their hands forward. Logan’s back pressed against
Danny’s, pinning him to the doorframe. The unmistakable feel of Logan’s
erection against the curve of his hip made it hard to breathe.

The key
slipped inside, and Danny nearly moaned. Logan turned their fingers until the
lock clicked into place, then he drew back, leaving Danny shaken and

“Take my arm. I’ll guide you to the car.”

Diane Hartsock on Tour: Shelton’s Homecoming

Welcome Diane Hartsock with her erotic and touching romance!

Diane Hartsock: My main character Shelton from ‘Shelton’s
Homecoming’ has an interesting story to tell.

1.    What is Shelton like?

is a loving, gentle man who can be strong when he needs to be and gives his
heart wholly to his friends. He’s not easy to fool, but tends to give people
the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong. A good friend and very sweet
boyfriend to his partner Nevil.

2.  What does Shelton do best? What is the
perfect location for this action?

works as the loan officer at his bank, working with small corporations who have
applied for a loan to get their company off their feet. He’s quick with numbers
and is very good at making sure the business’ get the loans that are right for
them. His office is the perfect place for this. (It’s also the perfect place
for time with Nevil, but we won’t go into that here.)

3.  What drives Shelton to do the things he does?

is a thoughtful, generous man, but there are times when his ambition to succeed
at work overcomes his common sense. In the previous book ‘Shelton’s Choice’,
Shelton decides to live apart from Nevil, taking a promotion in another state.
In ‘Shelton’s Homecoming’ he realizes his mistake in letting his desire for
advancement supersede the needs of the people he loves. He has to remember that
success at work doesn’t always equal happiness.

4.  You are introduced to Shelton. Is he happy to
meet you?

course he is! Me and Shelton go way back. We live several hours from each other
so don’t see one another as often as we’d like. But we have mutual friends and
so keep in touch that way. (I often wish he and Nevil were my neighbors. I
think they would be fun to know)

5.  What is Shelton’s favorite guilty pleasure?

chocolate truffles and port wine, preferably in a bubble bath with Nevil.

6.  How would Shelton describe himself?

would probably say he’s a little quiet at first but if you give him a chance,
he’ll open up when he knows you better. He’d say he’s a hard worker if
sometimes over ambitious. He loves his friends and is always ready to add a new
one. He’s loyal but sometimes stubborn for silly reasons.

7.  What is Shelton’s weakness?

but only because he’s lived apart from Nevil for some time and feels insecure
still. He also tends to second guess himself and needs reassurance that his
decisions are good ones.

8.  Where does Shelton go to regroup/unwind?

into Nevil’s arms whenever possible. If Nevil’s not on hand, Shelton likes to
go to the nearby park, feed the ducks on the lake or take a slow walk on the
winding paths through the trees. It clears his head and helps him put things
into perspective.

9.  What does Shelton live for?

lives for his family and close friends. He’d have a hard time recovering if
something bad were to happen to them. He says he also lives for Nevil’s kisses,
but I ignored that.

10.  What will Shelton kill for?

is about the most non-violent person I know, but if his loved ones were in
mortal danger, he would kill to protect them. He has a core of steel under all
that adorableness.

A Few Questions for

1.    If
you could have one super power in your existence, what would it be?

Okay, let me stop laughing! Super
power? Just watching superhero movies exhausts me. I couldn’t imagine having to
face those super bad guys every day. But if I had to choose one, it would be
the power to help people see the potential in themselves.

2.    A
biography has been written about you. What do you think the title would be in
six words or less?

Shelton: Hopeless Romantic in
Modern Times

3.    If
money were not an object, where would you most like to live?

Last summer Nevil had borrowed a
friend’s house for the weekend, a beautiful place right on the Lake. Nevil had
designed it for them and his firm built the house, so it had every comfort and
tastefulness you can imagine.  We’re
saving our pennies and hope to own a place like that ourselves one day.

4.    I
can never
: put ambition above family again because the last time I did I
almost lost everything that is dear to me. I almost lost Nevil and I have never
been so terrified in my life or more thankful than when he forgave me.

5.    The
next time I
: go on vacation I will take Nevil to a tropical island and do
nothing but lounge on the beach all day and lay in Nevil’s embrace all night.
Life is so rushed it would be nice to stop for a week or two.

6.    Why
do I always
look before I leap? Sometimes I get excited about something and
make rash decisions when, if I had simply talked it over with someone first, I
might have had second thoughts.

7.    My
favorite flavor is
chocolate covered cherries because it’s what Nevil fed
me on our first Valentine’s Day together.

8.    I
Nevil because I find him an exciting, sensual, intelligent and
fascinating man.

9.    How
much joy can you take? Why?

Only so much! There are times while
sharing a wonderful evening with friends or even a single heated glance with
Nevil that my heart seems to swell in my chest and I feel suffocated with love
and thankfulness. And really, who needs that?

10.  Name
one thing you must do before you die, and why.

     I don’t really feel as if there is anything I must
do, but there is something I’d like to do. My parents live back east and I fly
out to see them on occasion. But I also have cousins in Virginia that I’ve
never even met. I’d love to go out there and spend several weeks getting to
know them and maybe have them in my life.

Shelton’s Homecoming 

Breathless Press:


All Romance

     Shelton’s grown tired of living a life separate
from Nevil. So when Nevil is hurt in an accident at work, Shelton comes home for good. Feeling closer
than ever to his lover, Shelton’s
ready to make a lasting commitment to their relationship. But is that what
Nevil wants? Nevil is less than enthusiastic when an old flame marries, leaving
wondering if he’ll
have to keep his dreams on hold indefinitely.


doctor returned as promised; checked Nevil over; and discharged him.

left a prescription at the nurse’s station for you to pick up on your way out.
Pain meds for the headache I know you’re hiding; and you can also take them for
your arm.”

you, Andrew,” Nevil said with his charming smile.

Shelton gave the love of
his life a dry look. Always the flirt. He shook the doctor’s hand and
took the copy of the release papers from him. “Thank you for taking such
good care of him. I have to tell you it was a relief to find him here rather
than in ICU.”

was my pleasure. Take care.”

collected his prescription at the front desk and they made their way to the
elevators. A soft rain fell as they emerged from the hospital entrance and made
a dash for the train depot. Deep in thought, Shelton chewed his lip while they waited.

glanced at Nevil beside him and noted the white set of his lips. “I could
take you home first if your head hurts. There’s no reason I can’t retrieve the
car myself later and pick up your prescription.”

gave him a smile and slipped his warm hand into Shelton‘s. “Let’s pick it up together. I
feel like I’ve just been released from prison. I want to be outside for a

don’t get chilled,” Shelton
said, and then he groaned. “Please ignore me. I think I left my brain back
in Colorado.”

chuckled. “As long as your luscious body is here,” he murmured and
smacked his lips together.

Shelton glanced around
quick. No one paid them any attention so he gave Nevil a light kiss; then
wished he hadn’t as every nerve in his body ignited. He wanted Nevil wrapped
around him–now; with Nevil’s gorgeous cock buried deep inside

jerked his gaze down the tracks; embarrassed and aching. He hoped Nevil hadn’t
noticed the tremble in his hands. They would pick up the Prius and go home;
where Nevil would take his meds and go to bed. Shelton would have to content himself with a
shower where he could get rid of the hard-on he’d suffered all morning. The
idea made him feel alone and without a thought he squeezed Nevil’s hand.

leaned close to whisper in his ear, “Don’t forget … you promised to let me
‘do’ you.”

Shelton laughed,
breathless. He turned back to Nevil and touched his lips with an unsteady
finger. “I’m holding you to that,” he said, then sucked in air when
Nevil’s velvet soft lips closed over his fingertip. He watched in captive
fascination as his digit disappeared bit by bit between those pale lips. He
felt the roughness of Nevil’s tongue in the moist, hot depths; then Nevil
pushed the finger to the roof of his mouth and started to suck on it. God! Shelton‘s prick hardened
more with each draw as Nevil’s tongue undulated around his finger; his balls
were tight and ached.

Nevil … stop! You’re going to get us arrested,” he panted in his lover’s
ear. He knew that at any second he was ready to drag Nevil behind the hospital
and fuck him senseless.

throaty laugh made him shiver with bliss. “The train’s coming.”

Shelton dropped his head
on Nevil’s shoulder and fought to calm his unsteady senses. Nevil didn’t play
fair. He almost sobbed when Nevil’s body heat wrapped around him and teased him
closer when it was time to pull away.

on, Love. It won’t take long to get the car and then we can go home,”
Nevil said with encouragement and he tugged on his sleeve. Shelton boarded the sleek train car; but
chose to stand when Nevil patted the seat beside him. He couldn’t tell where
Nevil’s fingers would roam if he sat down. Nevil gave him a delighted smile in
answer as he read his mind with ease. Shelton
scowled and looked out the window as the train gathered speed. His errant mind
pictured Nevil’s mouth on him as they swept along the tracks; and he had to
stifle a moan in his throat.

Dianne Hartsock





Where were You for the First Kiss?

Think secret agents and thieves don’t have time for love?
Well, it’s no secret that Angel is completely in love with Falcon. 
Read on and find out where the music took them.


They picked up the Stradivarius at the Casa di Città, and made the short walk over to the Conservatory where they found an unoccupied music room.

Tony played an intro to the Brandenburg Concerto No. 4. He knew the Baroque composition as well as she did. He closed his eyes and his long fingers glided across the keys until her body wondered how those fingers would feel gliding over her.

Gaping brown trout! Angelina closed her mouth. She placed one of the straight back wood chairs near the baby grand, but she did not sit down. “I left the music sheets at home.”

“Bella, play with your heart.”

She joined in with the Stradivarius. Her fingers ran up and down the scales, until she heard the Maestro’s gruff command. Andante … she must remember.

Tony’s masterful control beckoned her. She stopped and closed her eyes at the end of the first movement to listen to his piano solo.
He was impulsive, driving. He owned the notes.

She resumed her part. His piano and her violin flowed together. The notes were a flower spray of light energy against her closed eyelids.

At first, she did not understand what was happening. The hair on her arms prickled, and then she knew what it was … recognition, of a sort.

She could not say what was so familiar in this first time they played together.
She looked into Tony’s eyes and heard another violin and piano. When the concerto ended, their gazes were still locked as she tried to remember where she’d heard it before.

Had he heard the other set of instruments too? She stopped herself before asking the ridiculous question because his solemn eyes held remnants of desire, and praise.

‘Only fools are taken in by praise’, the Maestro’s voice said in her ear.
If this is how it feels to be a fool, just call me Village Idiot.

Tony sauntered over to her. This was the kind of male domination she knew nothing about. She wanted to know everything about it.

Here was a man with arresting confidence and he was holding back, he thought she wanted that. Here she was wondering what it would be like to kiss him. She held her breath. Will he kiss me now?

Tony took the violin and placed it on the desk behind her. She stood when he took her hand and moved closer.

He wrapped his arms around her. “Are you a merciful angel?”

She placed her arms around his neck, and moved closer still.

He nipped at her lips, tasting them, searching. When she opened to him, his tongue slipped inside her mouth.

His slow exploration was a teasing assault on her senses. She followed his questing tongue impatiently, sensing there was so much more with him than she had ever experienced before.

His kiss was thorough, determined and so relaxing, she wanted to stretch out on a masseuse’s table.

Angelina burrowed against him, and then she knew.
He had seemed in complete control of himself, but now she stood cradled between his strong legs and she could feel that he was not. She felt exhilarating satisfaction, but she wanted more. She moved against him.

Tony groaned against her lips and leaned her back against the desk.

“You are early. Class does not start for another half hour.”

Angelina stilled. She looked up at Tony, who ignored the gravelly Italian coming from the doorway. Somehow, her thigh had inched up Tony’s leg. His hand gripped her bottom, pressing her against him.

“You are in Musical Theory 401, aren’t you?” the man said.

Tony sighed. “He is not going away, is he?”

Falcon’s Angel is available now at:

Sapphire Phelan – World Building Determines Your Storyline

Please welcome the award-winning Sapphire Phelan! She’s here with a witch and a giveaway.

                           World Building Determines Your Storyline

I have always been fascinated by world building. From
science fiction to fantasy to horror, there must be reasons why a character or
a whole slew of characters react as they do in their world. Their actions,
their thoughts, the reason they fall in love with the person they do, it’s all about how their universe revolves.

It determines what kind of story you’re   writing. Like Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern
series. She built a whole world, making it hard science fiction. She gave
reasons for why the dragons were needed and how the alien world and its people
were. Now, my The Witch and the Familiar books     are urban
fantasy, even though most of A  Familiar
Tangle With Hell
is set in   Hell. But it and Being Familiar With A Witch, are set otherwise in a city that Tina
Epson lives in. I let readers find that Tina works for an independent bookstore
in town, Cup of Tea and a Book. She lives in an apartment she moved in after
leaving her parents’ house. Except for a few friends, she lives alone in town,
as her parents had moved to Florida
after retiring. She’s mortal in the first book and likes to live a normal life.
But in my world building, my characters never get a chance for that, as unusual
circumstances make her come to a decision for normalcy or not.

World building makes the author research the myths, legends,
and fairytales. If you want to know about vampires, then nonfiction books and
online websites about vampires are a good place to start.. Some of it will find
its way into the book, more snippets later will sneak in. A lot of the author’s
research may never find their way into the storyline. But it’s good for the
author to have all the information for their own use, to look at when writing. One more thing with world building is
readers bring expectations to reading, like rules of beings and creatures of
myth, legend, and fairytales. The reader will have these in their mind. You
will have to take the vampire, werewolf, god, or ghost, and make the reader go
past these rules and believe you made another way these beings to behave. Your
explanations do not have to be the most fantastic, but you do have to have

World building should include something else: background.
Think of a movie. You have the main actors. But you also have the extras, or
background as they are called in the movie business. You’re thinking, “No,
extras aren’t that important, not when your hero or heroine is the real focus
of the story.” But let’s look at the newest movie out, Hunger Games. Katniss
Everdeen volunteers to be in the games as tribute to save her younger sister
whose name had been drawn from the girls’ bowl for the Reaping. When Effie
Trinker says, “Let’s give a big applause to our newest tribute,” no one says a
word or claps. You know what they are truly saying. So those extras are
important to the scene. The same goes for the book or short story you are
working on. In A Familiar Tangle With
Tina and the demon bunny, Fluffy, are traveling through Tantalus, a
part of Hell, encountering demons and lost spirits. These characters may not be
in the story again, but at this point and time, they flesh out Hell, as much as
descriptions of this version of the Pit looks like do.

When you build your world, another thing is you must be
consistent in your rules. That means keeping them as you began them. Editing
will help in catching these kinds of mistakes. A good critique partner for just
this would be another great thing to have. I have files on various important
characters in my stories, their traits, what they do, etc… and use these to go
back to if something comes up that I’ve forgotten about my character. After all, if what you’ve written goes
against any of the rules you’ve created in your world, then there has to be a
logical, rational reason it happens differently at the time, reasonable to you
and the readers. Such as if iron is poisonous to the fey, but suddenly later in
the story, the character can pass through a fence of iron, there must be a
reason why they can do this time (maybe they had found a spell that enables
them to). Don’t just have them unable to do something because it isn’t
convenient to your story. Being consistent is what makes the suspension of
disbelief your readers are willing to have held together.

Your world’s
historical past should not overwhelm or dominate your current story. If it
does, then you will bore your readers, most of all, you’re writing the wrong
fiction. A paragraph of it will be all you need.

Is there an
inventive language in your story? It’s okay, but don’t make it so difficult for
your reader to understand that they can’t follow along or have to wade through
it. If it makes your reader stop to figure out and ponder about it, well, it
isn’t helping your pacing. The reader needs to be engrossed in the story so
much they can’t put it down, and at no time, should it make them stop and close
that cover. If the reader needs a degree to understand your book, then you lost
the battle to keep most readers engrossed in your tale. Glossaries are a useful
way to deal with this, but better if you don’t make your reader stop so much
your reader to keep reading ahead. That’s not to say you can’t (after all, I
have in my Witch and the Familiar
books—demon speech when doing a spell). But nothing that will stop the reader
from reading.

World building is
fun, as long as you think about presenting your world right. It’s all about
drawing in your readers and keeping them coming back for more. It’s about
giving them a vacation from reality they can suspend disbelief and enjoy.

Leave me a
comment on what you think, along with your name and email and be entered to win
a download of your choice from my backload.

Sapphire Phelan

Dark heroes and heroines with bite…sink your teeth
into a romance by Sapphire Phelan today.

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Mortal woman Tina discovers she is part of a
prophesy that says she and Charun, her demon Familiar, must make love so she
can become the witch she is fated to be. If she doesn’t do it and stop the
demon army bringing Armageddon to the Mortal Realm on Halloween, she won’t
stand a chance in Hell.

A year later, just when Tina and Charun thought it was all over and that their life would be normal-another prophesy pops up. If Lucifer snatches Tina and mates with her before the last chime before midnight of the new year and gets her pregnant with his son, that the real Armageddon would begin, spelling the end of life as they knew it. This time they get help from an archangel, Jacokb, but with demons, Lucifer, and a cute demon bunny with fangs out of a Monty Python nightmare, out to stop them and Heaven not lending a hand, will Tina this time lose the battle and become the mother of the Antichrist and the start of a new Hell on Earth? 

from The Witch and the Familiar
(adult in nature as is the book, so only 18 and older can read—when my erotic
urban fantasy heroine meets Fluffy the demon bunny for the first time):

She leaned back
against the rocky wall in the cave and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Who are you?”
asked a sweet little voice.

Wary, for in
Hell, a child could be deadly, Tina muttered another spell and lit up the cave
to see who the voice belonged to. Startled, she saw a cute little white bunny,
wiggling its fluffy tail.

What the—

“I am Fluffy.
Who are you?” it asked, hopping closer.

Tina dropped
into a crouch, putting out a hand. “I’m Tina.”

Fluffy stopped.
“I am hungry. So very hungry. May I munch on you?” It opened its mouth
incredibly wide and revealed sharp, bloody fangs, with what looked like a
couple of pieces of flesh caught between in the back.

Tina leaped to
her feet. “No, you may not eat me.”

The bunny from
Hell cocked its head, puzzled. “Why not? 
Lucifer has never stopped me from doing it to other unlucky living
mortals who ended up here.” Its eyes darkened, going to a hell spawn gleam. “My
master has even let me nibble on souls, too, though those do not taste as good
as real flesh.”

“Well, there it
is!  Your master would not like it if I
ended up on your dinner plate a pile of bones.”


specifically, he had me brought to Hell to become the mother of his child.”

The tiny fiend
looked downcast. “Master would give me to demons to roast over a fire if I do a
stupid thing and eat you.” It looked up at her and Tina felt chills as a parody
of a cunning grin flitted across its mouth. Back on Earth real rabbits did not
grin.  “But once you give Master his
child, then maybe he will be grateful to Fluffy because I take you to him.”
Fluffy stared up at her with big, round eyes. “I do not think he would want you
roaming around Hell. Other demons may not be as smart as me and would go ahead
and swallow you.”

Tina said, “But
there’s a demon out there in its spirit form. I just managed barely to get away
from it.”

“Open up.”

With a sigh,
Tina spoke a word and the rock covering the entrance vanished. But once they stepped
out Xaphan faced them. Fluffy hopped over to him and opened his mouth wide. To
her shock and horror, the little fiend sucked in the entire demon with a loud
slurp. Fluffy patted its bulging belly that promptly shrunk back down to normal

This did not
bode well for her.

Tina couldn’t
understand how something that looked as adorable as its name suggested could be
so evil. Fluffy nipped at her heels, forcing her to walk.

“Wait!” she
said, turning around to look down at Fluffy. “How does Lucifer treat you?”

Fluffy’s brow
wrinkled. “Treat me? What do you mean?”

Tina kneeled
down at Fluffy’s level so she could directly into the demon’s eyes.

“Does he give
you treats, not because you earned them, but because he likes to? Does he treat
you like a pet or as an equal? I mean, you’re a talking rabbit. Back in the
mortal realm that’s pretty rare. Forget rare, there isn’t a talking bunny there
except in books, movies, and cartoons.”

“My master lets
me eat any fool I catch in Hell, but I have never received a tre— What is a

“In the mortal
realm people who love their dogs or cats give them a snack. Pet bunnies get a
carrot or dandelions from their owners.”

Fluffy sat up on
its hindquarters. “I have never received anything like that. Mortal rabbits
like vegetables? They do not eat meat?”

“I never met a
rabbit until now that didn’t eat veggies. The closest to fresh kill for a bunny
on Earth is ripping a carrot or a root out of the dirt.”

“Are carrots

Tina nodded.
“Yes, they are.”

“I would like to
try one.”

“Let’s see if I
can magic one up for you. Some parts of my magic work in Hell, but others

.” A small carrot appeared on the palm of her hand she held open. It
didn’t look that great.

It would have to

She handed over
the carrot to Fluffy who took it between its paws and began nibbling on it.
Having fangs instead of normal bunny teeth enabled it to gnaw down the taproot

Fluffy looked
up. “Not too bad. I wonder why my master has never introduced me to this
carrot. I still like meat, but this carrot has flavor.”

“Has Lucifer
always had you on a strictly meat diet?”

The rabbit
nodded, wiggling its ears. “Oh, yes. He has had me since I was just a demon. To
try an experiment, he added genes from carcasses of dead rabbits and wolves he
got from the mortal realm. He said the wolf genes would make me a carnivore and
the idea of a bunny being a predator tickled his funny bone.”

“I bet it did,”
mumbled Tina under her breath. “Bastard.”


“Nothing. If you
like that carrot and since my magic is not too trustworthy in Hell, if you
magick me to the mortal realm I can get you plenty more carrots.”

Fluffy looked
suspicious. “Are you sure you’re not trying to trick me?”

“You said you’re
smart—right? And being a demonic entity, you must have powers I would assume.
So if I do any funny business in the mortal realm, you could whammy me or

“That is true.
Except like you, my conjuring is not at full strength right here in Hell. Only
the master’s is at full power. It’s his way of ensuring none of us do a repeat
of the rebellion in Heaven.”

thought Tina. “Do you know where any of the portals that lead back to Earth are

Fluffy grinned.
“I do.”

Tina stood up.
“Then lead on, Mr. or is it Miss Fluffy? Are you a boy or girl?”

“I do not know.
Big L never told me.”

“Well, you sound
exactly like how a five-year-old boy might sound like, so until we find out
otherwise, I guess I will think of you as a guy.”

Fluffy hopped
ahead of Tina. If she didn’t know his true nature, that this rabbit was more
deadly than a full-grown African lion, she would have thought him sweet and

Yeah, as cute
as a hungry boa constrictor
. Keep your eyes on the little monster,
otherwise you might find yourself gnawed on.

Still cold, Tina
wondered if her magic would work enough for her to bring up a coat or sweater,
or the very least, a shawl. She thought one word.  Molos!  A sweater appeared around her shoulders and
she put her arms through the sleeves, slipping it on. She felt somewhat warmer.
She couldn’t wait to get out of this place and back home. A cup of hot
chocolate would be first thing on her list of priorities.

Well, after she
found Charun first and attacked his hot body. She felt pretty sure he could
heat the fire within her even faster than a cup of hot chocolate.

Tina missed him.
Missed his arms circling her body when he pulled her into his embrace. Missed
the way his lips danced on hers, while his hands skimmed her body with hungry
urgency. And most of all, she missed the way he brought her magic along with
her need out of her, as she screamed his name.

Heat rose as
lust and love raged like a fire inside her body. Tina fought to tamp down the
need as this was not the right time and place to have it.

Not with a
lustful Lucifer wanting to mark her as his and demons and monsters ready to
flay her flesh with fang and claw.

Tina paused and
leaned against a rock. Tears sparkled in her eyes, almost blinding her.

“Oh, Charun,”
she said with a moan. “Where are you?” 

Sapphire Phelan’s Bio: 

Sapphire Phelan has published erotic and sweet paranormal/fantasy/science fiction romance along with a couple of erotic horror stories. Her erotic urban fantasy, Being Familiar With a Witch is a Prism 2010 Awards winner and a Epic Awards 2010 finalist. The sequel to it is A Familiar Tangle With Hell, released June 2011 from Phaze Books. Both eBooks were combined into one print book, The Witch and the Familiar, and released April 24, 2012.

She admits she can always be
found at her desk and on her computer, writing. And yes, the house, husband,
and even the cats sometimes suffer for it! 

Find out more about Sapphire Phelan at

Can purchase the paperback
book at

Also for those in UK
at Amazon UK.

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Falcon, I appreciate your taking time out from your killing schedule to be with us on the Hero’s Hop. Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up on the streets, learned to kill there. But I’m not all bad. At The Organization our main focus is on the criminal element, whether it be illegal arms dealers or corrupt politicians. 

Is that what you do best? Kill?
My partner Granger thinks so. Angel prefers not to think about my work. It isn’t easy for a killer to be in a relationship. What do you say? I’m going to kill in Kiev, see you in six months?

Speaking of Angel, how would she describe you if she were here? 
A better liar than she is. She can’t hold a poker face to save her life. 
That’s one of the things I love about her. She’s still so innocent, even after all that’s happened in our lives.

guess it’s safe to say Angel is your guilty pleasure?
I can’t get enough of her. 
Give up three of your deepest, darkest secrets. 
Come on, you can’t ask a secret agent that kind of a question.
     Should I let Angel in on this interview? 
     Angel is sleeping. I guess you could say I rocked her to sleep.
      Is that so? Well, I’m sure she would love the opportunity to discuss that ‘better liar’ line.  
     All right, all right. That tigress would claw my eyes out. She’s an English Rose but I’d swear she grew up with my dad’s side of the family in Sicily. Here’s my three.
     First off, Angel has no idea what’s coming for us, and that scares me. Sometimes I want to tell her. Sometimes I just want her to have the husband, kids and life she deserves without having to worry how long she’ll have them. 
     Second, I don’t want our children to grow up in a world where il Dragone is watching them, knows who they are and waits to extinguish the gifts their ancestors gave them. 
     My third secret, something I can’t ever tell Angel now that she knows we’ve lived before, is that I’m going to hunt down all il Dragone. I’m going to kill every last one of them, even if it takes the rest of this lifetime into the next. 

     Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Any last words? 
     Do unto others, you know the rest, because there are those out there whose memories last longer than a lifetime.   
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Dragone, a devil-worshiping cult, wants revenge for a past only they can

wants to go unrecognized when she leaves her family’s Yorkshire estate to play
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instructor, opens a door to hatred that is centuries old.

Falcon’s Angel is a paranormal
romance novel of love that ended in tragedy in eighteenth century England. That love
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Dariel Raye and The Dark Sentinels Series

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Dr. Akila Marshall is a veterinarian with a calling – save
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Sable’s search for his twin sister leads him to Akila. Born
into a rare species of wolf shifters whose main purpose is protecting others,
he has always been forced to fend for himself, but Akila’s loving, protective
nature draws him – and not a moment too soon. Together, they must learn to
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